April 21, 2018

Bran's S5 Ranked Conquest Qualifier Adventures (4-10)

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I probably should have at least finished up my ranked qualifiers in S4...at 3 wins and 2 losses, it was automatically better than the showing I had this season...

Final qualifier score: 2-8. And the grand prize ranking?


Yup, yours truly was placed in the absolute lowest rank. And I even brought DV-8 out of Gold while doing so.

Now, I can't say I'm a good player...but damn if most of the games felt really lopsided, and not necessarily because of me.

In this one, I warned them about me playing jungle, but I ended up being Jungle anyway! LOL...I do have to say, Ratatoskr is tons of fun. In any case, our Sobek ragequit very early in the game after he died twice...left us all obviously at a disadvantage, so we were just holding for a short while and trying to stalemate...didn't come back, died some, and we ended up forfeiting because it was an obvious lost cause.

There was one where we were winning, DV-8 was Hachi-ing it up, and then he dropped...we held for another 15 minutes, I think, but in the end couldn't push.

Another where I was ADC ( Medusa of course), and the enemy Arachne was doing the low level pubstomp thing...I didn't do terribly there...did make one really bad play at the end (tried to defend tower or at least slow them down when we'd gone down 2 or 3, and ended up dying needlessly)...they won immediately after by pushing all the way before I even respawned. But I think it was probably over even before I died that last time, though I got major flame from our Faf and Nem (our Faf flamed every single teammate though, and he hadn't with me the whole game, so it was about time).

This was by far my worst game, and the enemy Ao Kuang had his way with me...couldn't do much against him, and got caught a few times being out of position or not backing up far enough. Just a bad game overall.

Finally had a good game, and again...it was very lopsided. Our Achilles was solid, got some early ganks (planned/discussed with us in the beginning), and I didn't die once. Near the end the enemy Agni quit, and they surrendered shortly thereafter.

In any case, I guess there's nowhere to go but up, but boy is this placement sad.

Special thanks to DV-8 and Duotem for playing qualifiers with me...I definitely prefer playing with a friend, and it made the process bearable =P

I'll probably try this again when ranked gets a reset in the next patch, see if I can fare a bit better. Will try to convince friends to play with me again, but I might need to bribe them.