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Nemesis: The scales are balanced.

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Smite God: Nemesis

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Build Item Teleport to Towers Teleport to Towers
Build Item Witchblade Witchblade
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer

Nemesis's Skill Order

Swift Vengeance

Swift Vengeance

1 X
2 15 16 18 19
Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice

2 A
1 4 6 8 10


3 B
3 7 11 12 14
Divine Judgement

Divine Judgement

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Hello, LunarFrost here with my very FIRST Smite God Guide so if its seems bad or not the best .....I can understand and I would love to have suggestions I can test out.
So this guide is a guide for a Bruiser.

And I'm constantly changing the items till I get a "perfect" set for Nem
(I know their is no such thing as a perfect set, what I mean is a Versatile set , a set that works in any situation)

Pros / Cons

You can hold your lane for a long period of time
You can take on 2 gods at once if your ult is up (Go for the tank)
Every kill or assist you get heals you making you harder to kill in longer fights
When you gank, you leave devastating results

Not a HUGE threat till you your 2nd item
You have a bad clear early game
People will most likely call for help when fighting you
(This counts for everyone who plays Nem)



Well for the long cooldown which takes 4 minutes to, but this is a great item when you can teleport to your tower or another tower in need. And when all your towers are down you can up-grade it to Teleport to Gods


Who needs bootz, cause I don't but, to be serious the Witchblade is a great thing for soloing against any who is.
1. Physical attacker Nemesis, Chaac, Thor etc...
2. Relies on their basic attack Freya, Loki, Xbalanque etc...
And as a plus it gives you Defense, slightly less Movement Speed then boots and moar attack speed. And lets not forget bout its awesome aura skill...thing

40 power, 11 penetration,150 mana, and 25% cooldown.....awesome. This item with Nemesis is just devastating since her abilities are already great....and can ANYONE tell me why the penetration is seriously :3

Decent power and a large Magical protection allows you to deal with their Mages and Guardians and even more protections when they use one of their OP abilites on you :3

Gives you protection and some power but, this with Witchblades aura just dominates physical users like Warriors and Assassins.

Now ...its time for some idk CRITZ

With this item , you have 50% chance to crit, and sense you already have a good defense and amazing abilities you WILL get a kill (unless its a guardian)


Nemesis is a FAST goddess and if you don't believe me look it up , it even says that High Mobility is her ONLY PRO in-game.

Swift Vengeance allows you to dash twice while doing damage making this a great escape or making this a great chaser.

Slice and Dice allows you to damage and slow enemy gods by 50% at the same time making this a dangerous combo for an ability. And don't forget the MASSIVE area range this thing has

Retribution is probably my main reason for making this set cause this item makes your invincible for 1 whole second while taking damage and adding a portion of that to your help like for example: An Anubis has trapped and you know he's going to use his Ult. , well pop this out while he's doing this and you will be healed enough to fight back or if their are other enemy gods around to run. This also allows you to dive enemies
(Diving an enemy is when you run into a zone with a Tower or a Phoenix guarding it and kill the injured god inside and getting away alive)

Divine Judgement is one of the best warrior ultimate's in the game (IMO) but aside that it can cut a portion of a gods health while cutting down some speed and taking some protections as well making tanks a little less tanky and pretty much making a hunter or mage a dead god :3.

Team Work

This is extremely important!
Just because your a strong goddess with a giant *** blade doesn't mean you can run down and kill any god you feel like killing, that kind of attitude will get you killed.
Work with teammates cause when your soloing you will need help with certain gods because they can counter Nemesis or just dominate the solo lane.

Gods and Goddesses you will fight

Who you can fight and who will most likely win.
Note: These are Gods that I HAVE faced I'm my time of soloing, so If their isn't a god that you want help against ...well go find someone else till I face that god, that's all I can say

Nemesis vs Nu Wa
You can dash out of her ult.

She can summon her Clay Soldiers to help fight and inturn gives her more resistance against you

Her Flame Strike gives her splash damage giving her the ability to hurt you and your minions at the same time while stunning you...and it HURTS.

When you get close to her and you feel like you can kill her, she will use Fog to get away from you and back to her tower.....its really irritating

She will be the goddess that ticks you off the most when It comes to soloing, until I find a way to counter her.

Nemesis vs Nemesis
The person your going against might know how to play Nem better then you or maybe not, you know what to expect and It comes down to a battle of wits and pateince...or until it becomes a 2v1.

Nemesis vs Chaac
His abilites cost A LOT of mana meaning he can't do much unless he has mana potions, mana buff or Meditation so, have fun
He is very slow meaning you can out run him if he hurts you a lot
You can tell if he is using his abilites
He can't utilize his passive

He is a massive tank , so it will take a lot of damage to kill him

Nemesis vs Thor
He has low sustain and is taken down easily unless he goes full on tank
Easy to predict even If you have never fought him before
Not very strong , defense wise.
Easy to get near

He is strong , attack wise and strong abilites
Is fast and can move away if you don't get to slow him
He will most likely ward EVERYWERE meaning ganks are nearly impossible

More will be coming out as I play

The End. (For Now)

Well that's all I have to say for now I personally think its a great set and maybe you will to if you feel like saying anything Both positive and negative comments are appreciated (Reasons are wanted for negative comments :3)

Later when I know some more great set ups and the like I'll put them up here on this guide and Item tips would be appreciated (Like switch the Runic Shield for ____________ and so on and so forth)

If anyone can plz tell me the the code for God icons that would be greatful

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Covertactician (4) | April 3, 2014 1:17am
Nemesis can be a good bruiser, but I was saying that she is more like an assassin then are a bruiser either work. One thing that might improve the guide is saying what you would buy first with your 1500 gold. So something like:

300 gold, helps clear waves faster (since nemesis has bad clear)

300 gold, gives some extra speed (can be replaced for potions)

Considering greater sprint is 900 gold again, I wouldn't get this straight away. I'd rather get boots rank 2 and some potions, up to you of course.

If you plan on playing her solo in conquest, you may want to get a protection item first, rather then last. Also you may want to include Deathbringer instead of hide of urchin since you got lots of protections already.
LunarFrost (1) | March 31, 2014 6:11pm
Well I guess I use her differently then others cause I play her as a Brusier and it works for me
(Changed Joust 3v3 and Conquest to Joust 3v3/Solo Conquest)

I guess I play Bruiser (Sorry I didn't know what a Bruiser was at the time)

And yes your reply helped me :)
Covertactician (4) | March 31, 2014 6:44am
Hello lunar, I know this is your first guide but there is a few things which I disagree with and/or don't understand.

The little things

The build at the top says: "!Build : Balanced Nem (Joust 3v3 and Conquest)" Now you say conquest, but there is 5 different roles in conquest, support, adc, mid, jungle, and solo. I'd appreciate if you clear this up. You say Nemesis is a "true warrior" but I completely disagree. Nemesis's kit is more fit to a assassin, hence why a lot of people play her as one.

Bigger things

I heavily disagree with your item build. I have no idea if you're building her tank, bruiser, or assassin. The biggest thing I disgree with however is your start. I mean... Med rank 3 is a terrible item (except in assault) and can be better replace for other actives such as Hand of the Gods. Its even worse you get this straight away, as you are most likely (if you're solo) going to get blue buff anyway. A normal start for a solo lane is a start of a defence item like Iron Mail, Hand of the Gods then potions. I'd recommend deciding what role you are making this for, then build your items around it (and look at other guides). Also look into doing a gameplay section.


BBCoding. This guide is real flat, is boring to look at and doesn't catach your eye. Have a look at
That is a great guide for BBCoding, and something you should defiantly look into.

I hope you find this useful
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Nemesis: The scales are balanced.
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