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Hera, the queen has arrived | SEASON 8 GUIDE πŸ‘‘

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by pwille updated March 3, 2021

Smite God: Hera

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Build Summary


Build Item Conduit Gem Conduit Gem
Build Item Lost Artifact Lost Artifact
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion


Notes You can exchange the Divine Ruin and the Soul Reaver for other items. I will give suggestions in the guide.

The Divine Ruin is for you to play against healing gods or gods who bought life theft. But there is rarely a god or item like that, so it always ends up in my build.

Soul Reaver is for playing against warriors and guardians (or any god with my 2000's life). In the conquest, it is rare for me not to do it too.


You can exchange the Divine Ruin and the Soul Reaver for other items. I will give suggestions in the guide.

The Divine Ruin is for you to play against healing gods or gods who bought life theft. But there is rarely a god or item like that, so it always ends up in my build.

Soul Reaver is for playing against warriors and guardians (or any god with my 2000's life). In the conquest, it is rare for me not to do it too.

Build Item Archmage's Gem Archmage's Gem
Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin
Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver

Hera's Skill Order

Royal Assault

1 X Y
Royal Assault
2 4 8 11 12 14


2 A B
1 6 7 9

Divine Shroud

3 B A
Divine Shroud
3 15 16 18 19

Argus, the Defender

4 Y X
Argus, the Defender
5 10 13 17 20
Royal Assault
2 4 8 11 12 14

Royal Assault

1 X
Hera damages enemies in a cone in front of her before opening a portal for Argus to attack through. Enemy minions hit by this cone are knocked into Argus' path. Argus then slams his fists at the target location dealing heavy damage. If both of his fists connects with an enemy, it deals 15% extra damage.

Ability Type: AoE
Cone Damage: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 (+15% of your Magical Power)
Fist Damage: 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+80% of your Magical Power)
Range: 45
Cost: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75
Cooldown: 10s
1 6 7 9


2 A
Hera weaves magic in front of her before sending it out. Enemies hit by this ability take damage. If this ability hits a god it causes their form to shift into a monster.

Ability Type: Line
Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+80% of your Magical Power)
Polymorph Duration: 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 / 2s
Slow: 20%
Range: 80
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 14s
Divine Shroud
3 15 16 18 19

Divine Shroud

3 B
Hera shrouds herself in her divine power, granting her a shield from damage and temporary movement speed that lasts as long as the shield remains.

If Argus is active, Argus shines with the same Divine power as Hera, causing him to deal radiant damage and move at an increased rate.

Ability Type: Shield and Buff
Shield Health: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 +17 per Hera's Level
Shield Duration: 5s
Movement Speed: 15%
Argus Aura Damage: 7 / 11 / 15 / 19 / 23 (+7.5% of your Magical Power)
Argus Speed: 50%
Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65
Cooldown: 16s
Argus, the Defender
5 10 13 17 20

Argus, the Defender

4 Y
Hera brings Argus crashing down at a location, damaging and knocking up enemies. On landing Argus will attack the nearest target. Hera can control where Argus moves through refiring this ability onto an enemy or if he has a target, to recall him. While recalled Argus will defend Hera and attack anyone that gets close. Argus has a hit chain that starts with a normal basic attack, into a ground circle AoE slowing enemies by 20% for 1.5s, into a line attack.

Ability Type: AoE
Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+55% of your Magical Power)
Argus Lifetime: 40s
Argus Health: 700 / 1400 / 2100 / 2800 / 3500
Argus Protections: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45
Argus Movement Speed: 440 / 455 / 470 / 485 / 500
Radius: 20
Cost: 80 / 85 / 90 / 95 / 100
Cooldown: 90s

Extended Build


Build Item Staff of Myrddin Staff of Myrddin
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Doom Orb Doom Orb
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti


Hi guys!
This is my first guide. I really hope that you enjoy it.
I'll try my best to explain how I like to play with Argus, and Hera

Introduction ~ Core Items ~ Items ~ Skill Combos & Tips ~ Pros/Cons

Core Items

Items Core

I don't have an incredible explanation about it, I just like these items in Hera. I think that the cooldown reduction is the most important thing. The Spear of Desolation have a great passive, Chronos' Pendant have a nice cooldown reduction, and Soul Gem finish it with a cooldown, lifesteal, and power. :)


About Items


Hera needs cooldown reduction and power to helping the clear wave and eventually hit the enemy. That's why Conduit Gem + Lost Artifact was my chosen.

2nd and 3rd items

The second item is the Chronos' Pendant. The third is Shoes of Focus. I really prefer Shoes of Focus, but you can also use Shoes of the Magi.
ps: about the purchase, I buy what I can buy when I need to return to base. I don't have an order to finish the items.

4th item

I really need lifesteal to play. I prefer to buy the Soul Gem, but you can also buy the Bancroft's Talon. It will work too. :D

5th and 6th items

Although I find the Spear of Desolation a Core item for Hera, when uniting the 5th item I think about what I need faster. If I am having problems because the enemy steals a lot of life or if I just need more power and penetration. In the first case, I buy the Divine Ruin. In the second, it Spear of Desolation.

Finishing the build

At level 20, you'll finish your starter item. I prefer Archmage's Gem.
Then you will buy the consumable that will replace your boots is the Elixir of Speed.
After all this, you will choose your last item. I usually buy Soul Reaver, but you can do other items that I’ll quote below.

Optional Items

The Staff of Myrddin Will give you plenty of magic power and this passive will allow you to use 2 twice in a row. It is a good item to aggressive.
The Gem of Isolation It will slow your enemies down, it's good against gods that have some kind of dash or are too fast.
I really like the Doom Orb because it gives movement and a lot of power. It works great on Hera
Rod of Tahuti ItΒ΄s a good item if you like to do a lot of penetration and power, this item is great to finish with a flourish.

Just one more a little thing...

Theoretically, Divine Ruin and Soul Reaver are optional items as well. But hardly, in the conquest, we will not go against some god who has a lot of lifesteal or warriors/wizards/guardians with a lot of life. So, although optional, these items are present in 90% of my builds.

Skill Combos & Tips

Skill Combos & Tips

To attack the Minions

In the early game, you will need use both skills. In mid/late, you just need to use the Royal Assault


To attack the Gods

The basically combo is, attack with the skill that silences 2 and, then you will be hitting with the 1 .
Transformed enemies take more damage.


To attack the Gods 02

Silence 2 , Ultimate 4 , Hit with the 1 . If it is not enough, activate the shield 3 (this will buff Argus and you will be faster, thus being able to hunt enemies that are fleeing) and finish with the combo of silence 2 + skill 1 again.

> > > > >


Some Pros/Cons


+ High damage
+ Great silence, it gets in the way of the enemy a lot
+ Good waveclear
+ Skills with wide range
+ Amazing ultimate

- Without scape
- Very fragile

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pwille | March 4, 2021 11:28am
it only increases the argus damage when he hits the ground
Change_main (2) | March 4, 2021 1:42pm
what about tic dmg? i know arc afects tick dmg but im not shure about soul gem
Kriega1 (125) | March 4, 2021 2:00pm
Hera ult doesen't proc item proc effects at all. It can stack Soul Gem though.
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Change_main (2) | March 4, 2021 10:36am
dose archmages/soul gem make arguses basic attacks do more dmg throughout the whole ability duration?
Devampi (105) | March 5, 2021 8:46am
it does not the damage will proc on the landing if I recall correctly or not even on summoning him as he does not proc item effects.
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Hera, the queen has arrived | SEASON 8 GUIDE πŸ‘‘
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