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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Guan Yu - We Ride To War

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Smite God: Guan Yu

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Solo Lane/jungle
Solo Lane/jungle Jungle/solo lane

Purchase Order

High Skill Damage & High Protections last item is chosen based on whats more of a problem if enemy has a strong mage you get pestilence if AD is a problem then hide also get bumba's mask if jun

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Bulwark of Hope Bulwark of Hope
Build Item Hide of the Nemean Lion Hide of the Nemean Lion
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence

Guan Yu's Skill Order



1 X
2 15 16 18 19
Warrior's Will

Warrior's Will

2 A
3 8 11 12 14
Taolu Assault

Taolu Assault

3 B
1 4 6 7 10
Cavalry Charge

Cavalry Charge

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


hi there and welcome to my overall 18th guide and its going to be on The Saint Of War he is a great solo lane pick and a great jungler i prefer him in these roles as he performs well in them this guide will cover 2 styles of play with him

i will assume that you know the basics of what AA FG GF AD and AP mean as well as AoE MIA CD and CDR but just in case:

AA - Auto Attack

FG - Fire Giant

GF - Gold Fury

AD - Attack Damage

AP/MP - Ability Power/Magic Power

AoE - Area Of Effect

MIA - Missing In Action

CD - Cooldown

CDR - Cool Down Reduction

HP - Hit Points/health bar

MP - Mana Points

HP5 - Health/hit Point Regeneration per 5 sec

MP5 - Mana point regeneration per 5 sec

DoT - Damage Over Time

HoG - hand of gods

Pros / Cons


+ good solo laner

+ good jungler

+ fair - decent sustain with Conviction based on Painless his passive

+ great damage output through all stages of the game

+ Ultimate Cavalry Charge is a great initiation skill

+ his Taolu Assault makes him immune to knock up/back effects

+ has a short dash in the form of Warrior's Will

+ has a good AA progression

+ decent early game

+ great mid game

+ good late game


- his hard hitting Taolu Assault can be stopped with hard CC

- his dash Warrior's Will is a bit shorter then most other dashes

- can have some slight issues at the start if up against strong poke/sustain at LvL 1 - 4

- his Taolu Assault can miss some of its ticks if the target runs around you fast enough

- his Ultimate Cavalry Charge can be hard to properly use at times due to its hard turning points

- his Conviction has no scale and can fall of a bit late game

- his passive Painless only benefits his 1st skill which can be countered with specific actives and/or items


Passive: :this is our passive it boosts our healing from Conviction depending on how many hits we took at 20 hits the heal is doubled...

spell 1: :this is a AoE heal it also lowers all cooldowns if we heal a ally god.

spell 2: : this is our dash its a bit short but deals good damage and has a slow on it it also lowers all of our cooldowns if it hits a enemy god.

spell 3: : this is our main skill it deals great damage and lowers protections while rising our own and making us immune to knock up/back effects.

spell 4: :this is our ultimate we call forth a warhorse and mount it we then charge for a few sec using left click we make a attack in a AoE around us while moving at high speed at the end of the ultimate or if we cancel it early we land down and stun the target while dealing some damage...and we are immune to CC while ridding but not damage immune we can still die while on the warhorse.


1.we start off with a Taolu Assault and then dash through the enemy with Warrior's Will this lowers our cooldown a bit if a ally god is near we will add a Conviction for more of CD reduction if needed we can add Cavalry Charge for a kill secure if there still alive our spells should be off cooldown right around now or in a sec or 2

2. we dash through a target with Warrior's Will then we AA until they move out of our range then we hit Taolu Assault as they should be on the edge of the hit box of this skill when there out of our AA range we can then follow up with a Cavalry Charge if needed

3. we can at times start things off with Cavalry Charge then go into Taolu Assault then into a Warrior's Will then AA

4. as above we can start of with a Cavalry Charge then AA a few times then Taolu Assault and Warrior's Will the enemy then continue with AA

5. we start with Cavalry Charge then hit a few AA then use Warrior's Will then we keep up with AA until there just out of melee range then hit them with out Taolu Assault for the kill


Here i will explain the main build and the items in general:

1. we get the Warrior Tabi for there pen and AD as well as the movement speed

2.focused voidblade we get the focused voidblade for its good hybrid stats and great pen

3. we get this item Jotunn's Wrath for its CDR pen and other stats but the CDR for the most part

4. we get this Hide of the Urchin for its hybrid values

5. we get the Bulwark of Hope for its great passive its protections and HP

6. we get this Hide of the Nemean Lion for its great stats and passive which reflects damage

the above build is also great in the jungle both builds are fair for use in the jungle im just giving 2 builds to suit 2 styles of play... as far as build 2 goes the order of the items is changed a bit and the only thing thats a real change is the last item... Frostbound Hammer or Frostbound Amulet whose slows can help us deal with fast gods


1. Shielded Teleport this active lets you go back to your tower or latter on teleport to wards for advanced ganks this item in general can help us out as we wont have to use the consumable teleport and waste 200 gold unless we really mess up badly and at rank 3 we can teleport to a Ward in the jungle of duo lane and do a double gank with us and the jungler at the same time then use a consumable teleport to go back to our tower fast so it does not get pushed though this is a bit advanced...

2. Hand of the Gods for securing objectives or Fist of the Gods if the team needs extra CC or peel

3. Creeping Curse and its 2 tier 3 split options Enfeebling Curse is good for countering high attack speed gods or a Hunter(ADC) the Weakening Curse is a anty healer active and is great vs Hel Chang'e Aphrodite or heavy life steal gods like Fenrir

4. Heavenly Agility this is a team wide sprint but for smaller period of time very good for a fast retreat or countering the slowing portion of the above active and its tier 3 splits

5. Eye of Providence free wards which is great for you if you dont like spending any gold on them or for some reason need both HP and Mana pots

Solo Lane Game Play

Here i will cover the early/mid/late game as a solo laner.

Early game the solo lane you are a hard foe to face you can push back minions with Taolu Assaultthen dash through them sideways with Warrior's Will for fair clear or you can use Hand of the Gods on them instead for a fast clear your sustain from Conviction is strong and can be spammed if you have blue buff and your Cavalry Charge is great for initiating a fight when the jungler is about to gank dont forget to Wardyourself up for ganks though Eye of Providence is a active that can help you there but i prefer to buy them with guan you or ask the jungler to do it for me until my 1st back ect...

2. if you manage to push your lane early on you should consider ganking mid and helping out the team...

3. you pretty much just stay in lane and rotate with the enemy if they go somewhere while trying to kill your enemy either way this will keep up until mid game just be careful of a enemy jungler you dont want to get ganked but even if you do and all things look bad you can always just Cavalry Charge out of the trouble...

Mid game

1. in mid game you should be having your lane pushed by 1 tower ideally and you now want to roam, steal take enemy buffs if possible and help push other lanes and/or initiate team fights or even counter initiate if possible.

2. if your team wins the fights you guys go on ahead and push for objectives like GF or FG but at the same time be careful that there not stolen from you so make sure that the team has some one with Hand of the Gods in order to secure them or steal them if things went south for your team.

3. if your team was losing the fights try aiming to fight the enemy when they go for a objective while defending carefully.

4. if in tie with the enemy team and neither has a real advantage but that the enemy is in general trying to avoid a team fight for what ever reason try to push a objective fast this will force them to either A)Fight for the objective in not ideal/decent/fair conditions or B) give you the objective and a small edge unless it was FG in that case you gain 1 good advantage.

Late game

1.Late game does not change much from mid game except that your trying to push a phoenix instead of towers and are often going for a FG which gives you bonus damage to those phoenixes. want to be careful here as a single lost fight can cost you the game here or make a great burden on your team with the loss of a FG and or phoenix so make sure to fight in decent/ideal conditions.

3. for those that may not know what those conditions are ill list a few conditions

  • enemy team has a wide AoE ultimate down for the fight release the kraken is a good example of a team fight ultimate.
  • enemy carry lost stacks on there snowball item Heartseeker or Doom Orb.
  • your team has a CC advantage in the fight and have counter actives to them up while there actives are down for the count.
  • if you have FG you have a pretty good advantage and want to force them into a fight you can do this with any proper tank shooting there CC at ideal targets which is in most cases every 1 except the tank/heavy bruiser.
  • another advantage is that its a 5v4 or so fight with 1 member either on there way there or ideally dead.

Jungle Game Play

In the jungle you would get Bumba's Mask a rank 1 Hand of the Gods and 1 Potion of Physical Might ideally if your great other wise you can get another active instead of the potion and 2 HP pots.

If Solo lane is Right

  • Grab Mid Camps with mid and solo lane.
  • help solo lane with there blue buff.
  • solo red buff and drink Potion of Physical Might as you start it.
  • do the small right camps.
  • do the small left camps.
  • drop blue buff for the duo lane(ideally duo lane should try and steal the enemy duo lane blue buff and wait for you to drop theirs) if this is done the next step can be skipped.
  • in case duo took the blue buff see if you can make a early gank on mid if possible and leech a few exp then go onto the next step.
  • contest the re-spawning mid camps.
  • get speed buff (orange).
  • go gank duo/mid.
  • pick up the small right camp.
  • get ready to pick up the soon to re-spawn blue buff for solo lane.

after the above you recall back to base get items and then go towards the soon to re-spawn red buff then go over the re-spawning buffs while ganking the lanes near them if possible.

In Case Duo lane is right

in the case solo is left lane you just switch a few things up in the next few simple steps.

1.a solo and mid grab left neutrals then head towards there lanes while you and duo grab mid camps and rush there blue you then solo red and move along the same path as above(safest option).

1.b you and mid grab mid camps as duo steals the enemy blue buff you then meet at your own blue buff and do it as well you then solo red and go on ahead the solo laner should either gem the small left camps or get early push and wait for you while making sure the blue is not getting stolen he can also try and steal the enemy solo laners blue buff but that is a high risk option.

2. you let the duo either steal enemy blue do a wave then take there blue or due their blue and hit the lane alone while you instead solo the small right camps then solo the red buff then solo the mid camps you should hit LvL 3 if all went well and be ready for a early gank at mid you then go along a similar path to the above mentioned ones... case the solo laner needs his blue buff badly you go with this route as well.

  • grab blue with the solo laner as duo steal the enemy blue buff if possible if not they take there own...
  • solo speed buff as you drink a Potion of Physical Might then grab the small left camps you then either gank mid and get the other mid camps then the blue buff for duo or if they took it go for the small right camps or grab the small right camps then the mid camps then gank mid if possible then go drop the blue buff it it was left for you there if they took it get red as speed is going to run out soon.
  • after the above is done you can now contests the enemy soon to re-spawn mid.

after the above you go back to base get items and get going towards the solo laners blue buff then repeat the route.

the above is a decent start if the solo laner needs the blue buff badly and needs the early push that he can get from this start... it can also at times confuse the enemy as its a bit of a irregular route as most use the above mentioned one.


In General is a overall good decent pick and can work in many compositions he can either be a jungler with fine ganks or he can be a solo laner with decent push and sustain if you like Chinese Heroes or Dynasty Warrior game series then this pick will not let you down... i hope this guide was of some help and use to you all

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Guan Yu - We Ride To War
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