February 09, 2018

Hello I'm back and almost ready for season 5

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So I am back again for the hundredth time. Hopefully Smite can hold my attention for a few months this time. Feels nice to start fresh on a new season, so the possibility is there! :)

For the moment I am just chilling here on the forum, because I am totally hooked on Divinity Original Sin 2. So my gaming time is spent on that for now. Think I have started 5 characters on that game now..

Earlier I was scrolling through my Ne Zha guide just to see how much work it would be to update it and found a hidden Easter egg that I didn't know about.


just to make sure you see it, it is Inuki on the Ymir. :P

But I don't see myself ever actually managing to update that monster. I will give it the good old college try though.

I am not sure what I want to do when I make my way back to Smite.
I probably should play some casuals before going into ranked and doing my qualifiers. The plan is to at least record all my qualifiers and make a miniseries of them. Kind of feel like just jumping straight into those if I am perfectly honest. Although it is probably not a good idea.

I also want to see if I can get into streaming a bit now and again.

But before I do any of that I need to get a new mouse, So annoying when it loses connection randomly when I use it. It is wired and the cord has no cuts etc. so I dont know what the problem is. But I've had it for like 3 years, so I guess it is time for a new mouse anyways.

Anyone got any recommendations? I need a few buttons on it, but not something out of a starship. I also need to be able to set different sensitivity on it and I prefer it to be pretty heavy or at least be able to define the weight myself.
I have been a devoted servant of Logitech for ever, so unless anyone can convince me otherwise I am probably ending up with a new Logitech mouse :p

So until I get a new mouse I will try and update and make some new guides and just be around on the forum :)