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Xing Tian the Xenophobic. * Arena Season 5.5. Tank\Bruiser

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Smite God: Xing Tian

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Purchase Order

At spawn start these two. Grab blink as relic.

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune

First time back finish the boots. Start Mantle.

Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord

Finish mantle and then finish gloves. Grab horrific emblem.

Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Horrific Emblem Horrific Emblem

Void Stone into Celestial legion

Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Celestial Legion Helm Celestial Legion Helm

And the cherry

Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia

Xing Tian's Skill Order

Furious Roar

Furious Roar

1 X
2 6 8 10 12
Hook Slam

Hook Slam

2 A
1 4 7 9 11
Sky-Cutting Axe

Sky-Cutting Axe

3 B
3 13 14 15 16
Whirlwind of Rage and Steel

Whirlwind of Rage and Steel

4 Y
5 17 18 19 20


Xing was the first god i bought. I have seen him labled many things from overpowered to under. In my opinion he does fine with his hp5 passive. His root which is so annoying. Then you got his ultimate. My god the havoc i have caused with that thing. Anyways. Xing Tian may not be the strongest. But i will tell you one thing that is for sure. A good Xing can break teams with a well timed root or ult. I am going to show you my way in the arena and drop a few things i think might help if you need it.


Alright time to throw some people. First get boots to half. Then hop over to your Gauntlets to get the hp5 gem.Grab Blink as relic I have found getting this gem right off the bat helps alot with his survival. As Xing you are constantly in and out. So being able to heal on the run. I mean that literally. Will help alot. Plus with Xings passive. You are healing alot for fresh out the gate.

Alright when you think you may die or are out of mana. Get back and finish your boots. The Magi are the only way to go with Xing. He needs everything it has. 10 cdr doesnt seem like much until you have a whole team chasing you and you are hinging on your leap to come through. Start the Mantle after that. The passive on it will save you without you even knowing. Plus it give you a good chunk of each type of damage defense. Making you pretty durable. Plus the hp5 you already have.

Now. Go finish up that gauntlet. Once you got it done thats a nice 200 hp plus 15 hp5. Then you begin to stack that nifty aura to 50 and boom another 60 to both defenses. Now im not sure the exacts of it but you should with his natural defense be around i think 170 of one and 200 of the other.

Next on our list is the handy dandy void stone. With its ablity to drop magic defenses. Mages marksmen and sins start seeming buttery.... It also gives you another ***ping 60 to your magical. And another 20 to your power. Woohoooo!

Next up. The Celestial Legion Helm. The effect isnt terrible with Xing cause you are running around so much. But the real perks. 60+ magical power 30 plus to physical. And 20 plus to your Mps. The effect gives you five stacks of physical defense at 10 a piece that will help break the force of something. Not a terrible item.

Now for our cherry on top. Adjust this how you want. But i persnally use the Gaia stone. This bad boy will skyrocket your already immense hp5 while adding 15 to mps and 400 health to make you more beef cake. Its passive is awesome. Will save you without you knowing just like the mantle. Not only do you 52 hp5 just by its self. If you keep your stacks up. Thats 88 hp5. You are nigh impossible to kill if you just leap away when damaged.

With these items. You will have decent damage. For those pesky squishies. You have well over 200 of both defenses and you heal absurdly. So you have become a Giant leaping sponge that can regenerate. Good job!

I had forgotten to mention. I use the horrific emblem as my second relic because the slow works for either saving or killing. And they 20% damage reduce cab change a battle.


Level your 3 and 4 once a peice until oyour 1 and 2 are finished.

Your 3 which is your most valuable move isnt really so much about damage to enemies. I use my 3 as a way to get in and out fast, catch an enemy or just to get on the field.

As for your 1 and 2. These moves you use the opposite of your three. Using your 1 is great for keeping your passive buff up. And it dots the enemy. Lowering their dps against none other than you and making them a little crispyyy.

Now for your 2. This attack here is the one that holds them still for your team to gooify them. The attack comes into phases. Knock up and back down for root. So i say its like 3 seconds of no running away. Once you learn the mechanics of this skill you can really mess with people. Since you knock them up they are already disorientated. But as your coming down is the true beauty of this skill to me. You can change directions. So knock up to land behind them. So say you werw about to die. And you were going around a pillar. You could do your 2 and root them and be on the opposite side of the pillar. Free to hop away.

Alright. My favorite skill. With this skill you can traverse maps stupid fast. Ally is dieing. Spam 3. Get as close as you can. Blink in. Root or Ult however you are feeling. And boom. You have saved your ally. But. You may be trapped there. Do whatever you can to survive. As soon as you can spam that 3 and get out of there to annoy another day.

Alright. Your ult. This ult is difficult if you are fighting people who know Xing. They will have beads. If not. Maybe they want to fly. The problem with this ult is that you want to catch your enimies un awares. Thus why Blink is so common on Xing. For those of you reading this that have not experinced it. It pretty much lets him pick you up and throw you where he wants. This ult is extremly dangerous in the right hands. Most players know who Xing is since he is older. So they will hawk you.

So a scenario. Your teams are squaring off and they are somewhat in a group. A little spread wont make a huge difference. Blink is an ablity that can be used behind walls. So i try tp use the pillars to break los. When you do blink try to get behind them. Your ult has like a second wind up so it can be dodged easily. Thus the need for a little sneakiness. Once you have them in your ult. Assuming your team is with
You. Toss them towards your team. A word from the wise. Just because they are in air doesnt mean you cant dot them. Once you get good. You can ult. Toss. And before they hit the ground 1 them and then two. If you are fast enough of course.

Ah yes. I forgot to mention the time between leaps. You leap into someone root or dot them. And then leap again. This takes practice and can really confuse your enimies. I constantly leap behind enimies so that when they turn around i can leap behind them again. Also. Your leap can get you out of some pesky ults. Like odins or posidens. Another thing i learned or at least i think it works. You can leap into Kuklas ult and not get damaged. That tip isnt for sure mind you guys. When you hit enimies with the leap it gives you an armor buff. It last for 3 seconds. The length of time you have to uuse the second one.

Oh lol i almost forgot. This is a pretty jerk move. But say you have the enemy pushed to spawn. They are popping in and out. Ult and snatch them out of their spawn. This is a dirty little trick that can deal with people who are spawn camping.

If they are spawn camping you. Poof behind them when they are grouped and do your best to ult them into or through your spawn shield or pull them in through the wall. Gotta love dirty tricks

Pros / Cons

Pros: Decent dps. Near to un killable if you stay on your Ps and Qs.

Cons: Lacks mana until a little later in the build.


All in all my build is meant to keep you harassing the enemy. You got enough regeneration to heal to full with mana and health. And enough armor to walk through most enemys ultimates. Or leap as is the Xing Tian way.

Well that concludes my experince with Xing Tian. He remains one of my favorite gods. I hope this will help you on your way to Arena greatness.

If you enjoy the build or have something to reccomend do comment or toss me a like.

I hope you enjoy my Arena Build guide. Thanks for reading!

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boogiebass (30) | April 23, 2018 9:43pm
Yup, I dont agree on the item choices either
Gulfwulf (47) | April 12, 2018 11:15am
Hey there. I'm a big Xian Tian fan, but I'm not sure I agree with your item choices. Mantle of Discord is great for squishies who aren't usually in the middle of a fight, but it doesn't really offer much to Xing at its price point especially considering how long of a cooldown its passive has. I'd go with other protection items instead, like Breastplate of Valor and Void Stone. Speaking of which, my item build order would be:

Reinforced Shoes, Breastplate of Valor/ Genji's Guard (depending upon enemy team comp), Void Stone, and Mystical Mail. The final two are situational items: if they have a lot of hard CC, I'll grab Spirit Robe. If they have a lot of AA gods and/or someone's building crit, I'll grab Hide of the Nemean Lion or Midgardian Mail (the later is great against Freya). I don't think Stone of Gaia is really necessary given how close the portal is for healing, plus it doesn't really heal all that fast. It's great in other modes where you want to stay out longer, but I don't really see its usefulness in arena.

The above gives you a good mix of both actual health, and protections which are effective health. You can also work in Relic Dagger and either Winged Blade if the enemy has a lot of slows, or Witchblade in place of your shoes.

If you find yourself needing power, Ethereal Staff is a good purchase because it has health, power, and CCR, all of which help Xian be the beast that he is.

If you have more than one AA god on your team, Shogun's Kusari is also a great item.

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Xing Tian the Xenophobic. * Arena Season 5.5. Tank\Bruiser
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