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Zeus - Extended guide

August 24, 2013 by Dragonblaze
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Zeus, high sustain

Smite God: Zeus

Item Purchase Order

Starting items

Build Item Chronos' Pendant
Build Item Boots of the Magi
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion

other starting items (more mp5 and magical power)

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion


Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Boots of the Magi Build Item Boots of the Magi Build Item Void Stone Build Item Void Stone Build Item Void Stone


Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Warlock's Sash Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Rod of Tahuti

nice items to add in the build

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Ethereal Staff Build Item Polynomicon

nice abilities to have

Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Creeping Curse Build Item Girdle of Might Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Heavenly Agility

God Skill Order

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning 2 6 11 12 15 key bind

Aegis Assault

Aegis Assault 3 14 16 18 19 key bind

Detonate Charge

Detonate Charge 1 4 7 8 10 key bind

Lightning Storm

Lightning Storm 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Zeus, god of the sky

Hey guys, first of all, thanks for checking out the guide. I appreciate it. I spent a lot of time and work in this guide. I do not consider myself pro but i'm sure this can help people. I think Zeus is really fun to play and worthed the favor. If you have any comments/advice plz put it in the comment section. If you liked it or if it helped, feel free to +1 this guide. If you want other extended guides like this, just press my name and go to other guides.
I hope this helps in the battlefield.

Pros / Cons


    -Does amazing in team fights
    -Can punish someone for being offguard really hard
    -low cooldown on lightning storm
    -decent escape
    -very fun god to play with a friend



Zeus skills:

Overcharge (passive)

In hand lightning bolt attacks against enemies will apply a charge (max of 3).
Chain Lightning

Zeus fires a bolt of lightning that arcs between enemies, arcing 1/2/3/4/5 times, doing 70/100/130/160/190 (+50% of your magical power) magical damage and applying a charge.
Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana.
Cooldown: 12 s.
aegis shield aegis shield

Zeus harnesses his lightning defensively, granting himself 15/20/25/30/35 magical and physical protection, increasing with Focus up to 85. This also increases his speed by 10%, increasing with Focus up to 20%, and making him immune to all slows. Basic attacks from enemy players against Zeus while the shield is active reflect 10% of the damage done as magical damage and apply a charge.
Cost: 75 mana.
Cooldown: 15 s.
Detonate Charge

Zeus detonates any charges that have accumulated on enemies, doing 60/80/100/120/140 (+25% of your magical power) magical damage, multiplied by 1/2.5/4 depending on the number of charges. Does nothing if there are no charges on enemies.
Cost: 90 mana.
Cooldown: 10 s.
Lightning Storm (ultimate)

Zeus conjures a Lightning Storm in the area, with lightning striking enemies in the area for 100/120/140/160/180 (+70% of your magical power) every 1s for 5 seconds. Applies a charge.
Cost: 100 mana.
Cooldown: 90 s.

Playing style

Zeus is a good mid and duo laner. But he fights the best with a good ally that offers much utility like Thor or Ymir.

Duo lane

You have good combos with Zeus (view combos). But the most important thing about Zeus is that you land your auto attacks to apply charges. Use as much detonate charge to harass. Note: If you use Chain Lightning when there are 2 enemy minions left, you will probarly apply a stack on the enemy god. If you can follow this up with an auto attack you can do a lot of harass with Detonate Charge. Try to aplly charges like a ninja. I think you lane best up with an ally god with a good stun or pull, like Ares, Thor, Ymir, Sobek, Arachne... Every time someone stuns or throws an enemy back you have the chance to apply at least 2 stacks on him. This is so important with Zeus because you need to do free damage like this. Don't clear minions with your skills unless you went with second tier Chronos' Pendant.

Mid lane

Here your alone in the lane, wich may be somethimes better because you don't have to depend on another god. If you are in voice chat i would prefer duo lane of course. Here you do use your skills to clear the minion wave because mostly you are playing against a god that can clear minion waves fast like Ra or Ao Kuang. Most of the time the enemy god has to come closer you use a spell to clear the minion wave. This is when you strike. Or you land 2 auto attacks or an auto attack on him and a Chain Lightning on the archer minions. If you've done this, inmediatly return and run away from the minions. Hit Detonate Charge and lol at the poor guy for thinking that he had done a better trade. Do this a couple times and you will find that he is very low after doing this 2 or 3 times. When you think you can kill him, dive the 'minions' and apply 3 stacks, then get away through the jungle or through your lane again and Detonate Charge. If you have your Lightning Storm already you can finish him with the big wave, or apply 2 or 3 stacks on him to then finish him.

If you are a bit higher level you can always take the damage buff. This goes pretty fast with zeus, just remember to use your aegis shield.

Note: When you engage or run always use your aegis shield, this will often save your life or make the difference in a fight. Also use this when you are running, this has a nice speed boost.

IMPORTANT: always ask a gank from a god that has good ganking potential. Don't harass him more if he is mid health. This is not necessary, this may even ruin the gank because he can recall. Let your lane get pushed and save your mana and cooldowns.


It's important to gank as the mid god. If you see your chance, like a squishy god is pushing really hard at half hp, then please go for the free kill. If you want the overkill, just put your Lightning Storm on his head and he won't notice it fast enough.


If the end is approaching and you are running around and killing gods with your team, then it's probarly you that will have the kill. You wait when he gets low health and boom Detonate Charge and you got the kill. Please don't do this too often, this can be so irritating as an ally. You can take 1 or 2 but you give the rest to someone that's a little bit behind. Zeus is probarly the best kill stealer in the game but that's no reason to do so.

Ward! (easy kills)

As you will see in every guide of me, WARD! This is so important to do, but i see games where nobody bought a single ward. Vision on the map can make the difference. How many times do you see a jungler that wants to take a jungle camp at mid or less hp? Yeah, quite a lot. You can get a lot of easy kills like that just by popping your ultimate on them or applying some stacks and blow him away. Most junglers are pretty squishy, so this souldn't be too hard. Warding is also handy to prevent ganks on you.
For example: I have been in a situation where i heard arachne take the red camp. I knew wich camp she was on and i was on the other wall. I popped my ulti on the camp after 3 seconds and detonated my charges and guess what? I got a free kill and a buff! You wouldn't have to guess if you had a ward placed there or in your inventory.

What to do in team fights?

Normal team fights

Zeus has an enormous team fight potential and you can just win a team fight because of Zeus. If they are close enough and you see your chance, pop Lightning Storm on their head and detonate your charges! This probarly means that you have won the team fight. Imagine that this brings them all to 3/4 - 4/5 health, it won't be hard to win a team fight like that. But in most instances this doesn't happen... You don't engage with your ultimate and let the others do the work. Only poke them a little bit with your skills. When everybody engages and chaos rises then it's the time to use your ultimate. Most of the enemy gods won't realise what they are doing and will keep fighting, this gives you all the potential to kill an enemy you can expect from zeus. Remember, use your ultimate on minimum 2 gods. If they are 2 gods behind they will not win the next team fight, so you force a team fight or push, take fire giant, gold fury.

Jungle team fights

Here you are the strongest, your ultimate creates the most chaos and death you can imagine. If you can catch someone and a team fight starts to make place, don't hesitate to use everything you got. Because you will be the best in the jungle. I have won every single team fight in the jungle with Zeus, because the enemy can't see that much in the jungle like in the lanes. This gives you the chances. So basicly, chaos is your best friend.


Boots of the Magi: This item is the most basic item on any mage. It provides magic damage and mana that's pretty usefull.

Chronos' Pendant: This item is great on Zeus and a must in my opinion. It gives you mp5 that is really good on zeus. Also the magic damage is very decent. Then you have the 25% cooldown reduction wich is amazing to have on zeus. You can detonate charge more early when it was on cooldown and your stacks won't disappear just when your skill is up.

Void Stone: Pretty basic stuff, gives you magical power and protection wich is very good for mid lane. The debuff is also very handy for any magical god.

Warlock's Sash: This item gives you nice health, mana and magical power, it also has these stacks that can't be lost on death. These stacks give health and magical power. Zeus can get many stacks very fast, so this is a pretty standard pick.

Gem of Isolation: This item is very handy and also a must. Because you can yell every time you do your ultimat: GET SLOWED!!! The extra health and mana are also very good.

Rod of Tahuti: This gives you more magical power and let's you crush the enemy with your epic damage output after this item.

Bancroft's Talon: This item gives you the lifesteal and extra power that can save your life in a team fight or let you win in a 1vs1 battle. Feel free to replace an item with this item, it's pretty damn good.

Ethereal Staff: This gives you sick sustain. Feel free to spam all your spells on the air.

Polynomicon: This is just a good item on every mage for it's passive and statistics. You are auto attacking anyway to apply stacks so why wouldn't we open up with a Chain Lightning and apply the further 2 or 1 stacks with a lot of damage.


Aegis Amulet: This can save your life against some gods like: Ra, He Bo, Ao Kuang, Ares...

Creeping Curse: You want an even better slow when you pop your ultimate? Go in use creeping curse and pop your ultimate, you are 3 stacks assured.

Heavenly Agility: You wonna help your team out to run or engage faster? This is the item to do so.

Purification Beads: This item can save you from some situations like an ult from: Hades, Ymir, Sun Wukong...

icon=spring size=50][[sprint: This item is great for getting away out of sticky situations or chasing an enemy. But i do recommend other abilities more.

Creeping / Jungling

Basicly, if you want to clear waves very fast. Make a balance from upgrading Chain Lightning and Detonate Charge. Hit the wave with Chain Lightning and then use Detonate Charge

Best god combos

Odin: You have all heard from the Zeus - odin combination probarly. If not, don't worry, it's epic. When Odin uses Ring of Spears your ultimate ( Lightning Storm) can fit perfectly in it. They are trapped and you are doing a lot of damage on them and can finish them with Detonate Charge. But please don't be so stupid to trap a god with a jump... Only when you saw him using his jump seconds ago and you know it's on cooldown.

Thor: Thor offers so much chances for you to harass them and finally finish them. If he stuns you can easily hit the enemy god with 2 or 3 auto attacks and Detonate Charge. This is also very fun with a friend on voice chat.
Hel: Hel offers so much sustain and potential for zeus. She can heal you up after a failed fight. She can do a lot of damage that you can follow up and maybe kill someone. Overall a great god to play with.
Hades: Hades offers a good ulti combo because you can get the full amounts of stacks on. If you won't get the kill he will.


Ao Kuang: He can destroy you with his tornadoes. It's very frustrating. You have to play very carefull against him and engage when he used his tornadoes.

Thor: Thor can destroy you when he ganks your lane. He can stun you and do all sorts of crazy stuff without you can land an auto attack.
Hel: Hel can make you think you got her but then she heals and you are basicly useless. All your harass and engages are wasted. You have to go all in for actually killing her.
Sun Wukong: He can jump around you and basicly trade fights with you that you lose very hard. Carefull in this lane because it will be quite hard.


King of Gods, Zeus strives for fairness and justice, but will not hesitate to call down the thunder when theres smiting to be done!

Zeus father, the Titan Cronus, immediately swallowed his children after birth so that none could overthrow him as he had his own father. When Zeus was born, Rhea, Zeus mother, hid the child from Cronus and gave the Titan a rock in swaddling clothes, which he swallowed instead. In secret, Zeus grew up on the isle of Crete until he was old and strong enough to challenge his father. During their battle, Zeus slit open Cronus stomach, allowing his swallowed brothers and sisters to escape, slaying the Titan. Then, Zeus released the Cyclops and other beings Cronus had kept imprisoned. In gratitude, the Cyclops awarded Zeus control over lightning.

With his two brothers, Poseidon and Hades, the three Gods drew lots to decide command of creation. Poseidon became king of the sea, Hades the underworld, and Zeus the sky. From his golden throne atop Mount Olympus, Zeus now rules Gods and Men with his wife Hera, upholding justice, hospitality, oaths, and honesty to all under his domain.

Yet, Zeus is a restless God, and while he holds high expectations for others, he does not keep those standards for himself. Chiefly, Zeus is nearly infamous for several infidelities to his wife which have resulted in dozens of children beget by other women, most famous of which are Hercules, Artemis, and Athena. Such wanton unfaithfulness is the source of great jealousy from Hera, though as King, Zeus can ultimately do as he wishes.

Weather is dictated by the Thunder Gods mood. When in a fair temperament, the sky is clear, bright and warm. When Zeus anger flares, black clouds roll in, lightning streaks the sky and thunder shakes the very ground. Lately, Zeus has been furious.

Jokes, taunts and responses


"And I spake unto them: 'look upon these guns' and they did know I was a god."

"Are you ready for 21 thousand gigawatts!?"


"Art thou blind? The storm clouds gather all around you."

"Cower lesser gods. You face Zeus!"


"He, lord of gods!" (Entering The Arena)

"Lightning Bolt!" (Casting Chain Lightning)

"Let the heavens rain!" (Casting Lightning Storm)

"Impossible!" (On death)

skins and default model


400 gems or 11000 favor

Good luck!

Good luck, i hoped this helped. If it did please rate +1 and show some love. Please tell about what god my next guide should be, i'll consider it. I worked pretty hard and long on this guide. I hope you like it. But most importantly,

I hope this helps you in the battlefield!

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