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Let the waters rise! He Bo Jungling Guide 4.16

August 30, 2017 by Tlaloc1050
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For Jungling

Smite God: He Bo

Item Purchase Order

Start with These:

Build Item Bumba's Mask
Build Item Sands of Time
Build Item Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion

If the enemy Jungler is Physical:

Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm

If the enemy Jungler is Magical: (Situational)

Build Item Void Stone Build Item Stone of Fal

Next 2 Items

Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Obsidian Shard

Pick 1

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Book of the Dead

Final Item. Pick 1

Build Item Chronos' Pendant Build Item Rod of Tahuti

Final Build Example, sell Dynasty Helm/Void Stone for Soul Reaver

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Dynasty Plate Helm Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Obsidian Shard Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Soul Reaver


Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Phantom Veil

Don't forget to ward

Build Item Sentry Ward Build Item Ward

God Skill Order

Water Cannon

Water Cannon 1 4 6 7 10 key bind

Atlas of the Yellow River

Atlas of the Yellow River 3 15 16 18 19 key bind


Waterspout 2 8 11 12 14 key bind

Crushing Wave

Crushing Wave 5 9 13 17 20 key bind

Let the waters rise! He Bo Jungling Guide 4.16

August 30, 2017


Hi! My name is Tlaloc1050. This is my third guide on SmiteFire. Once, I had a teammate call jungler and lock in Thanatos. When the game starts he insists on playing mid. So I headed back, sold my current starter item and bought Bumba's Mask. Turns out He Bo is a fun and great jungler. I've been playing He bo as a jungler ever since. Not recommended to ry this in ranked unless you can perform well.

Pros & Cons


  • Hits like a flying truck
  • High Burst Damage
  • Water Cannon has a very short cooldown for the amount of damage it deals
  • Crushing Wave makes you cc immune
  • Very squishy
  • Mana hungry early game
  • Crushing Wave is your ultimate and escape


Passive: Steady Flow

Every time He Bo uses an ability he gains a 5% magical power buff, up to 15 percent. Stacks last for 5 secs and refresh upon using another ability.

This can greatly increase your magical power. For example, if the enemy jungler is physical your total magical power at full build will be 544. With the Steady Flow buff it will be 609. That's 65 more power.
Water Cannon
Short ranged cone with high scaling.

Late game this will deal around 600 damage to squishies, with a cooldown of 2.4 seconds. When clearing camps you'd want to aim it at a certain angle from the side so you hit all of them. Or you could just hit one with a basic and they'll be grouped up, However this won't work for the mana camps because they're ranged.
Atlas of the Yellow River
Long line that gives movement speed if stood on for allies. If enemies stand on it they're slowed. On it you're immune to slows.

A good way to go in, poke the enemy with Waterspout, then get out. You can also use this to get minions to lane faster by deploying it in their general direction. As suggested by branmuffin (I didn't think about this one) you can also use it to make enemies passing through narrow jungle paths slower.
Summons a burst of water from a long range, knocking back and up enemies. Has a decent radius.

Use this to poke enemies with Atlas of the Yellow River. First deploy the carpet, use it to go to the enemy, poke, and run back.
If using this to jungle use it after you use water cannon. They'll all be bunched up by then. Note that if hit close to the edge of the waterspout they'll be knocked up further. When dealing with enemy gods knock them towards you then use Water Cannon. Deals around 700 damage with full build to squishies.
Crushing Wave
He Bo goes full tsunami mode and damages all enemies in a line. Except for structures, of course. During this time he is CC immune.

A really hard hitting ult. Around 1300 damage to squishies. This can be used to avoid ults like No Escape and whirlwind of rage and steak. You only have one second of cc immunity. For Ares' ult after 3 seconds immediately ult away. But don't waste it if you're at full health and he the only on there. For Xing Tian's ult use it as soon as you hear this weird noise.

If you wanna deal lots of damage to a group of enemy gods deploy Atlas of the Yellow River, run up to then, use Waterspout to knock them towards you, and ult them. If they're not dead use Water Cannon. This of course takes practice. And make sure someone knows what you're doing.
The priority should be Crushing Wave > Water Cannon > Waterspout > Atlas of the Yellow River

Item Explanation Center

Starting Items and Shoes

Sands of Time

Gives more MP5 if you have less mana. Also gives 10% cdr. Quite useful for He Bo. It allows him to sustain himself longer and clear camps faster.

Bumba's Mask

An extremely useful and core item for all junglers. Basics deal 15 true damage, health and mana upon clearing camps, and you deal more damage to camps.
Shoes of the Magi

Gives the most power out of the shoes tier tree and pen.
Items to counter the enemy Jungler

Dynasty Plate Helm

Power, physical protections, and penetration make this a great item for countering enemy physical junglers. You won't be that squishy anymore.

Void Stone

Decent magical power and protections is what makes this item great for countering magical junglers like Ao Kuang. It also reduces the protections of enemies nearby. It helps because He Bo often will have to get in close.

Stone of Fal

Average amount of magical power, a decent amount of magical protection, and cooldown reduction makes this item really good. It's passive stops gods like, Ra, Poseidon, Thoth, etc from one-shotting you with their ultimates. I always get this if there's one of them. Although it is quite expensive for something you'll get early.
3rd and 4th Items

Speae of Desolation

An overall great item that contains everything a Mage would want: Cooldown reduction, power, and pen.

Obsidian Shard

Powerful pen item. Gives a decent amount power too. Magical version of Titan's Bane.
Lifesteal, Pick One

It is really important that you pick one lifesteal item, or else you won't have any form of sustain. Once you have enough money to get a tier 3 lifesteal item sell Bumba's Mask and buy it. Always buy lifesteal before your last item.

Bancroft's Talon

Give lots of power and lifesteal. Also, the lower your health is the more lifesteal and power you get.

Book of the Dead

Gives you a nice health shield that'll help you stay alive longer and have a higher risk of surviving an attack. Recommended to get this only if fed and ahead due to cost
Last Item (Pick Ons) and Soul Reaver

Chronos' Pendant

The ultimate cooldown reduction item. Helps you with mana problems.

Rod of Tahuti

The ultimate power item. Gives a massive amount of magical power and increases your power by 25%. It's like his passive.

P.S. Tahuti is another name for Thoth

Soul Reaver

Sell Dynasty Plate Helm for this. A lot of power. That 300 mana helps, considering you'll be using your abilities a lot.

Gameplay Stages

Early Game

In my opinion this is when He Bo is weakest. At this point you're quite slow and really squishy. You have to be quite careful, or else you may be slain quickly by strong early game gods like Ravana and Thanatos.

You've probably bought your items and began heading to lane. Head to the middle lane first. If the enemy jungler starts in mid, stay in mid. If the enemy jungler starts in solo then start in solo.

If you started In

Mid Lane: Clear one or two waves. When you and your Mid Laner are ready clear the Damage Campand tell the mid laner to take it. When done, head to the Speed Camp, then the Mana Camp. Take the speed buff for yourself and tell the Solo Laner to take the mana buff. From there get the Mid Furies if available.

Solo Lane: Clear a wave or two. When you and your solo laner are ready clear the Mana Camp. I usually let the solo laner have the last hit. From there head to the Speed Camp and clear it. Next, try to secure the Fire Giant's minions. After that head to mid, help out with a wave, and then clear the Damage Camp with the Mid Laner. Get the Mid Furies if available.

You can also help the Carry and Support clear their buff. Most of the time they would've already cleared it. Don't forget the Gold Fury Oracles. You should a help mid most. If you have a Solo Laner like Amaterasu who has a really bad early game help her more often. Especially if she is against a Ravana. Not a good idea to tower dive at this point. You'll most likely die trying.

Mid Game

By now you wouldn't be as squishy as you were earlier, due to Dynasty Plate Helm, Void Stone, and Stone of Fal. Depending on wether the enemy jungled is physical or magical. This is when He Bo really starts to do damage. But you still should be careful. If you have wiped out the enemy team you should try to secure an objective, such as the gold fury. Don't forget to place a Sentry Ward on the fire giant. You have a higher chance of tower diving now. In order to do this deploy Atlas of the Yellow River in the general direction of the player you want to tower dive and rush in. Use Waterspout or Water Cannon if you plan on going in close.
Late Game

At this point you have to be really careful, because this is when most ADCs have the abiliary to rip you to shreds in seconds. Stick with your team to push the remaining towers and pheonixs. Warding the fire giant is quite important at this time, because they could have a huge advantage if they take it. If a destroyed Phoenix is about to response soon tell your team to attack it. This way it's much easier to destroy it before it gets to full health.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide. I will keep it up to date. Made with help from the Smite Facebook Community. Feed back is appreciated.

Before I created this guide I read the guide telling you how to create a guide by Nanoyam: Guide to Creating a Guide

And thanks to Branmuffin17 for helping me and reviewing this guide!

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