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Beeby by xmysterionz

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By: xmysterionz
Last Updated: Dec 3, 2019
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The Adventurer

Outside there is a world full of adventures to explore, so what are you waiting for? Pick the most cute sympathetic explorer and go find some new adventures and everything without let your enemy know you are nearby.

Passive Ability

Toxic Behavior
Every time Beeby damages something with his basic attacks he poison the target applying physical damage equal to 15 (+ 5% of your magical power) every 1 second for 3 seconds. This passive does not stack but can be refreshed with subsequent hits. Proximity: Enemies that comes too close of Beeby also receive this damage once.

Ability type: Enemy Debuff
Damage per tick: 15 (+ 5% of your physical power)

Primary Abilities

Beeby throws a dart forward stopping at the first enemy god hit. When it hits a god, the dart damages and makes the target "hallucinated" creating weird stuffs at his vision and also poisoning, dealing damage every 1s for 5s. If the dart hits an enemy that is not a god it instantly explodes dealing the hit damage on a line to all targets but with no hallucination or poisoning.

Ability type: Projectile
Hit Damage: 100/150/200/250/300 (+ 50% of your physical power)
Poison Damage: 10/20/30/40/50 (+ 10% of your physical power)
Hallucination Duration: 1/1.3./1.6/1.9/2.2 secs
Mana Cost: 55/65/75/85/95
Cooldown: 12 secs
Natural Predator
Beeby starts to use his combat tatics to become invisible and hide in the ambient he is. Once invisible, he remais this way for 4 secs and can only be unstealth by hard CCs or if he attacks something. When the stealth is broken, he gains increased attack speed.

Ability type: Self buff
Attack Speed: 30/40/50/60/70%
Time to become invisible: 1.5 secs
Invisible duration: 4 secs
Mana Cost: 70/75/80/85/90
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16 secs
Beeby is extremely anxious and is always moving quickly, while not in combat he gains passive movement speed. When this skill is activated he focus his efforts and double the movespeed. Unfortunately, entering in combat remove his anxiety so he lose the passive MS. When this skill is activated, Beeby steps cannot be heard by anyone. It also disable temporally the "proximity" of his passive.

Ability type: Self buff
Moment Speed: 5/7/9/12/15%
Mana Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16 secs

Ultimate Abilities

Poison Trap
Beeby throws a trap on the ground. Within 3 seconds he may explode it by hitting a Dart, dealing reduced amount of damage from the explosion on the targets in the area but dealing also the dart damage. After 3 seconds planted, the trap becomes invisible and can only be detected by specific abilities, structures and Sentry Wards. When armed any enemy that step on it makes it explode dealing damage over time, slowing and grating vision of the enemy for Beeby. The trap remains armed for 3 minutes before it times out. Beeby can plant as many traps he want but he can only carry with him 3 at time. Consecutive hits of this skill do not stack but refreshes the damage per tick.

Ability Type: Ground Target
Damage per tick: 20/30/40/50/60 (+10% of your physical power)
Total Damage: 120/180/240/300/360 (+60% of your physical power)
Slow: 10/15/20/25/30%
Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100
Cooldown: 26 secs


Beeby was born in the Kupah Lee, a far way forest with wonderful creatures. Beeby is son of Beelaty and Byblan, his mother and father respectively. He was always a curious creature who loved watch and feel the nature around him. He used to be always happy and lived a normal life with his family. Where he lived, there was just normal animals, like butterflies, chipmunks... and of course his family from a breed called Dormles. His family moved there when he was a baby so he doesn't remember why they did it but that wouldn't be a problem anymore, sooner he would discover everything.

One day, in the evening he was playing a table game at his bedroom when Byblan opened the door with a giant slam and said desperately they would play Hide 'n' seek now giving him a drink and forcing him to drink. So Beeby, even a bit afraid with that situation, agreed and started playing, hiding himself behind the wardrobe. He was very tired and fell asleep inside the wardrobe wondering how much time would take to your parents find him. When he woke up, he noticed that a long time passed and nobody came to find him, also, there was a deafening silence on that house. He decided to get out of there and look for his parentes and found the entire house messed up with blood marks everywhere. He was afraid and calling for their parents' help. Nobody answered. When in the kitchen he found a terrible scene, both of his parents dead, his mother with a huge cut on the throat and his father with hole in the chest. He approached of both bodies and tried to make them speak with him. It was useless, so he cried...He cried a lot...He fell asleep crying.

When the next morning came he decided to start a whole new life. Staying there wouldn't change anything but before leave he followed the tradition of his breed that your father once talked with him: "We burn are people so they became ashes and the wind carry these ashes to the skies where there is a heaven waiting for all of us". After watch his parents slowly burn the flesh and become ashes he entered his home to get his stuffs and say goodbye. He found a paper on his stuffs wrote by his father. On the paper was written:

Spoiler: Click to view

Beeby now have a mission left by your parent. Reach the "Mountains of the Valey" a place with big rocks a bit far from where he lived but reachable in some days (almost 2 months). He at first moment tried to avoid do it, finding excuses for himself but he didn't resist he does want to do the last request from his family but specially, he does want to know what was hidden there! He got the special weapon his father left, a blowgun called Witsher, got some ammo and went for the mission. While moving to there, every night before go to sleep he read part of the books his father left ("How to use a Blowgun properly", "Hidden in the jungle", "Survival: Basic stuffs to survive in the jungle", "Feelings: A guide of how to feel about some situations"...These were some examples).

After almost 2 months walking he reached the destination and when he arrived he noticed some weird people he have never seen in front of the mountain that was marked on his map. He needed to know what was happening so he approached and pretend he was a normal kid walking around and started chatting with the local guards. Unfortunately, Beeby never had other social contact rather his family so he was a bit annoying and too honest and due what he saw he also became what we call "toxic", and all of that made the guards angry and they threw away him.

That made he understand that the easy way wouldn't work so he got his Blowgun, unpacked it from the towels and prepared for attack. When night fell, he went on a stealth mode shutting down every guard that he found on his way. Some of those were killed with poison he learned how to make it and some others put to sleep with special darts. The fact is that he cleared the way and inside it, in the highest mountain part he found a green glowing stone. He picked it with his hands and died because it was uranium. The End. then Lu-a appeared and told him all the truth. She explained that the Dormles were responsible for defending the Nature's Gem and their family (and breed) died doing it. He refused keep with this legacy but she said he would get super power so he agreed and then Lu-a blessed him amplifying all his strength points becoming what he is today.

After all of this, Beeby simply went to live his normal life on the forest as he was used to before the tragic end of his family but now, with his knowledge and Lu-a blessing, everyone that tries to even approach him without his permission is intoxicated. He is happier than ever now and is a lovely boy but he DOES know how to be the coldest and deadliest assassin if he wants. Everyone who tried to take the Nature's Gem died, some of them don't even know who killed them or WHAT killed them.

Now with the Battleground of gods Beeby knows some gods will come to take the Nature's Gem from him and he feels completely happy and ready for this...for kill stealthy anyone that try to even approach him :)

The Mystirian Pantheon

Pantheon Lore

Before anything exists there was only darkness. So, the Goddess of Gods Lu-a created gems and called the "Sublime Gems", each one containing a bit of her power and then used all of them to create our world as it is and the gems brought life to it. After it the gems were placed on our world in hidden places to protect the existent life because whoever controls a gem controls its power and by controlling all of them you would control the entire world.

There were a lot of gems such as: Fire, Water, Wind, Land, Lightning, Nature and Life... The Fire gem brings the heat to our world while the Water gem brings the winter and cold weathers. The Wind brings the air, the Land the "ground" to our world while the Lightning the electricity and light. Nature and Life brings all the forests you can see and life to all animals in this planets along with the Spring season. So, every element that present on this Earth has a gem for it.

Lu-a sure knew some people, once they discover the gems power they would use it to bring death and tyranny so she decided to chose one person blessing him so he could become a semi-god and his order would be to control and protect each gem. And for years and years the gems were safe, keeping the planet life thanks to our glorious guardians that entitle themselves as the Knight of the Order.

Personality and Look

My vision

Beeby was design to be a Stealth god, those kind of "carry or be carried". His kit brings the to the ADC role the Stealth something really new but he also may be the first ADC that can be a decent Jungler. His visual is cute, with a soft cub voice but also say heavy stuffs that are really questionable and inspires some fear. He is a bit shy, but loves talk and watch the nature. Wears simple clothes that allow him be fast and also a robe.

Theme – Cute Creature.
Visuals – Robe and simple clothes, clearly quick and stealth.
Personality – Cute, a bit shy, talkative, a bit funny, but sometimes a cold blood assassin.
Perspective – Happy, Positive, Sometimes cold.

Beeby has a good humor, inspire happiness even with the way he walks and sometimes cold. When you are in combat mode his face is something that even to darkest god would fear, but when you are just walking around his face would be the pure happiness. He wears a black shirt with a white with green details shorts and brown sandals that shows his "toes". He also wears a Black green cloak with white details that he uses to become invisible. He is white but kinda Ice color and has big green eyes with a small mouth and nose. He is a bit smaller than Izanami but he is taller than Cupid. He uses a brown Blowgun as weapon and fire small green darts on basic attacks.

At left Beeby when he uses his 2 and at right normal Beeby
Credits to the original Artist

His voice is similar to Ratatoskr mixed with Kukulkan Pup: You can realize he is an animal, cute, happy, nice lines, but, some lines use a cold voice showing the assassin side of his personality (this voices will be marked with a *).

voice lines

Play Style

What's the main idea?

Beeby was made to bring something new to Smite: Map Control. His kit offers only 2 damage abilities with high scaling and base damage like Cupid does, but he brings a new CC that makes hard hit something while affected by it plus a completely new ADC style: Stealth. When he was created 0 ADCs could become invisible and Beeby would be the first one. His kit bring tons of flexibility capable to be even be a second jungler for ganks, possibility to walk around without being noticed and the most interesting thing the element of surprise.

How the passive works?

Extremely simple. He hits something with a basic attacks and the target receive extra damage from his passive. He also applies this passive if someone enter in his melee range (15 units) but only once (the passive wont proc more than once for melee attackers unless if the get out of melee range then enter again).

How Dart works?

It works similar to Heart Bomb. You fire a projectile on a line that will damage the first enemy it hits. If the enemy is a god he also receive a poisoning damage and a new CC called Hallucination. Enemies affected by this CC see multiple targets at his front, can't distinguish what is allied what is not and also the screen shivers a bit and have some random black zones. If the dart hits anything that is not a god, like a minion, it explodes on the contact dealing damage on a line behind it (similar to Medusa's 2, but in a line and not cone.). It has a range of 55 units to hit a target and the line explosion is exactly the same size of a minion wave (because this should be his clear too). This skill damage can stack with the passive.

How Natural Predator works?

When this skill is used. Beeby starts to become invisible tanking 1.5 second to fully become invisible. This works like Loki's 1, showing Beeby on the structures areas and skills like Jormungandr's 3 can also find him or if he took a strong CC like Ares' Ultimate, anything else cannot, nor even damage. If Beeby use a damage skill or a basic attack he will break the stealth gaining an Attack Speed buff to help him with his element of surprise. Notice that Beeby may use Anxiety while in Stealth

How Anxiety works?

As you can read on his Lore, he is extremely anxious and that makes him a talk ative and fast "person". He passively gains 5/7/9/12/15% of extra move speed and when this skill is activated, he double the numbers as long as he is not in combat. "To be in combat" is when you deal or receive damage on the last 3 secs. If you don't receive or take damage within 3 secs you (re)gain the speed buff.

How Poison Trap works?

Beeby will throw a bottle with poison and a rustic mechanism that detonates when someone gets closer. He can explode it right after place it with the Dart dealing 30% less damage on this skill (Total damage is Dart Hit Damage + This skill damage (-30%) over 5 seconds). After the 3 seconds if not detonated manually the Bottle becomes invisible and remains on the place it was planted for 3 min. If ANY enemy get closer of it (20 units) it detonates (in an area of 30 units) dealing damage and slowing all targets in the area. Beeby carries 3 with him and upon landing the first trap of these 3 it activates the Skill cooldown regenerating every 26 secs 1 trap. Has a internal cooldown of 2 seconds between an use and other. The slow lasts 6 secs (same as posioning). This skill damage can stack with the passive.

Summary and Stats



  • All credits to Riot games and all artists for their Arts I used here.

  • I hope you liked this god because I had to search a lot and saw things that cannot be" unsee" and these things were really hard to deal with. But thankfully I found decent art for him.

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Nightsong (1) | October 4, 2020 10:14pm
You put a lot of effort in this and i appreciate that but i think no one wants a Teemo in smite :D
xmysterionz (64) | October 5, 2020 5:29am
I want XD
That's why this exist hahaha
Anyway, I have other ideas though I didn't update any of them in a long time
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