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Xbalanque Anti-Tank

August 23, 2016 by bbjohn
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Smite God: Xbalanque

Item Purchase Order

Anti Tank

Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Odysseus' Bow
Build Item Rage
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Malice
Build Item Wind Demon

Xbalanque Anti-Tank

August 23, 2016


This is an Arena build.
xbalanque is a very powerful hunter. Like any god that dishes out physical damage, xbalanque has a problem making a dent in physical protected tanks and warriors.
As the old saying says, "What does not go with force, goes with more force". In Smite it is "What does not go with hits, go with critical hits".
This build is dumb simple - 4 critical hits modules. Forget about mana! forget about health! CRITS! CRITS! CRITS! CRITS!

Protection Reduction
Some might think and even whisper, Penetration. I thought so too, until I did the math:

Actual Defense = (Protection × (1-%Reduction) - Flat Reduction) × (1-%Pen) - Flat Pen

Let say you get The Executioner - 12% reduction, Titan's bane - 33% penetration, warrior's bane - 22% penetration, browler's beat stick - 20 pen and Ichival - 10 pen.
The actual defense for a 150 protection is 50
The pen build has a raw damage at level 20 is 207. Actual damage is 137.
The crits build has a raw damage with crits at 82% is 720 and actual of 284.

Bottom line is that not only 4 crits items do more damage to tanks then pen build, it far deadlier to squishies.


Ninja Tabi - Movement speed and attack speed. I like it when my god attacks fast.

Odysseus Bow - 40% attack speed. xbalanque becomes a machine gun and mows down minions.

Rage - 20% crit chance. Chance increases with every basic attack that does not cirts.

Deathbringer - 20% crit chance. Crits damage is 1.5 times basic attack. Get those crits coming faster and hit harder.

Malice - 20% crit chance. When the basic attack crits, add 75% of phisical power to the overall damage.

Wind Demon - 20% crit chance. 20% movement speed if crits. Not as good as the prior item, but nice to have.


I don't use xbalanqe's abilities much. I'd rather spam basic attacks and use the mana for xbalanque's 1.

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