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Ravana, The Strategist with the Big Fist

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Smite God: Ravana

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Purchase Order

Build Item Bluestone Pendant Bluestone Pendant
Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Shield of Regrowth Shield of Regrowth
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Ravana's Skill Order

Prana Onslaught

Prana Onslaught

1 X
1 6 7 10 11
Overhead Kick

Overhead Kick

2 A
3 9 13 15 16
10-Hand Shadow Fist

10-Hand Shadow Fist

3 B
2 4 8 12 14
Mystic Rush

Mystic Rush

4 Y
5 17 18 19 20

Ravana, The Scholar, The Warrior, Solo Lane King

I am almost Diamond Ranked Ravana, and I thought I would share what I have come to think of as the most successful build there is for him. I hope you enjoy!

A Preface to Fists

A lot of people look at Ravana and say, he is obviously meant to be an Auto Attack based god. Then people try this, and say that Ravana is horrible.

While I too fell for the allure of his hit chain and tried many many attack speed AA based builds. Don't get me wrong, you can make Ravana work with attack speed / crit / lifesteal , it just pales in comparison to building him a different way.

After a lot of testing, and so many different AA based builds I have found with most certainty that

Ravana performs at his highest with some defense and higher cool down reduction.

His hit chain is misleading because it makes you want to build him with the regular AA God type items. The real advantage to his hit chain is simply itself. You don't need to increase your attack speed, your natural hit chain makes you a pretty good auto attacker by default. Stacking Power and some Pen works a lot better than quick rapid weak strikes. Hitting with just a few heavy AA's in between your skills results in much higher payer damage than when I built like a regular AA based god. It actually resulted in more minion damage as well, since my abilities hit so much harder and can actually clear waves really fast.

Ravanas fighting style isn't simply getting on someone and auto attacking them. You always want to start with your Prana Onslaught when you can, DO NOT wait to build your stacks. You can build some while it is on cool down.

For example, you would want to hit with 1 then some basic attacks then juke around a little if needed, then hit with your three some autos and your one, continue to juke around saving your 2 always as a reactionary ability to your enemy, unless you know that using it as a gap closer will result in a kill that you can get away from.

So instead of wanting to stick to someone indefinitely AA'ing away super fast for little to no damage while you die too fast to see it through. You build Ravana with High Cooldown, Decent Defense, High Power and some good Penetration - then you see that Ravana is actually pretty effing bad ***.

Essentially you want to attack someone when all of your skills are available to you, not including your ult, that is used for other things. You want to hit with your 1 then your 3 then 1 then 2. Wait for cool downs , about 9 seconds, re intiatie and attack again. Or if they were squishy just stick to them and finish them off if you can. You 1 will be ready in about 3 seconds anyway.

Its the quick combo of the 1, 3, 1, 2 with autos randomly thrown in between that deals much higher and faster, more sudden burst damage to your enemy than any AA based build could. And your cool downs will be ready almost twice as fast as any Ravana that is an AA based build.

The order of leveling of skills is completely up to you, but the earlier you upgrade your 3 the better off you will be with laning. It is your highest damage early game clear, and the heal scales with level.

In Short

My point is, Ravana tricked us all into thinking he is an AA god, when in reality, he just straight works better as a Bruiser with high cooldown reduction gigh power and some good penetration.

Ravana's Kit, is actually full of Counter play Potential

Ravana's kit is actually quite interesting, and can be used to great effect in many situations. It allows for flexibility unlike other gods kits such as Nox for example. With Nox you ideally want to open with your 2 and catch them with your 1 inside of it, otherwise you can't guarantee your damage. Ravana's kit doesn't create such a need. Everything he has is to help him fight someone and control it as he sees fit.

He has decent Physical Power scaling on his abilities, except for his ult.

Prana Onslaught gets 75% of your power. THAT IS HUGE! Maximize this for the damage, not his attack speed. More power and penetration is what makes Ravana start to do actual damage.

With max cooldowns you will be able to throw out this damage every 3.9 seconds.
You can easily stay away from AA based gods for 3 seconds.

Overhead Kick gets 70% of your power. So again, maximizing power pays off better when also getting cool down reduction.

With max cooldown reduction Overhead Kick is 6 seconds of cool down.

That is like a free beads/ mini Aegis every 6 seconds.

10-Hand Shadow Fist gets only 55% of your power, but that is still adequate since it has the highest base damage at 260. Adding good sustain all through the early game with the heal if you can catch your enemy in/through the minion line.

Mystic Rush Has over all Very Low Damage, and the Reduction Bonus it gives you applies to everyone but the target. But it still has its uses. In a team Fight it is optimal to Ult the tank OR an enemy who is almost dead, since that is the best way to get the most out of the damage reduction. It is really mostly used for tower dives and kill secures though

Starter / Early Game

The Beginning Times are Good

This is a REAL good time for Ravana to shine. Which means that you are going to want to try and poke your enemy as your hitting minion waves when ever you can.

Bluestone Pendant has shown itself to be the best starter item for Ravana in my opinion. It makes his wave clear much more relevant early game, as well as adding to his burst/kill potential early game. Much more so than Death's Toll. And sense you can clear most of the wave with just your 3 and 2 you don't have to take much damage dancing around AA'ing. No one expects the amount of damage coming out that early game from Ravana.

Boots Are going to be another item you will want to start with. Ravana is all about the jukes, The Jukes Are The Life for Ravana, and key to doing the best you can with him. Jukes and Counterplay.

Healing Potions and Multi Potions are what you are going to want to pick up for start of game as well.

This start makes for much faster Camp Clears, so you can get to lane faster, and it increases your ability to wave clear to the point that it is quite easy to push the lane and poke your enemy early game.

For Conquest You will most Definitely want the BLUE BUFFSince the goal is to Solo Lane after all.

You are Relying on your Abilities to clear Waves fast and heal yourself with your 3, using the potions to supplement all of that. Along with the blue buff gives you easily attainable Lane Dominance against many different Gods early game, and the sustain to sit and farm for a long time.

The Biggest potential problem is getting ganked if you are pushing up too far too early, but that is a problem for a lot of gods, and has more to do with being careful than it does with the God you are playing.

Core Items

The Core Items

Bluestone Pendant

As discussed in the Starter/Early Game Section. Bluestone supplies fast wave clear from a safe distance. As well as adding to the burst and kill potential you will have early game.

Warrior Tabi

Warrior Tabi are my boots of choice. For a High Power / Pen and High Cool Down Bruiser Build, it is all about the power. Attack speed be damned. We are going for the burst with fast cool downs.

Jotunn's Wrath

Jotunn's Wrath is great. As Ravana always says, "The best defense is a good Offense", turns out he is right, but he has mislead you with his attractive hit chain that makes you want to build him with focus on attack speed. Really, Ravana starts to shine when you get him cooldown reduction.

One of Ravana's biggest strengths is the Immunity he has tied to his 2. With max cooldowns, if you go that far with the cooldowns, His 2 becomes a 6 second beads/aegis, with this build it is a 6.5 second which is still very very useful.

Hide of the Urchin

Hide of the Urhcin has become my favorite multipurpose defense item for Ravana. I find building him as a bruiser suits him well with a cooldown / power & pen build. But with many different attempts I have found that getting two separate defense items (one for phys one for mag) makes his damage suffer too much. Ravana is good at getting assists and killing blows, so the stacks come easily.


Transcendence is the gun powder that makes Ravana come to life and really start hitting for chunks of health with his abilities. Since your wave clear is so good because you still have bluestone, it is easy to get stacks either in lane, or fast as you pass through a lane when you rotate, or in the jungle. Even when you first buy it though with no stacks, the power boost it gives is game changing for Ravana.

Optional Items

Recommended Optional Items

Shield of Regrowth

This is actually one of my personal favorites for Ravana. He is the only god that the item really adds a lot of utility to while not hindering his build.

Picking this item puts your Colldown Reduction at 35%, it will be the last CD Red item you will get. This effectively creates the following cooldowns.

Prana Onslaught -- 3.9 seconds
Overhead Kick -- 6.5 seconds
10-Hand Shadow Fist -- 9.7 seconds.

The heal from your 3, triggers the 4 sec 35% movement speed buff. Since .3 seconds is such a short time, by the time you use it again, Shield of Regrowth will be able to trigger again. So, every time you use Ten Handed Shadow fist, you receive a 4 second 35% movement speed increase. This is useful for chasing and running away, and it stacks well with Overhead Kick's move speed increase.

Peoples main problem with this item is that it doesn't remove slows, Ravana's 2 does that for you if you really need to remove the slow. But honestly, the 35% increase mitigates a lot of the slows in the game, unless they are stacking slows, in which case using Overhead Kick will remove the slows and your move speed buff will remain.

Titan's Bane

Titan's Bane is a great choice for an optional item. If the enemy team is rather tanky, or you find yourself needing to burn objectives faster, it gets the job done. At this point you should have full stacks on both Urchin and Transcendence, so your tanky-ish and you have good damage.

It is also a great pick because it allows your abilities to ignore armor without having to build stacks first like you would with Executioner. Which is more fitting of this build and play style. I recommend Titan's bane if you are seeking a high amount of damage output. You auto's are slower, but pack much more of a wallop, and your skills are off of cool down faster and hit much harder thanks to Titan's bane and Transcendence

Spirit Robe

Spirit Robe is a good pick if you want to go a little more tanky, What ever the case, this is good for the cool down reduction, which will give you the max 40% in addition to Jotunn's, and by chance that you mess up and get CC'ed because they caught you with overhead Kick on cooldown, the flat 15% reduction is pretty huge since the diminishing returns on defense over 100 start to get pretty bad. And with urchin at max stacks you will have over 100 phy and about 100 mag.

Frostbound Hammer

Frostbound Hammer is a no brainer, but I would be remiss to not mention it. Even with out an attack speed build Frostbound hammer still delivers as an outstanding pick for Ravana. The slow stacks with Prana Onslaught's slow, and the attack speed debuff is great. It is a great boxing item, but you really don't need it to be successful with Ravana. Your Slow and Root, if using this build, will be plenty to burst down any non tank fast.

Shifter's Shield

Shifter's Shield is a pretty good optional item to pick up. It adds a little more defense which will guarantee that you are over 100 on both Phy and Mag The damage that it adds is also very nice of course, and the defense can help against penetration when you drop low by giving you more def.

Winged Blade

Winged Blade is an option for when your enemy team has a ridiculous amount of slows. This would be an optional Cooldown reduction item. While Ravana can operate ok with only 25% cooldown, it is best to get at least 35% cooldown and Winged Blade will do that in addition to Jotunn's.

Too Be Continued....

I will come back and flush this out some more. I am thinking of making a Clash video or something to show the actual play style more. It is all very situationally based, so it is hard to get in to great detail with out writing a book that has references to how Ravana can best fight vs. which ever god he is facing.

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GsusZilla | November 30, 2015 4:21am
Tran later game is ok just because you can get stacks really fast as you traverse the map. It isn't ideal, but Ravana is weird lol. Of course the build order and items you pick are going to change based on your matchups and other factors.

You could get Trans Before Hide, especially if you aren't feeling squishy or threatened. But it really does add one of the highest amounts of power even without stacks. Frostbound is definitely a good item to pick up, and I have gotten it instead of Hide before as well. When you aren't really getting pressured and don't need the extra defense, Frostbound just helps get you kills easier. I used to get Frostbound as my second item, always. But if you can continuously land your slow and root you don't need it so much since the damage you deliver will happen faster and more suddenly than if you were to be focusing on attack speed for damage.

I get Jotunn's First because the 25% Cooldown Reduction is way more valuable than building Trans first. I have tried it both ways, Rushing Trans, or building it second, just doesn't work as well with Ravana for some reason.

Yea I saw he was getting a little bit of a rework. The passive sounds nice, I like th ebonus damage on the passive now, but it really isn't that important. The HP shield will help his AA focused builds hopefully.

On the PTS his Prana Onslaught got a buff from 75% power to 80% power added. So thats a little tiny buff. The New Ult is called Dark pact or something like that, I am really curious as to what it could be.

IMO as long as his 2 keeps a low cool down and the Immunity, and his three keeps the heal and root, I can only see him getting a lot better with the changes. I would definitely like an HP shield, but it really depends on the mechanic they use / how it's implemented.
BroVoice | November 30, 2015 3:53am
I don't know if it will affect the Ravana play style, but his passive and ult will be changed. Apparently his passive will provide him a shield, so he will be another Warrior that will be a little tanky. I'm not sure if the rest of his abilities and stats will be changed as well.

To be honest most of us actually expected that Ravana will be changed due to his bad kit and even with buffs provided by Hi-Rez did not make him into tier 2 - 3 God. Ravana is considered to be the weakest God atm and never was seen in SPL or never picked in Leagues. Furthermore Hi-Rez did not has no choice but to change his kit to more competitive playstyle.

Now let's get back to your guide. I think it's really good and colorful. I never expected this kind of build to be used in Ravana =D, but why would you build transedence as fourth item? Late games are more teamfight oriented, so there won't be time for building stacks as you will need to be with your team and transedence without stacks does not provide enough physical power. I understand that Joutuns give +150 mana, but still I would rather build transedence first. Also instead of Hide of the urchin I would rather go for Frostbound to slow the enemy down, because it's fairly easy to outrun Ravana and Fist of the Gods is really good counter to his Ult.

However once again overall it's good guide, keep expanding it and it will be even better.
GsusZilla | November 30, 2015 12:57am
Thank you very much! Those codes are exactly what I was needing. I tried doing img tags and the links and nothing worked so I just saved it and put it up until I could come back.

I really appreciate the tips as I am new and this is my first time trying to post a guide. I plan on making it look much nicer.

EDIT: Just finished touching it up. I will be adding more when I get some more time. I Hope this helps anyone trying to play Ravana but not having much success with him.
nanoyam (13) | November 29, 2015 6:09am

It's nice that you have good explanations for everything, but without any coding, it’s really pain to read walls and walls of text.
Firstly, I recommend replacing those item links you have there. Instead of putting the direct link in your text, you can use codes:
[[Warrior Tabi]] or [icon=Warrior Tabi size=20]

Effect: Warrior Tabi or

I also recommend adding chapters. You have tons of text in your guide, but you have no titles to tell, what you are writing about. Most of the people have no time to read whole guide, if they’re only looking for some specific information. It’s much easier to navigate, if you add chapters. You can also use dividers, to separate information. Code for that:
------ or [rule]


And most importantly, add some colors! It will make your guide look visually more pleasant.

Hopefully this helps :)
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