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Guan Yu Warlord of the Arena

July 10, 2018 by CaPnGoberge
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Warlord of the Arena

Smite God: Guan Yu

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Reinforced Greaves
Build Item Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Mail of Renewal
Build Item Shield of Regrowth
Build Item Spirit Robe
Build Item Mantle of Discord
Build Item Winged Blade
Build Item Magi's Cloak
Build Item Witchblade
Build Item Stone of Gaia
Build Item Meditation Cloak
Build Item Horrific Emblem

God Skill Order


Conviction 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Warrior's Will

Warrior's Will 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Taolu Assault

Taolu Assault 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Cavalry Charge

Cavalry Charge 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


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Ah Puch

He may not having any escape but Ah Puch can be dangerous for Guan yu in a certain way... His 3rd Ability ( Fleeting Breath) can cause a lot of problem in the way we gonna play that Guan Yu in Arena ... You see his 3rd ability is a dot ( nothing that Guan Yu can't handle ) but if you are healing yourself during that dot you will get stun for 1.5s and receive additional damage.... So at the same time you losing partially the speed buff from the item ( shield of regrowth ) by being stun and losing the flow of your control of the battlefield.... Ah Puch is easy to kill but make sure you don't get hit by his 3rd ability before initiate on him

Guan Yu Warlord of the Arena

July 10, 2018


Hi this is my first guide , I'm french Canadian so don't expect the best grammar, I will make my best to make myself comprehended . First of all I'm a Arena player and second of all I like supporting my team so yeah no wonder why I'm gonna make a guide of Guan Yu in arena ... he is one of the best harasser!!

First of all this build gonna be pure tank and the way we gonna play it gonna be in a supportive way / the initiator. You see in Smite all teams ... hell!! all Carry need a good initiator and Guan Yu might do the job more than you think!!!

Yes I know it's a dirty job... the support one ... Mostly of the time you carry your hole team ( in a certain way ) and at the end no appreciation... no credits.... well I think that not true ... the assists gonna talk by itself.

With that Guan Yu you gonna be in front of all majors battles... You gonna start them, you gonna fight them, you gonna win them!!!

Guan Yu is a bully... the one we hate, the one who stick at us... the one who don't want to die... His kit is perfect for team play IMO and I will explain all to you..


1.(Core.1) Reinforced Greaves : Well that the perfect Boots for us!! since last patch they even get boosted a bit :) Give you 100 health, a cool CCR of 20%, Stacking both resistance each time you received a hit, some movement speed and of course that little +10 Physical DMG.... Get use to it... that gonna be your only boost in Physical DMG in all this kit ... unless you are lucky enough to buy yourself a potion of physical might in late game.

2.(Core.2) Hide of the Urchin : I always find that item like a poisoned gift... If your team goes well, it's the perfect item to have... but if they struggle to have kills... well you waste the good potential of this stacking item for the mid and late game.... The +250 to Health and Mana gonna help you staying longer in the frontline and help you, at the same time, to secured the most assists possible in that fast paced mode. the basic +30 resistance to magic and physical DMG is most welcome in early game but at full stack the +50 resistance to both!?! well it's really important for Mid game.. and when you finish the stack the item give you a unique ability that give you a small shield if you are out of combat for 5s .... the perfect tool to initiate don't you think?

3.(Core.3) Mail of Renewal : Now it's time to build up the CDR for the kit of Guan Yu, the next three items gonna offer you good tanking and a 30% CDR (40% depending on your situational item) .. So Mail of Renewal ... it's gonna be one of your best friend in arena. It's gonna provide you +400 health with a +10 HP5 ... well that good sustain... and that +10% CDR of course ... Now the unique ability of this item ... Everytime you get a assist or a kill on a enemy god it's gonna give you 15% of your max health/mana (do not stack) .... and with that build Guan Yu have LOTS of health, that 15% gonna show the enemy what it's a true god of sustain look like... And guess what? you gonna be in the frontline mostly of the time ... that item gonna proc a lot ;)

4.(Core.4) Shield of Regrowth : As you see this build have 4 Core item instead of 3 ... trust me Guan Yu need these 4 items... ALWAYS!! +300 to health? well more to max health.. +10 HP5 and MP5?? Well that sustain. +10% CDR?.. well you becoming more annoying...and that unique ability??? make you run faster when you heal?? well that 1st ability becoming interesting don't you think? Activate it to pursue or activate it to GTFO that your choice!! With that item the harassment becoming real!!!

5.(5th item(option.1)) Spirit Robe : Been a while since we didn't raise up our defense don't we? now that the time! This item gonna give you +40 resistance to magic and physical DMG, a CCR of 20% (that gonna give you 40% with your boots) and the 10% CDR to make you more annoying than ever ;) the passive is perfect for a initiator like Guan Yu... Get CC , get nuke , survive, GTFO, let your teams give you assists when the enemy team is on their cooldown...( I must confess, Spirit Robe is my favorite 5th item)

6.(5th item(option.2)) Mantle of Discord : Alright!!! You like playing with fire? You find that difficult to complete your GTFO phase properly? Well maybe that item gonna help you with that. It's gonna give you a sweet +60 resistance on magic and physical DMG plus the 10% CDR. If you reach 30% (or lower) of your max health, the passive of this item gonna release a shockwave that gonna stun all enemies in 20 unit around you for 1s and give you immunity for CC for 1s... the perfect getaway item to make them rage!! big CONS, the item have a big 90s cooldown on his passive ability do not let yourself go under 30% of health if this item are on cooldown.( Ohh.... And it's expensive $$$ )

7.(6th item(option.1)) Winged Blade : You decide to buy Mantle of Discord? well that ok and all but you don't have your 40% CCR anymore... oops.. Well Winged Blade gonna cover that with his 20% CCR It even give you +300 to health because.... why not? A +10% to movement speed too .... and if the enemy spit you a Slowing spell well guess what??? They give you +20% movement speed for 4s (30s cooldown) that hilarious and it's very cheap

8.(6th item(option.2)) Magi's Cloak : Well it's cheap!! :D That gonna give you +15 resistance to magic and physical DMG, a good +300 to health because again.... why not? The passive is very sweet, It's gonna absorb a Hard CC every 70s and give you 1s immunity to CC after activation ... so you know? keep running toward that Discordia or Anubis ... Make them rethink their choices in their life.

9.(6th item(option.3)) Witchblade : Ok you are surround by hunters and assassins or even any AA oriented gods.... And they piss you off so badly? hahaha well my friend there the item that gonna help you with your sweet vengeance :D give you a decent +200 to health to keep you in the fight, the 10% movement speed to keep up with them, the 10% CDR (that give you the 40% CDR I was talking earlier) to make sure to harass those dudes! +20% attack speed.. ok.. you want to AA? let me enter that game ohhhhh and the passive aura reduce 20% or your attack speed??? well that a shame, you poor sweet summer child.

10.(6th item(option.4)) Stone of Gaia : Well now you are surround by annoying CC gods??? that make you bounce around like a voodoo puppet?? Well you cannot always be in control of what happening to your Guan Yu. But +300 to health +25 HP5 and 15 MP5 gonna make you the sustain god of this arena plus this item have 2 PASSIVES yup ! If the enemy decide to Knockup, Knockback , Pull or Grab you you gonna recover 15% or your maximum health in the next 10s (60s cooldown) and you get 0.3% of your max health per second... no cooldown on that.... Sylvanus , Geb and Bacchus don't scared me anymore

11.(Relic) Meditation Cloak : As you see my kit only provide +250 mana and maybe some MP5 depending of your last item but that late game... Guan Yu still gonna need Mana for early and Mid game. give you little health at the same time but nothing to get crazy about it... One cool thing is that you refill allies around you... during early and mid game use it on your carries to make sure they stay in the front longer before retreating to base

12.(Relic) Horrific Emblem : You gonna be in the middle of a lot of fights.... literally in the middle!!! Well let's pop that relic at a good timing to make sure they stay in your party, The last round is on me FAM xx


His passive change btw .. your stack still remain active even if you cast a ability ( as long you received or give DMG in a 5s window) I think is a game changing for him that why my kit make sure you stay in battle as long as possible to be sure to fully use the full potential of your abilities.

the First Ability : Conviction : You heal yourself and friend around you, even reduce your and their cooldown by 2 sec yummy :P and this skill gonna proc the passive of your 4th item to make you run faster! perfect for pursue or GTFO... Spam that bad boys numerous time that gonna melt the cooldown of your 4th ability so you can initiate numerous time during that quick arena game

The Second Ability : Warrior's Will : Lot's of people complaining about the reach of this dash but they missing the true purpose of this ability... I rarely use this has a escape tool, I like to initate with it and it's a good disengage ability tool... not only you slow the enemy but you are passing through them (can be very useful)you can easily dodge some ability if you time it right !! And when you are dashing you are immune to Root, Cripple and knockup.

The Third Ability : Taolu Assault : It's your engage, your clear, your best build up for your passive ability. Even better it steal the protection of your enemies and give it to yourself. Use it often, if your teammate know how Guan Yu work they gonna poke the one you shredding because they know he is gonna be more fragile, trust your teammate and show them the way.

The Fourth Ability : Cavalry Charge : One of the best initiate ability in the game. Make you run around with a horse swinging your polearm AOE style and the last hit stun everyone in the area.. you can cancel your ability to get the stun sooner but remember the damage build up every hit you do during your ultimate. Use the cancel only if you are sure of the result ( free tips , the more movement speed you got the more faster you run during that ability ) You can even use it as an escape because of the CC immune it provide you

Team Work

How to play that build : Alright you sexy beast it's time to take that Arena for ourself.
You want to make lot's of kills??? mehhh better choose another warrior unless you are lucky in the last hit departement. But Guan Yu ... wow I can rename him the undying for god sake.

Early Game : first clear the jungle... all out attack!!! after the last jungle boss teleport back to base, finish your boots... Warn your team that you BRB... ask them to be careful before you coming back... Do some poke, use your heal often to support your team for the 2s cooldown reduction. don't worry to use meditation cloak at the beginning ... Carry gonna empty their mana pool pretty quickly ... sometime that small mana boost from the start can caught the enemy off guard and help your team to secure one or two kill in the first 3 min. Until Hide of the Urchin is done play carefully ... you are not the Warlord of the Arena just yet.

Mid Game: If you play Guan Yu well you gonna realize that you get bulky pretty quickly. You gonna have to become more active in the iniate department. Your job is gonna to off balance the enemy team.. Break the momentum, make them having doubt... forcing them to make mistake. ONE THING VERY IMPORTANT !! always check your minimap before initiating the enemy, make sure your 4 allies is behind you ready to follow.... That simple detail can make the difference between a good initiator ... or a bad one.

Late Game: You are scared about nothing right now... you can harass and keep busy 5 enemy gods at the same time and still escape for the survival... meantime your team clear minion and make them pass the gate.... the TICKET GO CRAZY :D Ignore the Guardian ... your team gonna take care of him instead take care of the 4 enemy god behind prevent them to reach their guardian.... you see.. that work pretty well... it's funny to do too.. you have that good feeling of trolling... try to always put yourself in front of a teammate , soak the DMG for him that your job... You have two scenario, First the enemy team gonna be really piss at you and just gonna target you ( mission accomplish ) Second they gonna try to evade you... in that case double the harassing you are not doing your job well ;)

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