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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page



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Smite God: Ymir

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Purchase Order

Only Set things you need to buy

Build Item Reinforced Greaves (Deleted) Reinforced Greaves (Deleted)
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Ymir's Skill Order

Ice Wall

Ice Wall

1 X
3 15 16 18 19
Glacial Strike

Glacial Strike

2 A
2 8 11 12 14
Frost Breath

Frost Breath

3 B
1 4 6 7 9
Shards of Ice

Shards of Ice

4 Y
5 10 13 17 20

To Start Off

This is my first guide on smite fire, but please do not take this lightly. I play many moba type games and by far smite is my favorite. With that being said i would like to propose my knowledge and hopefully make you all better players. I am by no means pro and will look forward to any constructive criticism you may offer.

This guide will be lengthy and may be common sense to some but this guide is to explain Everything a person would need to know to instantly start a game and start learning.

Pros / Cons to Ymir


    Tanky as anything
    Great Kit if used correctly
    Easy to learn
    Assist Master
    Amazing to play with friends

    Squishy Early Game
    Long Stun Cooldown
    Not the fastest (countered by picking up sprint)
    You wont get the kills
    Can be hard to use skill shot coordination with people you dont know

With this being said the pros will out weigh the cons trust me.

When to pick Ymir

It is last pick your team needs a tank. This is your time to shine yes you may LOVE doing damage, but a great tank makes a team. So take pride knowing without you there would be no one to take all the weight off your teams shoulders so that they may damage people.

If you see ANY of these Gods without a doubt pick Ymir
Freya Only if she is going physical so you can help get her close and use her 1

Rules of a Tank

To play as a tank youll need to know a few rules;
1.) Dont steal kills from your carry(only take the kill if the carry needed to back off, or they do not believe they can get it, this may be obvious but i see it happen so much it haunts me in my sleep.
2.) Dwindle down the minions health to the point they are easily one shot by the carry, the extra gold although may be small will allow your carry a bit of an adavntage
3.) Never leave your carry alone except if they are protected or the enemies are dead and you need to buy.
4.) Know the Enemy Team, you absolutely need to know what type of damage is being done by what god. An example of this is Bakasura he has true damage so dont build armor build health instead.
5.) Tab for gold counts constantly inform your team about gold counts or important items that you see come out IE everyone on their team has sprint, or anything game changing like Freya is starting to go hybrid
6.) Know your Counters BY far this is most important, if you see a quins blades come out, by all means stop your Gauntlet of Thebes and start on many of the other tanky items in the game (all will be explained below).
7.)DIE FOR YOUR CARRY yes we all know life is precious and that we want to live but there comes a point where we realize death is inevitable so if this must be so we must turn stare death in the eye and utilize your kit stun as many as u can and wall your carries path off behind them as they make their break for it. They will ussually focus you but you will in turn save a life.


Frostbite This is your passive, now as a tank you will not be worried about this skill to much however it is very helpful to know about if your going to help your carry poke. After using an ability enemies now have frostbite, this allows you to do 50% more damage on your melee attacks.

Ice Wall Well this is by far a great Escape and Chasing mechanic, not only will this allow you to stop them temporarily, but if your chasing in the jungle you can make them your teams personal punching bag (provided you have any carry/mage with you) seeing as the length of the wall is just enough to cover an entire path of the jungle.
Times to use Ice Wall:
1. Chasing or running away from jungle pop a quick wall up and you can get to or away from whomever you want.
2.Freezing a Lane(holding their minions in a particular place for a few seconds)
3.If laning with an Anhur this will give him a HUGE target to land that stun for a double stun.
4.Blocking a person from entering your lane so you can back off.

Glacial Strike Your SLOW and Only damaging skill besides your ult. Most people like to use this after using Frost Breath for a guaranteed slow, BUT im NOT most people. i will use this under 3 conditions:
1. I use this most to Dwindle minions heatlh for my carry to get more gold
2. To act as a "wall" between my carry and the enemy team because they will most likely back off it when you lay it down, if not theyll get slowed and your carry can now kite, when your laning with Artemis you couldnt as for anything better than that.
3.Last but not least if you see them jump on your carry this is your way to get them to back off or slow

Frost Breath THIS IS YOUR HOLY GRAIL Look below for the section to learn more about using this skill. This spell should be treated as such never show it unless absolutely necessary. This is where the fun begins there are many ways and reasons to use this spell. Your job is to protect your carry and using this skill alone you can do that almost every time. So lets get started.

Shards of Ice So your upset you have no damage throughout the game and suddenly you hit five, if you see anyone at half health they are now your personal slave. The only things you need to know about this skill are:
1. Bait the jumps (if no jumps skip to step 2)use an Ice Wall as they come towards you or away from you to make them jump over it, if casting so they jump away burn your sprint to catch up. Step 2
2. Bait the beeds most people see a ymir and if they are afraid of your ult they will grab purification beeds however due to its long cooldown they are ussually going to try to use it on your ult if this happens just remember when thye used beeds last and make sure to use ur ult before they are off of cooldown.
3. ULTI AWAY for the massive slow and damage if you dont kill them your team who should be around you(otherwise you shouldnt have wasted your ult) will

Frost Breath FTW

I made this into a separate section for those of you who didn't want to read a wall of text and so i could go more in depth for those who want to play Ymir as a main. Don't worry after a while this should become second nature to you if it is not already.

How to use Frost Breath correctly:
1. If you know an enemy has a teleport spell or a jump, im looking at you Bakasura then having this spell off of cooldown will Prevent them from jumping to your carry so just save it for when that happens (if they are not smart) they will eventually jump to your carry you will intiate your Frost Breath Glacial Strike combo as your carry dwindles them to little or no health.
2. If the enemies are at half health and you have a sprint up have your carry follow you in and stun the enemy, this works great with Artemis because she can run in and place a trap under them for an extra few seconds of awesomeness. This will allow you to use Ice Wall off their escape after the stun is over, because if the enemy has a jump they will most likely jump out of her trap and try to flee.
** Only ice wall if they don't have a jump up if not use your Glacial Strike
3. You must use this to save your carry if it is clear one of you will die
you turn around grit your teeth stun and keep running wall off in front of them and bait all jumps but try to get them to chase you the easiest if your lucky they will bite and you can lead them on a very long and chase allowing time for your carry to escape.
4. Use Frost Breath to secure any kill your carry would like.

Items you should know

Now there are many different ways to build a tank, the problem is unlike most mages or carries you cant have a set build you must know what damage is coming out whether it be true damage, physical, or magical. This is where knowing items comes in because you must mix and match each game and in doing so you will unlock your an insane amount of knowledge for your tanking abilities.

Physical tanking options:
Sovereignty-- Best option when laning against 2 physicals not only does it give you physical protection for you and your carry, but it gives you health to deal with mages.
Hide of the Nemean Lion I dont like this item as much as i used to but i still will get it eventually especially if i see an Artemis
Hide of Leviathan Good for everything especially transitioning into any type of tank great for dealing with a Freya
Breastplate of Valoronly get if you cant land your skills correctly or if you need your stun up faster
mystical mark I dont see the point ussually they wont be next to you but hey some people like it just not my type of tanking style.
Ankh of the Golem Great between a Health tank and physical tank just make sure to get enough health for this to be useful
witch stone Most people wouldnt think to get this on a ymir, the only reason to get this would be if your carry is behind on gold and the enemy team has a lot of attack speed items especially a quins blades but try to wait for your carry to get later on as a last item
Wall of Absolution Laning with mages this item is perfect
reinforced boots 99 problems but these boots should not be one

Magical Tanking:
Stone of Gaia Great for Health tanking and MR
Void Stone Another great item for laning with Mages
Hide of Leviathan This is a great item for all types of tanks
magi's blessing Good if you want to get rid of 1 ability but is easily popped.
Rod of WillDont buy this item

Health Tanking:
Gauntlet of Thebes Favorite item for health tank just Amazing.
warlock's sash You will need to steal a bit of farm and if your carry is ok with that or is fed then well this is the way to go. takes 80 creeps to fill
Hide of Leviathan Great on all types of tanking
Ankh of the GolemHealth regen especially if you are going full health tank but allows for some physical protection as well
witch stone Try to get your carry to get this late game but if you see a quins blades come out and your well into a health tank get this to try and reduce damage being done
Gem of Isolation Good for mages, id recommend this item in a few scenarios but mainly you wont need the extra slow just get Creeping Curse
Spear of the Magus Good to add to your damage and health

Seeing these 3 types of tanks these are not set in stone. You should mix and match use each item when you see that it is beneficial to your situation a few examples

Bakasura does true damage so to limit that damage you want more health
Freya can be built physical or magical and as such you should build your protections

*if you see 3 physical people on their team yet someone magical is fed lets just say Zeus then please build more into magical protection you may say but there are 3 people doing physical and ive already built that way, finish those items later and counter the major threat so your team can kill him a few times and get him out of the picture.

More to come

As i read your suggestions and items/gods are added into the game i will add more to this guide. It is still a work in progress and there are still things that need to be done:

1. What abilities to buy
2. Adding youtube videos of play
3. Screen shots of various abilities and when/how to use them
4. Addressing comments and concerns

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bewareofthepig (1) | December 6, 2012 12:16pm
Thanks for the knowledge of the Ra Ymir lane comp i have yet to play against it in a lane, but given this knowledge ill be sure to try it out. As for ankh idk why i mentioned regen lol ill be sure to take it out XD. I understand frostbite is an important part of his damage and i mention the passive it gives and that it helps you poke for your carries. I also never said to go strictly magical or physical or health, "Seeing these 3 types of tanks these are not set in stone. You should mix and match use each item when you see that it is beneficial to your situation a few examples" Maybe i did not make it clear but in the sentence i was trying to explain to mix and match from all of the items above giving particular situations, such as fed baka, or going against dual mages. With this being said i tried to point out that tanks have no SET build but is in turn varied from match to match however ill be sure to reword it so it wont confuse anyone else. As for ymir having to have a stone of gaia or void stone every match i can see in most matches the items being beneficial but not necessarily in every situation, such as their mage is feeding or has left(lets not lie dc's are such a pain in the ***) im not saying dont grab these items, but by all means the only item that is not situational for a tank are the reinforced boots. Trust me i grab the ankh all of the time on him and it helps so much so i understand that is an amazing item, however saying the leviathon is not a good item makes no sense. The item gives a person buffs for an all around tank for only 2500 allowing them to build base defences, i dont get this first but if i see a physical getting fed and a mage getting fed on their team then i tend to build this as it is cheap and allows me to sustain more damage from all sources until i identify the true threat and where most of the damage is coming from. I will be sure to take out the regen word and make it more clear that these items are situational but i will also make example builds to show the ability to mix and match along with fighting example teams, this guide was written in 4 hours so thank you for pointing out the flaws ill be sure to fix them within the next week as i have finals please come back and help me adjust my guide after that though i would really appriciate the help.
Xanthious (5) | December 6, 2012 8:51am
Most games you are paying against a balance of both physical and magical damage. There is no reason to go strictly physical, magical or health, but rather a combination of each. Also fails to mention the insane combination Ymir and Ra make. They both deal magical damage which is a no-no however, ymir's stun is such a great setup for ra's ult, it's hard not to break the rule, and I've seen ra/ymir not only dominate lanes, but entire matches. Ankh of the golem offers no health regen. Ymir's passive should not be ignored by good ymir's as it is possibly his greatest source of damage output, especially if you increase his attack speed/damage. Hide of Leviathon is NOT a good item. Ymir's core items for tanking MUST be Reinforced boots, either stone of gaia, void stone or both to endure mages, hide of the nemean lion, wall of absolution or both for physical damage, and personally I like Ankh of the Golem for increased damage/attack speed, and health/physical protection - all great for Ymir.
bewareofthepig (1) | December 4, 2012 4:08pm
Sorry i Didn't know blog popped up on the newfeed until after i posted the comment and refreshed the page and then i couldnt take it down on my phonelol
DanMcFlan (2) | December 4, 2012 4:02pm
Nice guide, but please dont spam the message boards, its somewhat frowned upon to advertise your own guide
ZebraCorn | December 4, 2012 2:50pm
Great guide bro didnt think u had it in u but nice work
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