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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Kukulkan - They make sacrifices in my name

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Smite God: Kukulkan

Build Guide Discussion (2) More Guides
Damage build
Damage build Defense/Tank build

Purchase Order

High damage

Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Spirit Robe Spirit Robe


Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification

Kukulkan's Skill Order



1 X
2 6 8 11 14


2 A
3 15 16 18 19


3 B
1 4 7 10 12
Spirit of the Nine Winds

Spirit of the Nine Winds

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Hello guys. I decided to make a guild about Kukulkan, Serpent of the Nine Winds. Kukulkan is ranged mage, pusher, with good both, single target and area damage. Kukulkan pretty much depends on his abilities. My biggest disappointment was when i found out that he has so slow movement speed and he is something like god of the winds. Like every other mage he has slow attack speed but good damage. Some may say that Kukulkan don't depend on his abilities but i think he does because his abilities are great and his attack speed is low and you will most likely die without using them.


So in this guide i created 2 builds. One for damage dealing and other for tanking. Kukulkan is more damage dealer but what the hell.

Build 1 - Damage dealer

+70 magical power is great for start
+33% of penetration is a lot and helpful
Gives you early advantage

Big amount of magical power (75)
+25 MP5 which is helpful because of Kukulkan's mana hunger
+25% cooldown reduction which is great because he depens on his abilities

+100 magical power (around 1/5 of your total magical power with all items)
+125 mana, good but not too much without passive
+15 MP5 is great
Passive gives you advantage, good to have early in game so you can start building stacks

Adds good amount of magical power (65)
+250 mana, good because Kukulkan is abilities based god and can be mana hungry
+18% movement speed, helpful because he is very slow without using abilities

Good amount of magical power (75)
+250 health and mana is good and helpful
Passive makes enemies slower so your abilities like tornado will maybe have longer effect

This is build for damage dealing but it is always good to have some good protection
40 magical and 40 physical protection is great
15% cooldown reduction + 25% on Chronos's Pendant gives you 40% which is max.
Passive gives you advantage if someone use hard Crowd Control (CC) on you
You can buy it early in game if you feel a need for it

Build 2 - Defense/tank build

Small amout of magical power (20)
+100 health which is a lot, especially on start of the match
+30% crowd control reduction, which is a lot, in start or later and helpful
+18% movement speed is good because of Kukulkan's low movement speed
Explanation here

+45 magical and physical protection which is great
+250 health and mana which is also great
With passive you can get up to 20 more physical and magical protection, so it is 65 protection at the end
One of the first items you buy so you can start building stacks as soon as possible

It is in this build mostly because cooldown reduction but even tanks need some attack power
More about item here

About item here

This item is here mostly to give you at least some magical power
Gives you a massive amount of magical power (125 + 25% of your magical power)
+15 MP5, not so bad

+40 magical power, not much but you're a tank anyway
+50 magical protection is good and helpful
Passive reduces magical protection to all enemies in range so enemies are easier to kill


Build 1 Actives

Allows you a short distance instant teleport even when in combat
You can escape when you think you will die
You can use it to chase enemy gods
Or simply to evade enemies abilities like Hades's ultimate.

Removes CC effect so it can save you from enemies like Anubis
Can save you from enemies combos of stuns
Gives you advantage over enemy ultimates

Build 2 Actives

Invulnerable to damage for 2 seconds
You can move while it is active
Great for evading

You reflect 40% of damage back to it's owner for 5 seconds
Enemies cannot lifesteal from you while it is active


Kukulkan is skill based god. He has great skills good for single target damage and area damage.

Power of the wind Jewel

Passive ability
Increases magical power by 5% of your magical mana, that is good


Damage is 60/105/150/195/240 + 60% of your phyisical power
Slow is 30/35/40/45/50% for 3 seconds
At start of match is good ability, but later is great ability
Slow gives you time to run


Buffs movement speed for 20/25/30/35/40% for 4 second
Very useful when running from battle or chasing enemy god


Damaging enemy every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds
Refreshes if enemy is inside the tornado you summoned
Damage is 10/20/30/40/50 +15% of your magical power
Duration of tornado you summoned is 4 seconds
Radius is 20, that is pretty big

Spirit of the Nine Winds

Kukulkan's ultimate
Massive amount of damage
Damage is 400/500/600/700/800 +120% of your magical power
Leaves even best tanks with very low health

Pros / Cons


  • Very good magical power
  • Good for pushing
  • Have both, high single target and area damage with abilities
  • Good for clearing minion waves
  • Speed buff, allows you to escape and chase


  • Ultimate easy to evade
  • Can be hard to hit enemies with Whirlwind
  • No natural sustain
  • Can be hard 1vs1
  • Weak if he falls behind
  • If someone ganks you, you will probably die
  • Can be squishy



Kukulkan in the arena can be very good if you play it good. You can get in and out of battles with your Slipstream, you can do good damage to enemies with your Zephyr because almost nobody build up his defenses in arena, Spirit of the Nine Winds can hit running enemies or when they get close to each other. Your Whirlwind can prevent enemy minions from entering your portal. You can do so much more. Just never go alone because everyone have high attack power so you will be very squishy.


I advice you to go in duo lane with some guardian, especially if you are using damage dealer build. You can try mid lane too because of your high abilities damage. If you are using tank build you could try solo lane and see how it goes, but you can be support in duo lane too. Make sure to put wards wherever you go because if enemy ganks you, you're most likely done. You can quickly clear enemy minion waves with your Whirlwind and provide your minions to attack enemy tower or phoenix.

Joust and Siege

So joust is where you can be carry in your team. Your Whirlwind has radius for almost half of the lane. Same like in conquest, watch out for ganking. You should know when to retreat too. If watch out for gankers and retreat on time you will level up faster then others and become unstopable.
Same is with siege. just you have to be in team with somebody so i suggest some guardian.


So there are few combos with Kukulkan which will kill enemies or force them to retreat if they have a lot of health and good protection.



For every other combo try to experiment. You may find out some useful things.

Team Work

Kukulkan can be teamed up with many gods, mostly because of 2 builds. I'll just talk about few of them. If you're using build 1 go with guardian, if you are using build 2 go with assasin or hunter.


He is great tank
High damage
You can combine 2 of your ultimates

Both, Kukulkan and Hades are magical so enemies can buy only magical protection

Ratio: 8/10


Her stun is long, so you have time to combine all of your abilities
She has good strength and good attack speed + Kukulkan's great magical power = strong team

If you use damage dealer build you have no tank
If you use tank build, you have no real tank
Not many strategies between those 2
Both can be squishy and are weak for ganks

Ratio: 8/10


Very strong and good tank
Can stun your enemies or block their way giving you opportunity to use your abilities best way you can
Good amount of damage
Probably best companion for Kukulkan

He has slow movement speed so if you're in a trouble, he maybe won't make it to save you [You can use your Slipstream to prevent that of happening]

Ratio: 10/10

Last words

Kukulkan is great god, based on his abilities. I definitly suggest you to buy him and learn to play with him. When you learn to play, you will make your enemies go fully mad, and your allies admired. I tried to mention everything important in this guide and make it as simple as possible. Comment what do you think!



  • Build 1 replaced with new things
  • Thanks to JoeAnar for advice

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Reamoris | April 14, 2015 3:42am
JoeAnar wrote:

You may want to add book of thoth to the build in place of another item, this is one of the best items available for Kukulkan and many people tend to build it as their first completed item. Also you could consider adding a situational item list too as there are other very useful items for Kuk, such as Gem of isolation which adds a 25% slow to your damaging abilities making it very difficult for those who get caught in your tornadoes when their escape is on cd.

Thanks for the advice, I'm actually planning to create a whole new build (Replace build 1 with it) but I'm still testing some items. Some things will stay but Book of Thoth is 3rd item in it. This isn't bad build and i kicked some a** with it but i will try to create even better. Book of Thoth is on my list but I completely forgot about Gem of Isolation. Thank you! :)
JoeAnar | April 13, 2015 3:32am
You may want to add Book of Thoth to the build in place of another item, this is one of the best items available for Kukulkan and many people tend to build it as their first completed item. Also you could consider adding a situational item list too as there are other very useful items for Kuk, such as Gem of isolation which adds a 25% slow to your damaging abilities making it very difficult for those who get caught in your tornadoes when their escape is on cd.
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Kukulkan - They make sacrifices in my name
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