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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Kukulkan: The swift serpent (sort of)...

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Smite God: Kukulkan

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Mid lane pain
Mid lane pain Solo Yolo Assault vault

Purchase Order

Normal purchasing order

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Warlock's Staff Warlock's Staff
Build Item Ethereal Staff Ethereal Staff
Build Item Ward Ward
Build Item Ward Ward

Situational items

Build Item Celestial Legion Helm Celestial Legion Helm
Build Item Mystical Mail Mystical Mail
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone

Kukulkan's Skill Order



1 X
2 8 11 12 16


2 A
4 13 14 18 19


3 B
1 3 6 7 9
Spirit of the Nine Winds

Spirit of the Nine Winds

4 Y
5 10 15 17 20


Since the latest patch, Ao Kuang has been removed from the game for a remake, and his kit has been given to Kukulkan. This guide, while my first (so no mean comments, please), has been long in the making, ever since I first bought Ao Kaung.

Pros / Cons

Safe clear
Good kill "securing"
Really useful CC
Easy to use kit
High burst damage
Massive AOE
Great composition possibilities

Weak early clear
Not very useful for attacking until level 5
Prone to ganks
Horrible buff
Easy to counter kit
Dodgeable abilities


Kukulkan works great wiith two kinds of items: On-Effect items, and mana-increasing items. Items such as GOI and Divine Ruin can have devastating effects when paired with a Whirlwind or Zehpyr. Kukulkan's passive grants him magical power based on 5% of his maximum mana, which means items like Book of Thoth, Breastplate of Valor, and Warlock's sash will increase magical power more than they say. I recommend starting of with Magic Shoes, and later on finishing off the shoes to get Shoes of Focus, because a noodle without CDR is a sad noodle indeed. As a second item, Chronos' pendant works well for it's CDR and early MP5. Rod of Tahuti as a third item, while expensive, can add a massive boost to your Whirlwind, Zephyr, and SOTNW. Switching out Tahuti for Thoth is also an acceptable choice, especially in early game laning. Also, buying Warlock's sash can help a bunch if you also buy Ethereal staff. Remember; When playing Kukulkan, your Whirlwind is your best friend. Polynomicon is **** on Kukulkan, because he has some of the weakest basic attacks; you're better off spamming 3.


Kukulkan's first ability is quite the skillshot. It has good scaling, an awesome slow, a respectable AOE, and decent travel time. When paired with GOI, the resulting slow is 75%! That makes it a good chasing ability, for the massive slow it lands on an enemy.
Sadly, it's not good for lane clearing, because it stops at the first enemy. Using it on an enemy right before you drop a Whirlwind on them can help you keep them inside it for longer, which can help a lot in getting kills. Max this second.
This laughable buff is pretty sad. Contrary to what most use it for, this ability is for positioning, not travel or fleeing. Yes, it helps you to flee, yes it helps you to chase, but it's really best used for positioning yourself or baiting enemies into a trap. Maxing this third is in your best interests, it doesn't have very redeeming combat value.
The cream of the kit, Kukulkan's go-to ability. For those of you new to Kukulkan and Ao, this was the ability that made him shout A MIGHTY STORM!(shame we don't have that anymore). This ability lasts 6 seconds in a fairly sizeable AOE. If an enemy so much as steps a toe within the Whirlwind, a smaller Whirly latches onto them, making this great for stealing kills right out from under allied noses. This is KKK's best clear, too. Pop a Whirlwind right in front of a minion wave and watch the nincompoops walk straight through it. Max this ability first.
Spirit of the Nine Winds:
KKK's ultimate. One of the most largely "self-targeted" abilities, you don't want to get too aggressive until this is either off CD, or you just unlocked it. This is THE hardest skillshot to land, truly. It's slow cast time, slow animation time, and only slightly respectable hitbox can make for quite the easy juke. Use this ability only when you're either sure you can kill, your life is in danger, or to save an ally. Max this last.

Team Work

Your best plays will always be with a team. You are too weak to take on more than one person at a time, and your Ult can greatly affect teamfights, as well as your Whirlwinds. If you are being chased through the jungle, your Ultimate fits the jungle corridors perfectly, allowing you to block off an enemy chase, and potentially get a kill yourself if the enemy is too caught up in the chase to notice you cast it, same with an ally being chased. Your one can slow an enemy long enough for an ally to get a kill. Your three will sometimes steal kills from allies, but if they accuse you just mention that you can't control how long the DoT lasts.

Laning phase

When playing as the Racist Snake, KKK himself, don't forget to ward. WARD, WARD, WARD! You are the most vulnerable of all mages when playing KKK; your slow is useless if ganked from behind, your movespeed buff is laughable to any god with a leap or dash of any kind, and your Ult knockback doesn't knock enemies away, just to the side. Make sure you get the entire minion wave when you drop your clear, and if possible drop it right on top of the enemy so that minions pass through the side. Most importantly: DO NOT let your lane opposition control the lane. You are easy enough to kill as it is; if he can control you too you might as well ask for ganks every ten seconds. Don't be afraid to ask for help, because you are a primary farming target for junglers.


Kukulkan is one of the bigger "easy-mode" gods, but he is often vulnerable, weak, and easy to crush. Make sure that when you play as Mr. Racy-Snakey, you let your team know when and how you need help or are going to help. Now, get out there and drop some Whirlwinds!

In memoriam~
Ao "Noodle" Kuang

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Dewott12367 | September 17, 2015 9:59pm
I may be the only kukulkan that does this, but it totally works(for me at least). i always start with the boots of the magi. then i grab the GOI for the INSANE slow ability. and getting BOV.
this is where my build starts getting weird. it then grab both hastened fatalis and winged blade for the speed increase and chase ability. then i go to soul reaver for the added damage. this build may not work for everyone, but for those that like to get up close and personal, it's a great fight-starter(and ender).
Fayne | November 3, 2014 12:36pm
I have tested this build a lot, work really fine except for the item priority.

I tend to build Book of Thoth first as it can scale really fast and help you mid-game.
On third item i would switch the Chronos' Pendant for the Breastplate of Valor. As for the extra protection is mandatory for the same CDR and a huge increase in mana pool. (with 27.5 magical power due to his passive).

The mp5 being not really helpful since i use meditation + mana potion i never get out of mana.

Spear of the Magus could be a nice item if your opponents are magical tank. (The tornado tick make it stack fast), Ult with Soul Reaver is usually a one shot kill you just have to place it right.

Gem of Isolation could be a choice too but i usualy play with friend who already have slow and stun so it really depend.

I usually only build the Rod of Tahuti last so it gain a massive 25% bonus when needed but usually the game is done before that.
Trubblegum | September 16, 2014 3:10pm
The reason I said SOTNW should be maxed last, not prioritized like most ults, is the fact that it is SO easy to dodge. CDR is actually very viable on Kukulkan, seeing as though your main offensive is your Whirlwind, and CDR can help reduce the cool on WHirlwind to almost nothing. I normally build CDR instead of pen because of the massive early game boost.
Yes, Rod of Tahuti leaves you gasping for gold, but helps to slightly offset mana usage and massively increase damage on the 3 and 4.
By horrible buff I meant slipstream, because it's almost useless early game. The most viable things on Kukulkan are power and mana, mana increasing his power and staying time exponentially.
Voidstone is good for fighting enemies, once you've been recognized as a threat and are prioritized by enemy solos, jungles, and adcs by reducing protections and allowing you to fight on more equal ground. I realize KKK is a mage, and health items are useless, but when used together the staff and the sash increase magic power INSANELY at max stacks, and that can be even more useful.
The massive idea about CDR being so important on KKK is the fact that his only truly useful ability is his 3. It can be used for almost anything, such as blocking enemy routes, waveclearing, attacking enemy gods, fighting jungle objectives and camps, and defeating titans. The only thing his 3 CAN'T do is push towers, and that can still cause your enemy to hold back from the minions for a little bit. At 40% CDR, 3's cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds, making a very spammy ability.
I normally meant the helm for defensive purposes that don't totally screw up your damage, kind of like voidstone.
I really appreciate the criticism. I think I kind of surprised a few people, releasing a god guide the day after the patch, but this guide is quite similar to an Ao guide I was planning on posting. I'll adapt my guide to my ideas and yours, trying out some of your suggestions in games, and I hope soon I'll have a guide people use when they want to learn how to play KKK.
Greenevers (105) | September 15, 2014 5:02pm
Okay quite a few things:

You always want Boots of the Magi on a god like Kukulkan. He doesn't have a versatile kit requiring you intense cooldowns for spam spam like some gods i.e. Chronos/Agni/Hel. You want to get the most out of Whirlwind which will be your most damaging move other than Spirit of the Nine Winds. That's it. You have no extensive counter play, stuns, or anything of the sort from your kit. You want damage.

Again, rushing Chronos' Pendant is eh... You can do it but I don't prefer it on Kukulkan. Book of Thoth is a great idea as well as Soul Reaver.

I think you're building him too tanky; with a lot of health items (warlock's sash and Ethereal Staff) which isn't the worst items to get but you can get others which could do better.

Void Stone is generally a bad idea on him since you almost always fight from afar unless you're attacking in defense. Rushing Rod of Tahuti will leave you gasping for gold early game. Celestial Legion Helm isn't an ideal item unless there are 3+ physical gods building heavy crit. For phys prot, Breastplate of Valor is a much better item while giving you some CDR (cdr isn't bad on him, it's bad on no god but sacrificing other items for previous are not worth it [boots of the magi, but the item gives nice defense).

Your skill priority is confusing, you say max Spirit of the Nine Winds last hence you put a point in it regardless of other abilities. Either way, you're wrong on this. This should be prioritized/maxed first whenever possible. Then Whirlwind to Zephyr to Slipstream.
You miss a point in Spirit of the Nine Winds at level 9 and 13. You kinda messed it up a bit.

In your cons:

Early game weak waveclear - no god has a 1 ability clear a whole minion wave at level one. Kukulkan will have a pretty good clear compared to most gods early game.

Horrible buff - Talking about his passive? It's one of the most unique in the game while giving Kukulkan a **** ton of magical power if built right.

In conclusion this guide is very incomplete text-wise and most of the build is bad :(. Skill order is a bit off so I'll have to downvote.

PM me if you want any help/want me to re-review this guide or want assistance in BB Coding to make your guide look pretty!
Trubblegum | September 15, 2014 4:05pm
True, there are, but Kukulkan has one of the easier kits, although it is one of the easiest to counter. You're right, he's like a game of chess: 5 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master (but not that long).
Drayos | September 15, 2014 3:45pm
Nice guide :) Since his rework i want to try him out, he looks awesome tbh.

I disagree with the bigger "easy-mode" god though... I Feel tbh although hes a Easy god to pick up.. prolly one of the easiest to mid lane during laning phase which... i rarely ever ever see a good one in mid/late game...

He does take some learning to master defintly.. and his abilities functionalities defintly can be used to zone people out with good positioning and placement :)... I do feel their are easier mages then him haha :D
Trubblegum | September 15, 2014 11:42am
He's often thought to be OP, but super easy to counter. You might be facing people who know how to counter Kukulkan, but the build DOES make the snake, and I'm glad I could help :D
ChronicShank | September 14, 2014 12:20am
I find it hard to get a build with Kukulkan so i generally suck with him, but you have put a good deal of description in this that im going to try it out :D

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Kukulkan: The swift serpent (sort of)...
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