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The All Father Jungle

July 24, 2018 by GravesHero
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Father of the Jungle

Smite God: Odin

Item Purchase Order

Build Item Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Mana Potion
Build Item Blink Rune
Build Item Transcendence
Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Masamune
Build Item Bracer of Undoing
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Soul Eater
Build Item The Crusher

God Skill Order


Lunge 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Raven Shout

Raven Shout 2 8 11 12 13 key bind

Gungnir's Might

Gungnir's Might 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

Ring of Spears

Ring of Spears 5 9 14 17 20 key bind


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The All Father Jungle

July 24, 2018


Odin jungle is ultimately a team fighting jungle pick. Odin has tankiness throughout the game with his shield and a team fighting ultimate. Getting around the jungle will require double movement speed early simply because of him being a warrior. I do encourage you all to try this, especially if you struggle with assassin's or are a support/solo laner main. Lastly, my goal for this is to include videos/images on here and give a 2nd build should Bumba's masks change the build.


When building skills you are going to have your focus on the strength of your bird bombs. These are done by activated your 2(shield) then leaping in with your 1(lunge). This can one shot Squishies early once trans is finished. Your ultimate reduces attack speed so it isn't that high of a priority in the early game. As far as his 3(gungir's might) is concerned after you bird bomb and ult or blink ult gank lanes. That is your finisher, after all the main damage is dealt by you and your teammates


Assassin's Blessing - A fully evolved assassin blessing will provide the much needed penetration since the early focus is on speed in jungle. This is where your sustain will come from. Your goal when attacking camps is using your 1 and 2. Stay away from your 3 on camps.

Transcendence - Trans is crucial for Odin. It gives you the much needed mana early for odin to continue in the jungle. When Soul Eater is all said and done you are looking at roughly 49 power after conversion from Trans itself, Soul Eater, and Jotun's.

Warrior Tabi - These are the standard boots for Odin, you want these over all the other boots because it provides the most power.

Masamune - This is the first item that will keep you alive in team fights. You want this because it does provide 50 power, 100 health, and that important 10% movement speed. The main thing is the passive giving you a stacking 7 magical and physical protection per good in 55 unit radius. This will keep you alive longer in your ultimate.

Soul Eater - Fully evolved it provides 60 power and cooldown to keep you sustained in teamfights. Something like bloodforge or devos don't work as well because you don't have the health gains that come with this item.

Jotun's Wrath - Final item to increase Odin's mana from items and what this item really does is turn Odin into someone that can fight tankier opponents. Faster shields means more sustainment.

The Crusher - This item concludes Odin's penetration and provides attack speed to the equation.

Blink - This item is crucial for early ganks and late engagements.

Bracer - Late game this will provide you with enough to sustain in a teamfight. If your team is squishy the deviation to this would be a magic shell.

Team Work

Odin shines the brightest when having hard CC from at least 2 players. This is because his bird bomb is essentially 100% accurate. Your focus throughout the game is to secure team kills in ultate. You do not always have to get the kill, but your team does need to jointly kill on your ganks especially since before 2nd relic rarely will you see Phantom veil. As you venture into the late game you cannot simply bird bomb and expect to survive, even if you get a kill off of it. Your focus now becomes to engage with the ultimate and use your 2 for protection and 3 for its slow.

Pros / Cons

Pros - Early burst pressure through his bird bomb, teamfighting ultimate, slow, forces opponents to get phantom veil, high chance to snowball if you can hit abilities, can play from behind.

Cons - Early movement speed, can be countered in air or on landing with an instant CC, 1v1 will not win most of the time in a pure basic battle until you get masamune.


Odin is great jungler, it just comes down to how accurate that you can bird bomb and use your ultimate. Hope you enjoyed my first guide, I will continue to update.

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