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Sweet Victory: Nike Guide (S5)

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Smite God: Nike

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Final Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Blackthorn Hammer Blackthorn Hammer


Build Item Guardian's Blessing Guardian's Blessing
Build Item Boots Boots
Build Item Chalice of Healing Chalice of Healing


Build Item Teleport Glyph Teleport Glyph
Build Item Shield of Thorns Shield of Thorns
Build Item Magic Shell Magic Shell
Build Item Horrific Emblem Horrific Emblem

Situational Items

Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Ancile Ancile

Additional Items

Build Item Masamune Masamune
Build Item Berserker's Shield Berserker's Shield
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe
Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Oni Hunter's Garb

Nike's Skill Order



1 X
1 4 6 7 10
Plan of Action

Plan of Action

2 A
3 15 16 18 19
Valiant Leap

Valiant Leap

3 B
2 8 11 12 14
Sentinel of Zeus

Sentinel of Zeus

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


What's going on guys, it's Stuke here. In this installment of my Warrior series, we'll be looking at one of the most respected and praised gods in Greek mythology. Today we look at the lady of the hour herself, Nike, the Goddess of Victory.
Note: you don't have to follow this guide to the smallest detail, these are suggestions on how to play Nike. I encourage you to look at the comment section below and see other suggestions.

Who is Nike?

Nike is a Physical, Melee, Warrior who uses her high aggression to pick off the enemy team's back lines and still have enough to get out with minimal damage. Using her power and high sustain with some crowd control, it makes her a strong fighter.

Pros / Cons

- Supportive
- High Defense
- Good Crowd Control

- Takes off Late Game
- Easily Disrupted
- Moderate Damage


An odd but very useful passive, after completing a certain goal both Nike and her teammates gain a boost in movement speed and power for each achievement.
You hit your weapon twice in a line in front of you that can be charged up to deal a third hit with Plan of Action. Every hit that lands grant an additional benefit for each successful hit. Your first hit will be normal, the second will shred protections, and if the third hit lands your opponent will become disarmed. This is your main lane clearing and harassment tool, so be careful of any form of CC that can cancel you out of it, wait for them to waste it before using this ability.
A two-part ability that serves for most of your utility both passively and actively. Each time you level up this ability, you gain a nice HpS which makes up for you not having any other way to sustain your health. When active, your next ability will do damage and gain an additional effect.
You just hop (a little hop) that moves slow as f**k, but when charged up with Plan of Action you hop a bit faster. Oh, and you knock up anyone you land on in the process.
After a very quick wind-up, you release a large AoE slow and you gain a health shield for a short duration. When charged with Plan of Action the health shield increases. Used as a team fight tool, you leap in and activate this to act as the meat shield and help the team take out any squishes who get caught in the slow.

How to Build Nike

Like Amaterasu, you want to build like a supportive bruiser with a heavy leaning towards defense to make up for the lack of any healing ability and because your passive helps you and your teammates with damage and movement speed so no need to buy that many damage items. Items that provide protections, health/HpS, and CDR will be your focus so build into those and you'll be fine.

Tips, Tricks, & Combos

- Be a Completionist
Besides winning lane, your main objective is the complete all your goals to help the team. At least your team can help contribute to your passive so not everything falls on you when building it up.

- Hop on the Backline
Utilize Nike's leap to gun for the back-lines and either cause a distraction for your team to collapse on or kill the mage or hunter sitting in the back waiting to be taken out.

Shining Victory

This combo makes full use of her ability to control a fight and deal a considerable amount of damage to divert focus on to you during the engagement.

Stages of the Game

Early Game
Do not fight, you will lose unless you are able to out push the opponent. Turtle under your tower and try not to die.
Middle Game
At this point, you would have got boots online and one of the three goals too so you can finally go aggro proper.
Late Game
When you get all your goals achieved and build completed is where you start doing work at the enemy team. Run around and assist the team in fights and disrupt the enemy team.


To summarize Nike, her ability to be a front-line striker who can give her teammates buffs to assist in team fights and objective taking. Always remember to focus on the back line to divert attention, complete your goals for the Late Game buffs, and keep the fights in your control. If you do all this correctly, then you will carry your team to victory.

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Kriega1 (61) | January 29, 2019 7:10am
Replace Glad shield with beserkers shield.
Gulfwulf (47) | January 29, 2019 6:13am
I'm not sure Berserker's Shield is a good item for her, I would stick with Gladiator's Shield instead.
Kriega1 (61) | January 29, 2019 7:10am
No, I would definitely take Beserker's on her. She has cleave autos.
Vini_sds (6) | January 29, 2019 7:27am
I also use Gladiator's due to the CDR.

But yesterday I thought about bulding Soul Eater on her, due to CDR and lifesteal, and I was pretty successful in my tests.

However, when I asked Deathwalker about it on his stream, he said that Berserker's is the best choice for her. Now I’m conflicted.
Load more comments (3 more replies) →
Kriega1 (61) | January 22, 2019 9:20am
Add mystical mail as an alternative item.
Vini_sds (6) | January 3, 2019 10:02am
Why do you prioritize Valiant Leap instead of Plan of Action?
Kriega1 (61) | January 22, 2019 9:20am
If im against a lane bully I level Plan of Action over leap.
Vini_sds (6) | January 29, 2019 5:44am
I’m surprised to know you play Nike.
Load more comments (1 more replies) →
Stuke99 (41) | January 3, 2019 10:40am
For the leap, damage, and knock up.
Branmuffin17 (263) | January 3, 2019 10:47am
I agree with Vini's question. I would personally prioritize Plan of Action for the various benefits leveling it bestows...including reducing CD.
xmysterionz (36) | September 4, 2018 7:20am
Is just me or someone else can't play with Nike without at least 30% CDR?
I think her cooldowns are too long and without her skills she is a big problem.

Although, good guide.
Branmuffin17 (263) | September 4, 2018 2:33pm
For ability-based warriors, 20% is about the bare minimum CDR you want. Nike does have some pretty long CDs, but that's one of those things... Rend can be very powerful just with base damage, if she does the 3-hit combo.

That said, that's also reliant on a 2nd ability...and when that's down, she has very little to offer, other than her ult.

I would personally prefer it if they tweaked her kit a bit. Lower the CDs, decrease the damage dealt.

As of now...yeah, I think I also prefer at least 30% on Nike.
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Sweet Victory: Nike Guide (S5)
5 Votes
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