jungle beginner friendly gods? and tips?

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by HollowsEdge » September 15, 2013 12:09am | Report
As the title says who are some gods that are good for jungle beginners to select? and some tips?

i have tried jungling 1ce only because my team mates pretty much just auto locked as soon as the lobby was created and was forced into the role.
i chose Thor because i am familiar with him but failed miserably! i fell behind really quickly in gold and xp and eventually lost some deaths to the opposing jungler tyr (during his launch stage)

On the bright side i didnt die to jungle creeps and my team thank fully where pretty supportive!

so yeh any advice would be nice :)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by BestMinionEver » September 15, 2013 5:32am | Report
I would try going Ne Zha and Thor (since you have played him before). You need to have and idea of how you want to go through the jungle (when and what camps to take etc). Start with Bumba's Mask and HOG lvl 1 + some pots. Keep an eye on the mid camps and when the spawn (tmer is 1:40, be there every time they pop unless you are ganking).
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Zerosaviour » September 15, 2013 9:35am | Report
I would actually say Bakasura due to him being new user friendly. He's also not that gear dependant as other gods. I'm not saying that he's the best jungler in the world, but he's good for you to start getting comfortable jungling.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by HollowsEdge » September 15, 2013 9:25pm | Report
all good tips but the only problem i find with thor is that if he starts fall behind its very hard to catch up because he is so gear dependent!
I was thinking maybe Arachne or Fenrir to starting out and then branch out a bit more when i get better maybe?

Arachne for her hatch lings and poison and life steal would make camp clearing easier for beginners!

Fenrir for his brutalize and lifesteal with great ganking potential and ease of use! (lets face it he is an easy god to use!)

any opinions on that?

also jungle routes and timing sounds like they will be hard to pick up :(


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Fastestcorpse » December 19, 2013 3:59pm | Report
Jungle routes and timers are not the hardest thing to pick up (I jungle for animus) I just keep a timer beside my laptop and every time it hits 1:30 I start my way to the mid camps (the ones on the side of the middle lane. Other then that you just want to pick up the smaller camps and your own buffs. Don't worry about counter jungling or invading until later when you feel confident in your jungling. (For gods I recommend Thanatos with a bumba's he has the best passive for beginners)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Ghraf » December 19, 2013 4:53pm | Report
Personally, I'd say the two easiest jungle gods to start using are first Fenrir and then Bakasura when you have a grasp of the routes. I'd even venture to say Anubis can be a good pubstomp beginner jungle as well.

Fenrir has absolutely ridiculous damage output with his 3 and can escape or initiate with his 1. His passive mechanic is very easy to pick up and maintain to get the most out of your abilities and is really helpful for clearing jungle camps with your 3. He is also a great ganker because there's a lot of room for error with Ragnarok, simply pick up the enemy god and take them to where you want them to be if they start to get away. His skill order is generally: Rank Brutalize level 1, Seething Howl level 2, Unchained level 3, then proceed to rank Brutalize up as much as you can, with Unchained in between and leave Seething Howl at 1. Rank Ragnarok up at level 5, 9, 13, 17, and 20, as usual with ultimates. The reason you usually want to leave Seething Howl at rank 1 is because physical lifesteal is only gained on basic attacks and not abilities, but the majority of Fenrir's damage will come from his abilities.

Bakasura isn't as beginner-friendly as Fenrir because he is entirely reliant on basic attacks for damage, besides the minions on his ultimate. Eat Minions will help you clear camps faster early on and gives an okay amount of protections and healing. Butcher Blades is absolutely unfair to use against any god, even tanks, because of the large amounts of true damage it gives. Regurgitate is easily one of the best gank skills in the game because it pretty much takes Baka's main strengths (high basic attack speed, high damage, and true damage) and turns them into an AOE cone attack + a slow with minions that will chase the enemy until they die and can kill them if they get out of reach. His 1 is a good escape skill and also good for chasing because he's a bit "t-rex arms" at first, before you get your build going. You'll want to rank up his abilities like this: Eat Minions level 1, Butcher Blades level 2, Take Down level 3, then Butcher Blades up as much as possible with Eat Minions in between. Take Down comes last because it's really only going to be used as your chase or escape skill, its damage and debuff isn't enough to warrant it ranking up sooner, and you get far more use out of Butcher Blades and Eat Minions anyways. Regurgitate is 5, 9, 13, 17, 20 because the slow % facilitates ganks much easier.

Anubis is a sort of a "melee" mage that functions best in close-quarters and tight spaces or corners, so he's perfect for jungling and ganking. It's a little unorthodox and you won't see many people doing it, but it's a terror to play against a good Anubis in the first place, and even worse if he's all over the map. For Anubis, start with Plague of Locusts because it scales much quicker than Grasping Hands and will clear camps faster. Your ability order is: Plague of Locusts level 1, Grasping Hands level 2, Mummify level 3, then continue to level Plague of Locusts up with Grasping Hands in between. You can level up Mummify in exchange for Grasping Hands if you want, since Plague of Locusts is easily enough to clear camps on its own, and Mummify will have a shorter cooldown the higher rank it is. It's mostly good if you're finding yourself ganking a lot or running into the enemy jungle. And again, the theme is ultimate 5, 9, 13, 17, 20, so rank up Death Gaze as fast as you can. Personally, I build him with Shoes of Focus for cooldown reduction (since he is incredibly skill-reliant) first, then start on lifesteal items. Bancroft's Talon and Pythagorem's Piece should be enough lifesteal to last you forever, just build straight damage from then on.

Things to keep in mind with jungle routes: This is just personally me, but I always start at the mid furies camp and then immediately head over to the red buff for myself next, then grab ADC lane's blue buff. Afterwards, move over to the baby furies below the red buff, cross mid lane to kill the second set of baby furies, kill orange buff camp for exp, then get the solo's blue buff (If you start on the Olympia side, you'll get solo lane's blue buff first and the ADC buff second). People might yell at you on Invader side (people being solo lane) because you're not starting on orange buff, since, if they're "one of those people", they're going to want blue buff immediately, but you get a better start for yourself by getting red buff first (in my experience). Some people prefer orange buff for the speed/attack speed first, but I personally don't see any difference when clearing camps.

After you have your buffs and your teammate's buffs, rotate across mid again and kill the big furies again, baby furies, then repeat for the other side. Gank when possible or convenient. Kill the enemy jungler if you're confident you'll succeed (if it's Arachne, don't even mess with her until you've got a decent build, though).

Don't let your teammates boss you around, do what you have to do to keep up and stay ahead of the enemy jungler, and gank when you have the opportunity for it. People will probably scream at you every once in while, "OMG NOOB JUNG U DIDNT HELP ME NOOOOB" when you're literally on the opposite side of the map, or will spam VGG fifty times while you're getting a buff or whatever. These people have never played jungle before and don't understand that things don't happen "on demand".

ALWAYS pick up Bumba's Mask, Hand of the Gods, and Potion of Physical Might with your starting gold. It's basically a required set up if you want to stay relevant as jungle for any length of time. Once you get maybe your 2nd or 3rd item made, you can sell off Bumba's Mask since you won't need that anymore, and continue up to Fist of the Gods for extra CC on your gods (downright mean if you're playing Fenrir).

And of course, junglers usually synergize pretty well with lifesteal builds, so picking up Devourer's Gloves never hurts since you're killing a lot of mobs already.

I'd stay away from Arachne and Thanatos at first, until you get some jungle time in. Mainly because Arachne is literally only a pubstomp god and she can get shut down very easily by a competent team, and her only way to damage is in melee (since the last patch took away the old "spam broodlings in one spot and pull your enemy into them" trick) so you'll more than likely be killed by other high attack speed/high lifesteal gods, like Mercury and Bakasura. Thanatos is probably the single squishiest god in the game, and on top of that his skills use small amounts of health every time, he is incredibly reliant on cooldowns for initiation (if you miss with Soul Reap you're pretty much ****ed), and can just be all-around difficult for new people to handle without practice.


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Read Ghraf's post first, I will give a short few addittions that, to me, are absolutely key for beginner junglers and often forgotten.

Due to me having to start over I've been dealing with alot of people that are complete beginners at certain roles, Jungle being the worst performed role.

So here are a few very basic tips that will eventuelly make all the difference;
These are also common beginner jungler mistakes.

-Middle camps!
The mid camps are located around the middle lane and are two big harpies. They give a fair bit of EXP and money and have a 100 second respawn time. It's almost a neccesity for you to kill at least one of these mid camps every time they are up. (The enemy jungler will take the other one, probably). The right mid camp is usually yours to take (first), in the current meta.
If you don't take the mid camps, the enemy jungler will, this is the main-main cause of junglers falling behind in gold and exp. Being a jungler means always taking the mid camps ASAP. If the enemy jungler doesn't take them and you don't take them either, a good mid will and get fed out of his socks. (You can always share mid camp with your mid lane).

- Don't wait in the jungle!
Never wait for a gank in the jungle for longer than 10 seconds. This is a waste of time that should be used to get a jungle camp, back for items, or help push the solo lane a little. Only go for certain or almost certain kills. (When the enemy is far from his tower, or low health).

- Buy bumba's mask!
New players might feel it's not neccesary at times. Even though you don't need it on gods like Thanatas or Bakasura, I still reccommend you take it. It makes life easier as beginner jungler. You need to focus on taking jungle camps effectively as a beginner, not on ganking. Control of the jungle is priority #1.

- MISC #1
Being jungle is all about taking the jungle camps effectively. The ganking comes next. With above said things, new junglers usually focus too much on the ganks and kills. When they don't get them they lose exp, levels and gold, and end up being useless. If you can monetize the jungle camps (including 1 mid camp at least). You can stay at the same level of gold and exp with your teammates, even without ganks.

- MISC #2
Watch smitepro streams on twitch.tv and pay close attention to how they play. Although not nearly as fun as playing yourself, knowing what you're doing will eventually make it more fun for you and your teammates. Knowledge is power.
That's just my 2 cents.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Ghraf » December 20, 2013 6:00am | Report
I agree 100% with Thiel's post above and the necessity to control the jungle. As I said before, people will more than likely yell at you for not ganking their lane on-demand, as if your sole purpose is to help them kill the other guy. This is just a "randoms" thing. Ignore them and continue with your jungling, because if you fall behind the other jungle and they start to gank, they can easily get a huge gain on you and make you nearly irrelevant to your team by shutting you down. Keeping up and ahead of the other jungle is your main priority, through whatever means you have to do it.

You may notice some enemy jungles will stay in solo lane for the first ~2-3 minutes of the match. Use this as an opportunity to clear out both mid furies and as much of their jungle as possible. The more you can steal from the other team, the more of an advantage your team will have.

Basically: Don't ride lanes. If you plan on ganking, call your gank first, jump in, get the kill or injure the enemy gods and get out. Ganking isn't necessarily always about getting kills, for that matter. Laning is all about zoning and your goal in lane is to help your teammates outzone the enemy, killing them is just a bonus.

Communication as a jungle is absolutely essential. Learn your enemy incoming and gank chat commands. Ganks are VG1, VG2, and VG3, for left, middle, and right. Incoming are VI1, VI2, VI3. As jungle, map awareness is key and you'll probably notice the enemy's movements a lot easier than your teammates in lane.

Other protips: Learn the best spots on the map to initiate a gank from. You usually don't want to just walk straight in. Most of the time, duo lane will be warded in the two jungle entrances, so go through the enemy blue buff camp by using a leap ( Unchained or Take Down) over the back wall and into the enemy lane to come up behind the enemy. If you're playing a god that has no leap to jump through walls, come out as far behind the enemy gods as possible to force them to have to get through you to get back to safety or to go into the jungle.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by HollowsEdge » December 29, 2013 11:19pm | Report
Wow cheers for the ****load of info guys!! Should help me out heaps. Im still yet to try jungling but I definitely feel more confident with this info!


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