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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Your Vulcan makes me sick

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Smite God: Vulcan

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Purchase Order


Build Item Mark of the Vanguard Mark of the Vanguard
Build Item Boots of the Magi Boots of the Magi
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion


Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Wall of Absolution Wall of Absolution
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard

Ability (preferred)

Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Aegis Amulet (Old)
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings

Completed build

Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Boots of the Magi Boots of the Magi
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Wall of Absolution Wall of Absolution
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti

Vulcan's Skill Order



1 X
4 13 14 15 16
Inferno Cannon

Inferno Cannon

2 A
1 3 6 7 9
Magma Bomb

Magma Bomb

3 B
2 8 10 11 12


4 Y
5 17 18 19 20


This is an aggressive build on how to play vulcan. In my opinion Vulcan is a aggressive tank other than a Full on tank.
He Relies on his turrets which this end build does Thumper XVI 100dmg, Inferno Cannon 500dmg, and Backfire +700dmg

The reason why you should upgrade Volcanic Overdrive last is because it is not very usefull! I perfer to bring up the damage and keep them away then increasing my defence by 10 only when i use my ultimate. The attack speed is increase by 50% but upgrading Volcanic Overdrive wont make it shoot faster.

If you like this build or it has helped you in anyway, please feel free to give a 1+ !

Now go get yourself a "Kickass Vulcan"

Pros & Cons

-Lots of damage
-amazing defence
-kiting :)
-Great at soloing lane
-Great at ganking
-decent escape that does damage too!
-Great in team fights

-Slow mobility
-easy to be harass
-stays in the back most of the time


Forge (passive)

Vulcan transfers 30% of his protections and 15% of his health to his turrets. In addition, when Vulcan is within 30 ft of his own deployables they regen 3% of their health every second because of their proximity to the Forge.


Vulcan blasts a fireball out of his Forge, dealing 85/145/205/265/325 (+70% of your magical power) magical damage to all enemies in its path. The strength of the blast also knocks Vulcan 20ft back.
Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 mana.
Cooldown: 15s.

Inferno Cannon

Vulcan constructs an Inferno Cannon that shoots fireballs in a cone that deal 65/100/135/170/205 (+20% of your magical power) magical damage to the target every second. The Inferno Cannon lasts until destroyed or another is placed. This inherits Vulcan's penetrations but does not apply on-hit effects.
Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 mana.
Cooldown: 15s.

Thumper XVI

Vulcan constructs a Thumper XVI that deals 15/20/25/30/35 (+10% of your magical power) magical damage every second and slows enemies hit by 5/10/15/20/25%, increasing with Focus up to 35%, for 2s. The Thumper XVI lasts until destroyed or another is placed. This inherits Vulcan's penetrations but does not apply on-hit effects.
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.
Cooldown: 15s.

Volcanic Overdrive (ultimate)

When Volcanic Overdrive is activated, Vulcan gains 15/20/25/30/35% movement speed and 10/20/30/40/50 protections for 6s. All of Vulcan's structures fire 50% faster and gain massive regeneration. The Inferno Cannon also fires in a 360 radius and auto targets gods while under the effects of Volcanic Overdrive.
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 90s

Creeping / Jungling

begin with the Inferno Cannon and go for blue(mana buff), but let the other person get it because you dont need it till later.

When the second blue revives, your Inferno Cannon should be level 2 and Thumper XVI level 1. this means your ready to jungle using both skills!

When your Thumper XVI reaches Level 4 - Your ready to start jungling 2 at a Time!
Just place the Thumper XVI at the Gold Harps and take your Inferno Cannon to another buff. or if you just want easy gold... place it in front of the other gold Harps.

When you do place your turrets out, they should do fine by their self. Then just return to you lane, but dont play out your turrets if they are still killing the Jungle Camp.

Defending/Side Lane

As a basic vulcan, soloing a lane is what happens alot.
using Inferno Cannon as a shield works best when they are melee as trying to avoid being hit.

Beginning the Game

Conserving mana is key to Vulcan at the start of a game. Placing a Inferno Cannon behind the your minions where they first engage creates a Benchmark for your minion push.

When you first have your Thumper XVI do not place it for clearing out minions. This is because most people aim for this and it doesn' really do much damage to the minions clearly.

Tower Defending

If you are push back to your tower, place your Inferno Cannon next to your Tower, back enough that it will shoot the archer minions when they attack the Tower. But dont let your turret get hit. the tower has more health than your turret does


If you do Push in the lane, DO NOT place a new Inferno Cannon to benchmark the new location, IF your old benchmark is still up. This creates a conservation in mana incase of Ganks/Harassment.

Counter Attack

When the Enemy Gods begin to rush in or you're running away.
It is best to place your Inferno Cannnon the way you are running. This creates damage as you run away, for those stupid people who don't care about these small damages will start to run back.

In this case just camp in the range of your Inferno Cannon , place your Thumper XVI for extra damage and basic melee till they run. If they are low health but just too far to finish him off. Your Backfire just came in handy didn't it?

Low Health

If you are low health and running, placing the Inferno Cannon and Thumper XVI where you are running could slow them down. Using the Backfire for an extra run and harass which could save your life.


When your coming in from behind this creates a bad day for the other guy.

Start off with placing your Infero Cannon Facing the way he is most likely to run off, then Thumper XVI and Volcanic Overdrive

for example Vulcan comes in behind the Enemy God(s), places the Inferno Cannon Facing the Enemy Tower, Throws the Thumper XVI to grab his attention and begin to bruise him with Volcanic Overdrive , as before using Backfire for escape or finishing them off if they get away.

This works best in lanes but if you're in the jungle, saving Volcanic Overdrive would be best.

not as planned

If they run into the jungle, placing a new Inferno Cannon and Thumper XVI to block his route could still get you your kill.

In-Depth of Item Selections

Mark of the Vanguard -
A Tank must get this if you want to be aggressive, it helps lower the damage from minions and keeps you in your lane longer.

Boots of the Magi -
Speed and magic penetration, a basic item for a aggressive magic God

Book of Thoth -
I think it his better than Warlock's Sash because it gives you a large amount of magic damage, as the 15 MP5 helps keep you in your lane without having to leave and buy more potions.

Compared to Warlock's Sash

50 Magic Power (+50 over 100 stacks)
300 Health (+200 over 100 stacks)
400 Mana
Book of Thoth
100 Magic Power
125 Mana (+500 over 50 stacks)
15 MP5
3% of your Mana is converted to Magic Power

Void Stone -
This defense item give some magic power and some Magic Defense, as Vulcan is a tank his base defense is pretty high with just one magic defense item. Including the reduction of 25 magic defense helps ensure your kill than just eating all the damage for your team.

Wall of Absolution -
This defense item give some magic power and some Physical Defense as well some MP5, this item is the gives a great amount of defense as 60 + (15/hit - stacks 3 times) = 105 Physical Defense.

Rod of Tahuti -
This item will boost all your damage from about +400 to +600 Magic Power. Required if you want to do some Massive damage

Obsidian Shard -
When you are done with the build, replace Mark of the Vanguard with this item .
Those tanks would begin to want to tank moar, especial your massive damage. This item will keeps them at bay and increasing your damage to all enemy gods. They will begin to fear you as your massive damage can not be stoped by some defense. :)


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Your Vulcan makes me sick
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