April 02, 2019

Shout out

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I haven't done one of these in a while but I'm drunk os I need to. Sorry for punctuation Grammar cuz whatever. Love you all.

BTW this is my current view.

  • boogiebSs--for trxting me in the middle of the day and saying "sorry just let me know when you're not busy so I can ask you something.

  • gulf- for being an even more surly old man than I am

  • vini-for giving me too much credit

  • pappsi-for having a crazier family that I can hear the entire time in the background making me want to mute you every single time

  • Kriega-for allowing me to close more reports than anyone else and having 0 respect for me which keeps me in line

  • dv8- for leaving me and maybe coming back

  • prism-for all the internal drama

  • ggf- for missing your kkk ult on the titan because you were being greedy and going for a kill leading ot us losing a hard fought joust match

  • taco-for being my most common partner for the last 4 years and making me feel like a noob with your high elo play

  • silent shell and luka-some great pm convos

  • newbiemj: continuing to message me randomly

  • taco- carrying me, except when he doesn't cuz i actually outdamage him once every 10 games

  • myst and shin-for being new core

  • Wayne-for being my homie

  • estidien/Salad-for high level concepts and masters level insults

  • Sheri-for being my bud