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Unkillable Rat Solo

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by AnnaBananas updated January 16, 2022

Smite God: Ratatoskr

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Build Summary


Notes this build is kinda mana hungry so if you find that to be a problem, pick up a chalice of mana


this build is kinda mana hungry so if you find that to be a problem, pick up a chalice of mana

Build Item Magic Acorn Magic Acorn
Build Item Warrior's Axe Warrior's Axe
Build Item Spiked Gauntlet Spiked Gauntlet
Build Item Cloak of Meditation Cloak of Meditation

*build in this order*

Build Item Soul Eater Soul Eater
Build Item Evergreen Acorn Evergreen Acorn
Build Item Sovereignty Sovereignty
Build Item Pridwen Pridwen
Build Item Sundering Axe Sundering Axe
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads

Ratatoskr Threats

Tap each threat level to view Ratatoskr’s threats


Extended Build

situational items

Notes go grey acorn if you need tp prot shred. either is fine honestly.


go grey acorn if you need tp prot shred. either is fine honestly.

Build Item Pestilence Pestilence
Build Item Heartward Amulet Heartward Amulet
Build Item Chalice of Mana Chalice of Mana
Build Item Thickbark Acorn Thickbark Acorn
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade
Build Item Cursed Ankh Cursed Ankh

Ares counter

Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade

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Branmuffin17 (392) | January 20, 2022 11:48am
Hi Anna,

I don't know which acorn is most popular for solo, but I think Evergreen is probably okay.

I'm less sure about the start, though. While Soul Eater has its appeal, you're going to get a good amount of health sustain when you finish Evergreen, and you also pick up Med (Blink might be the better relic if you're comfortable and can be aggressive). In addition, if you change how you start, you can also get early sustain through Lively Acorn's passive.

The more common (meta, boring, sure) start would be to build into Blackthorn Hammer first. This gives you power and a good chunk of health early, while also mostly negating any potential mana issues you have (thus also meaning get rid of Chalice of Mana, which shouldn't be there in the first place!!).

I don't think Sovereignty (even more health sustain) is necessary, and you're not usually (as far as I would play him) be a back-line player where you'd be regularly giving added prots to teammates. Same concept would be applied to getting Heartward Amulet, which you list in situationals.

As an example of a build you might try, check out this semi-recent Haddix (pro Solo player) video. He builds quite a bit different here, going Thickbark -> Sundering -> Blackthorn -> Trans -> Serrated -> Heartseeker. Now, I wouldn't necessarily recommend building this exactly. I think a good reason he went so aggressive late w/ Serrated and HS is because he was dominating that match. But I think Trans is still a strong item that you might regularly consider, and if you want to be more tanky in a specific match, you can sub in Serrated/HS as preferred, with items like Void Shield, Shifter's Shield, Bulwark of Hope, etc.
Kriega1 (142) | January 20, 2022 12:12pm
Thickbark is ideal on Rat Solo and i'd leave a slot open for Spectral late in the build.
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Unkillable Rat Solo
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