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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Sobek- Killer in De-Nile

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Smite God: Sobek

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Support Matey
Support Matey Solo Crocodile

Purchase Order

Support Start

Build Item Watcher's Gift Watcher's Gift
Build Item Combat Boots Combat Boots
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Ward Ward

Alt Starter

Build Item Mark of the Vanguard Mark of the Vanguard


Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Sovereignty Sovereignty
Build Item Heartward Amulet Heartward Amulet
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe


Build Item Cursed Ankh Cursed Ankh
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings
Build Item Meditation Cloak Meditation Cloak
Build Item Magic Shell Magic Shell

Sobek's Skill Order

Charge Prey

Charge Prey

1 X
2 14 16 18 19
Tail Whip

Tail Whip

2 A
3 8 11 12
Sickening Strike

Sickening Strike

3 B
1 4 6 7 10
Lurking In The Waters

Lurking In The Waters

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Wellcome all to this sesson 3 Sobek guide!

The strugle is real,
When playing Sobec, you often find your self unleash the inner killer hidden in denial.
That hungry croc just wants to eat. but then, ... your team mates gets angry.

In this guide, I will try to share some tips and knowledge which may halp you win your next game when playing Sobek.

*This is my first guide, please be patient with it.

Pros / Cons


+ Tanky due to his passive.
+ Geart initiation.
+ Good peal with Charge Prey(CP) and Tail Whip(TW).
+ CP can also use as an escape.
+ Great sustain: HP = Sickening Strike(SS), MP = Lurking In The Waters(LITW).
+ Nice CC with (SS) and (LITW).
+ TW and CP can stop some channeling abilities (as long as they are not knokup / knokback imune).
+++ Have an awesome pirate skin which inclodes a genuine parrot and a hat!


- Mana hungry.
- Missing CP puts you in a bad spot in most of the times.
- CP is very situational and wrong use can help the enemy player to escape.
- Most gods can jump / dash back from CP or LINW.
- Hard to hit with LINW due to the above.
- Dependent on allies - he maybe a killer croc. but, he can't carry the team.
- Not the best wave clear in the game.

Item Purchase Order and Relics

As to most guides,
I will not advise you to solo relying on the purchase order at this one.

Every game require different items as per to your team and the enemy team.
I will somewhat advise, rearding relics & item and thier pros.

Relics as a Support:

Curse- Vs stong healing gods or gods with no dash / leap.
Sprint- when your team have no dash / leap.
Meditation / Shell- situational, good vs havy damage gods (AMZ, Artemis, Nu Wa...)

Relics as a Solo:
Curse- same reason.
Sprint- for counter-ganks.
Teleport- a must to have for a solo laner (can be taken second, depanding on remening towers and thiet HP).
Purification- situational, take if you Vs hard cc team that can stunlock you (Nox, Artemis, Ymir...)

Watcher's Gift- great for supprt due to the regen and gold.
Mark of the Vanguard- good Vs damage over time gods or just for tankiness.
Sovereignty- good for HP and def, helps your team with the aura and the regen.
Heartward Amulet- same as the above just for magical and MP.
Breastplate of Valor- CDR is a great thing for Sobek. He can do more pulls, knokbacks, healing reduction (can be alternative to Sovereignty or in addition vs hard pysical gods).
Gem of Isolation- situational, good to slow enemies and good stats.
Spirit Robe- situational, good overall def + CDR (keep in mind that there is 30% limit CDR in Smite).
Genji's Guard- great vs hard magical gods.
Hide of the Nemean Lion- good vs physical (can be alternative to Sovereignty or Breastplate of Valor)
Witchblade- same as the above- good vs physical based on attack speed gods.

Questionable Items:
Lotus Crown- I find this item good but didn't see alot of players buy it for Sobek.
Stone of Gaia- was good at sesson 2, now it is missing the def (not sure if it fit Sobek).
Winged Blade- great for escape and lots of health + CC reduction (not as good as season 2).


One of the best passive skills in the game for the early game. At max it give 21 protection!

A great skill to initiate fights and also to escape is you need to run.
*be awere that you a worng pull can lead to missing the kill.
A good tool to peal enemys from your team and also can knockback enemys to your allies.
*You will need to be awere to your possition at the fight in order to maximase the use of this skill.
Use this skill as frequntkly as posibble. its reduce the enemy healling and heal you.
You can use it more efficintly if you see or hear the enemy god use a potion or about to use a healing skills.
Have a good damage and slow. Makes you cc imune (and be used to clear slow or other non silance stun cc). You can initiate with it , use it to run, use it for clear or to regen mana.

Support Croc

As a support,
Your role is to find an opeining to the enemy ADC / MID player and cc them / pull them back to your team.

It is also your job to peal any fool/s trying to kill your teammates.
Stay close to a low HP teammate and save your CP and TW in order to peal a surprise attacks (Loki / Ao Kuang or any other fool).

There are some inconsistencies with the 2 roles,
Its hard to initiate a fight and also to peal threats from your team. Try your best!

Its OK to secure a kill if the enemy is runing and your team is far away.
DONT KS from your team- If you see the enemy player is low and your teamates are close to him let them have the kill.

Lonely Croc

As a solo lanner you will have some hard time clearing the wave and most likely will need to use your skills (TW /SS).

Also, as a melee god, you will be kaited from farming vs range or hard magical AOE gods.

Dispite all the above, the enemy solo will have some hard time trying to kill you due to your cold heart adtitude + the built-in def.

Most of the time you will farm mid wave or under your tower.

At the early game, you should ask your jungle to help you clear the blue buf every time it's up. You will need to be aware to the reaspon time on the blue buf- its crucial for Sobek due to the CDR and the mana regen.

After level 5 you can use LINW as a mana regen tool and clear a full wave with it.
Due to the high damge it do, try to save it for a big wave if the enemy is pussuing hard.

Calm your skills.

Tail Whip (TW) and Charge Prey (CP) can stop channeling abilites or Dashes / Leaps.
*You will have to sretigicly place your self infornt / at the back of the god (depends on the direction of the enemy skill).

Channeling abilites-
CP / TW - Bellona - Bludgeon.
CP / TW - Nox - Shadow Lock (if you are close to her).

Dashes/ Leap:
CP / TW - Apolo - The Moves.
CP / TW - Xing Tian - Sky-Cutting Axe and Hook Slam (in air)
CP / TW - Khepri - Abduct (if you hit from the sides / back or to stop him after he drag your ally).
CP / TW - Amaterasu - Glorious Charge (if you hit from the sides / back).
CP / TW - Thor - Berserker Barrage.
CP / TW - Nemesis - Swift Vengeance.
CP / TW - Cupid- Flutter.
CP / TW - Athena - Preemptive Strike
CP / TW - Medusa - Lacerate.
TW - Chiron - (if you hit from the sides)

Not confirmed yet!:
CP / TW - Sun Wukong - 72 Transformations (Eagle, Tiger)- (if you hit from the sides/ back).
CP / TW - Nemesis - Swift Vengeance.
CP / TW - Ratatoskr - Dart.
CP - Agni - Path of Flames.


Sobek is fun to play :)

Thanks for reading or just visiting my guide!

I appreciate your feedback and knowledge - just dont be toxic O_o.

*I will update this guide from time to time and will try to add more picture and colors.

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Technotoad64 (45) | June 27, 2016 6:12pm
In the section about interrupting abilities, you typed "sretigicly place your self infornt".
Zilby (132) | June 23, 2016 9:08am
Great guide! I must say I clicked on it because of the title pun *heh*. Only one piece of advice to give since this is a pretty legit guide, but in your build you have Shoes of Focus, Breastplate of Valor, Winged Blade and Spirit Robe, all of which are good items. However, you're overcapping your CDR by quite a bit, 15% (you have 55%, the cap is 40%), so you should probably swap out one of those items (you have a lot of options, but I'd probably swap out Winged Blade since you're not using the CDR or attack speed stat, maybe grab something like Ethereal Staff, Gem of Isolation or even Void Stone or Obsidian Shard. You do mention some other items in your recommendations, most of those would work as well (also you mention the CDR cap in Smite is 30% which is incorrect).
yikess | August 28, 2016 9:35am
Was this a typo on winged blade since it gives 20% ccr not cdr.
The post is listed as june 2016 so that's why I ask.
YaronH | June 26, 2016 2:40pm
Thanks for the comment!
I"ve updated my items.
If I'm not mistaken, the Max CDR is 30% and with blue buf it rises to 40%.
GameGeekFan (50) | June 27, 2016 6:34pm
Zilby you know that Winged Blade doesnt give CDR anymore right? Its CCR, Crowd Control Reduction.
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Sobek- Killer in De-Nile
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