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Conquest Mid | Build & Guide

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Smite God: Nu Wa

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Build Item Restored Artifact Restored Artifact
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Final Build Notes If you rush Chronos' Pendant be sure to play it safe and be aware that everyone else is faster than you until you have boots. Stay close to your tower line & ward.

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Divine Ruin Divine Ruin
Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem
Build Item Charon's Coin Charon's Coin
Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver

Situational Items

Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Tyrannical Plate Helm Tyrannical Plate Helm

Nu Wa's Skill Order

Mysterious Fog

Mysterious Fog

1 X
2 15 16 18 19
Clay Soldiers

Clay Soldiers

2 A
3 8 11 12 14
Shining Metal

Shining Metal

3 B
1 4 6 7 9
Fire Shards

Fire Shards

4 Y
5 10 13 17 20


I hated this guide so I am redoing it later.

All u need to know is ult whenever you can for assists & kills.
Soliders + Shining Metal is her main combo. You can use shining metal ~one more time before soldiers come back up.

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Kriega1 (95) | March 31, 2019 4:33am
I would honestly consider Rod of Tahuti much more on Nu Wa than Ethereal Staff.

It's not a "situational" item on her.

Also buying Spirit Robe on Nu Wa is dumb unless you had Warlock's Staff or something to actually be tanky enough to benefit from the passive.

Also you wouldn't need Phantom Veil on Nu Wa, as her ultimate brings her out of Odin's Ring of Spears.

Swap Heavenly Wings for Blink Rune if you really wanted a mobility relic on Nu Wa.
Perfectium | March 31, 2019 9:41am
I don't consider Tahuti situational as much as I consider Tahuti/Gem of Iso/Ethereal Staff alternative items to each other if that makes sense lol. I think its nice for clean up kills and MP5, but Ethereal Staff is better for teamfights and extra HP (And obviously Gem of Iso is good for the fog or combo slow) really just depends on what your goal is. I made a note of this in situational items so its more clear

I agree with everything else though ! So i'll be fixing those. Thank u
DinoLucci | March 7, 2019 12:08am
I like to use Spear of the Magus in late game. Using fog in group fights provides good magica res debuf
Perfectium | March 31, 2019 9:49am
I like the idea in theory, but it doesn't give the cooldown Nu Wa needs and most people immediately dodge/walk out of the fog
Kriega1 (95) | February 19, 2019 8:49pm
Burst damage build 1 still caps cdr when you sell boots for spear of deso.

Also add soul reaver as an option.
xmysterionz (52) | February 19, 2019 12:26pm
Can you explain me your thought process with this Skill Leveling up? It seems really messed to me. At least for me, Nu Wa level up is clearly the Shining Metal first priority followed by Clay Soldiers (you can put a point at level 4 on Clay Soldiers to get the two minions sooner). Also you can't max your ulti before level 20.

Also I would recommend you remove Book of Thoth on your build since you don't build mana items and its passive don't proc on the god mana anymore. It would be good (if you don't wanna remove it) you build mana items to make this item passive worth, like a Book of the Dead.

For last, just a comment: Nu wa is not soo much mana hungry on the early "early" game if you build Mage's Blessing + Lost Artifact as the start + healing and mana potions.
Perfectium | February 19, 2019 1:02pm
I edited the leveling up to make more sense, sorry abt that! hopefully its better?

I build thoth for the mana & bc I heard that warlocks isn't really that good anymore, but if you have an alternative to thoth that'd be nice.
xmysterionz (52) | February 19, 2019 1:31pm
Much better now!!

As an alternative to BoT build you could build: the start I mentioned. Rush Chronos' Pendant, Spear of Desolation, Obsidian Shard, Rod of Tahuti + situational and maybe Doom Orb to replace boots.
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Conquest Mid | Build & Guide
11 Votes
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