February 16, 2019

We Really Are All Trolls (3 Arena Games)

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3 recorded Arena games. 2.5 trollish games. 5 man group, featuring Taço, DV-8, boogiebass (muffinboy17, stupid-*** name), and Draisaitl (Petan).

Don't listen to us. We're terrible influences. Also, I was a bit under the influence. My face was tingly and my reactions were even slower than normal. (alcohol, people, not anything worse, geez)

Game #1: SmiteTroll god chooser, auto-buy + auto-level. Did you know that apparently, Hi-Rez feels this is a good auto-buy sequence for ALL hunters?
Auto-buy, FTW! (WTF HR)

Game #2: All Guardian, all identical (awful) builds. This is the new standard Guardian build for S6:
You saw it here first. (Don't do this, it's troll and honestly awful)

Game #3: Dunk Squad (all gods with some form of ult drop). Nox counts because she can jump inside of teammates' shadows (or, if you'r boogie, you can think of it a much more disgusting way, see 6:40).

Team was: Athena, Chernobog, Nox, Ratatoskr, Thor