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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Laning Agni

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Smite God: Agni

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Purchase Order

Build Item Reinforced Greaves (Deleted) Reinforced Greaves (Deleted)
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Winged Blade Winged Blade
Build Item Void Stone Void Stone
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Purification Beads (Old) Purification Beads (Old)
Build Item Heavenly Agility Heavenly Agility

Agni's Skill Order

Noxious Fumes

Noxious Fumes

1 X
3 15 16 18 19
Flame Wave

Flame Wave

2 A
1 4 6 7 10
Path of Flames

Path of Flames

3 B
2 8 11 12 14
Rain Fire

Rain Fire

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Hello everyone, I'm back after a few weeks of testing my laning Agni. I'm bringing you this guide in response to a lot of people telling me that Agni is only good mid, and now not even that is viable anymore. The midding thing will be touched on later, This guides purpose is to bring you three good builds for laning Agni and not sucking complete ***.
Lets get to it!

Skill Order, Skills, And Combo's

The skill order is relatively straight forward with Agni. Take your first point in Flame Wave for some early damage. Second point in Path of Flame for your escape and or DoT damage. Then Noxious Fumes to get the ball rolling with some stuns. 4th point in Flame Wave, and finally your 5th point in Rain Fire. You need to level them up in that order of importance, (always level Rain Fire when available.) Flame Wave should be maxed first then Path of Flame then Noxious Fumes. Fumes last because you mainly use it for the stuns and the AoE slow it gets from Gem of Isolation.


I'm not gonna go and put in the damage of each rank and stuff in the abilities, I'm going to be telling you about the skills and possible combos with them.

1. Noxious Fumes
This skill is your bread and butter, If you don't use it effectively or at the right time you could kill a team fight or end up dying yourself. It lays down an aoe effect on the ground that when hit by any of your skills ignites and stuns anything inside it for 2 seconds. It does very minimal amounts of damage which is the reason I have it set for leveling up last. This skill is amazing for initiating fights, escaping, and keeping and enemy team CC'D after a Hades ult or an Ares ult.

2. Flame Wave
This skill outside of your ult is your biggest BAM. When activated it shoots a wave of flames a short distance in front of you. Its best use lays in being chained with noxious fumes, and path of flames. The times I use it primarily are few. As I mostly find myself using it to finish off pesky kills and or creeps.

3. Path of Flame
This skill lets you dash a short distance ahead leaving flames in your wake causing damage to anything that touches it. The flames stay lit for 4 seconds after activation. This skill is a great escape mechanism when coupled with noxious fumes, the same if you are the aggressor.

4. Rain Fire
Your ult. In my opinion the most unique ult in the game. Requiring you to be able to aim, know when to shoot, and know how many to shoot. At lvl 5 when you acquire your ult you will begin building charges, when you use your ult a charge is also used. You can store a maximum of 3 charges at a time. The time it takes to get one charge is 20 seconds. The sheer range on this ability is what makes Agni so good at sniping and finishing off targets if you have built Agni the way I suggested you will be hitting 600 min with your meteors.


Note With the combo's I will be using a 1-4 system instead of typing out each of the names every time. 1 is your fumes, 2 is your flame wave. etc.

Now The first combo i have for you is the basic harass that all Agni's tend to use wrong. It's simply the 1-2. They drop Noxious Fumes and then fire Flame Wave without making sure to hit the enemy god. The whole point of the combo is to stun him while tickling him a bit and getting away with it because of the stunned front minions. not to just stun him. If you don't hit him, then its just a waste of mana. So please, Drop the Noxious Fumes then actually hit him with the Flame Wave. (yes you can say you know you know. But I've come up against too many Agni who did exactly this without even realizing to be convinced of your "I know's").

1-3 is your get out of jail combo. Lay down Noxious Fumes in front of you run to the end of the circle then Path of FLame so you can get the most out of the stun and dash. (This really only works if your dash is off CD.) Bringing me to the next point of please don't use your dash carelessly. without it Agni is just another mage. Use it in a guaranteed kill situation or to catch someone for your whole team to kill. Those are the only two times I recommend using it other than getting away or clearing minions in a lonely lane.

3-1-2(4-4-4) This is a great ganking combo/harass laning combo. You ]]Path of Flame]] into the god, lay down Noxious Fumes(hopefully stunning him on the fire), Flame Wave him and get away. The 4-4-4 are for when you have your ult and can actually finish people off. Strictly speaking you should not be using this combo without your ult early game, your just too squishy. I just thought I'd give it to you so you know what to do against easy mode laning enemies.

Item's, Build Discussion, Build Usage

Ok, I'm going to assume you know what each and every one of those items up there do. This is going to be a short explanation of each guide and why I choose those. And what I substitute it with when the need arises.

Note Yes all of these builds start with Reinforced Boots. Agni is too squishy in lane to be using Boots of the Magi. You will come to love them, I promise.

The All Around Normal Game Build
Now, this build is an excellent build if you are facing a balanced team and have a normal laning phase in your future. You should definitely know within the first few minuted how your laning phase is going to go, and you should plan accordingly. If you are facing two tanks try switching Gem of Isolation with Void Stone. give yourself some extra magic penetration and maybe some kills. Winged Wand has become something of a favorite, while not being necessary it is extremely useful when escaping as Agni as slows are the number 1 reason Agni ever gets caught when running. IF you feel like it then it is definitely viable to switch out Gem of Isolation with Winged Wand if you feel you need the extra speed an slow protection. Purification Beads should be picked up if you deem them necessary whereas Heavenly Agility should be picked up towards the end of mid game, the boost will save lives and by extension time. This build is definitely good for if you are new to Agni and don't quite have the hang of him yet. Gives you a lot of utility for getting out of trouble.

The oh snap I'm Fed Let's Kill Them Build
This build is a high risk, high reward build. Definitely only build this if either A, your confident in your skills. B your definitely on your way to being fed in lane. Or C you just got sick of having easy games with my other two builds. The way you play this build is a high speed ganker. You Spot an enemy out of position while your feeding your Doom Orb? Get in kill him and run away. Long Fights are bad for Agni no matter which way you slice it. This build is extremely unforgiving if your caught with your pants down and die, mainly because you stack so much m-power in Doom Orb That your sunk till you get it back up. If the game drags on into late game and you die (yes it happens :D). Sell your Doom Orb and pick up something that will either A keep you alive like Breastplate of Valour or B give you some boom like Pythagorem Piece Note DONT PICK UP THE PIECE UNLESS YOU SUNK YOUR ORBS. yes it gives you a good boom. but in place of Doom Orb it pales. Yes you can most likely substitute Void Stone for Pythagorem Piece but you wont get the much needed penetration. Because every mage in the game has started buying some sort of magic defense item it seems. I highly recommend sticking with this build for the biggest boom early/mid game.

The I'm Tanky and I Know It Build
Note Just to clarify when I say tanky, I mean you can get away with more ****. Not, OH SNAP SON IMA CHARGE MY LASERS AT ALL 5 OF YOU AN TAKE YOUR DAMAGE WHILE EATING ORANGES.
With that said. This build is made for the tanky mage who at end game can hold down a phoenix with some smart plays. While yes Agni can certainly do so without this build. He definitely doesn't have the better chance of surviving like this one. Late game all of your peeps should have their cannons fully charged. Your Rain Fire will still do good damage in team fights no worries. This build is made more for the Noxious Fumes stun assists while whittling down there squishies with meteors. This Agni is an excellent team fighter end game and should be used as such. Not as a ganker like build 2. Some of the items like Winged Wand and Book of Thoth can be substituted out for say Breastplate of Valour and Pythagorem Piece the breastplate for some much needed CD reduction and the Piece for an extra oomph to your mages boom. Either are good items. and should be bought as circumstances arise.

Note I didn't say buy the Purification Beads and Heavenly Agility in the last two builds because I assumed you would have the forethought to automatically get them as needed :)

Agni Love's Who??

Agni isn't a very picky guy when it comes to laning partner's, However. There are always a couple of gods that just, don't, mesh. Here are a couple of examples of who we love and who we don't.

Who we love
- Arachne amazing combo on left side. Her pull plus your Stun = and almost always instant kill. If you get an Arachne treat each other well.
- Hades Yes you can say, oh two magic in the same lane. So what. Hades ult plus your ult is a win. Plus you both can sustain the lane all day if needed.
- Odin This guys ult is great with your ult, along with the fact that its a melee phys with a ranged mage, makes it a solid combo if played well.
- Ymir This guy's frost breath plus your stun = and almost continuous landing of his ult on them. Plus the big guy will enjoy how much you can harass the other melees, leaving him free to breathe on whoever.
- Bastet A rare case, but when it happens it happens purrfectly. Her harass abilities along with her escape allows the two of you to be extremely mobile in early laning game. Plus her early game ult is just straight cheating when combined with your stun/meteors.
- Anhur Finally the big man lion himself. This god not only has your stun capabilities but when times right can chain stun and slow with you in the lane, any Anhur would love to have a competent Agni along in lane.

Who we want to roast
Thor This god, he has a good wall, an a good ult. however because of both of them tends to have balls the size of Manhattan. Most of the time he will miss the wall to save you, or will ult out of trouble leaving you with two very unhappy gods in front of you. Avoid him if necessary. If not. Then Play passively.
Artemis She is a great endgame god, however she needs a lot of love early game, love that an Agni just isn't equipped to give her. Avoid her if possible, if not, Then ask her to refrain from plunging as far into their territory as possible for that small chance of getting a kill.
Vamana This guy is cheap, an great. But his dash skill can definitely cause you to miss meteor shots at key moments because he is either trying to ks or run away. not a big reason, but enough of one to know that there are better options out there.
Bakasura, Kali. These two while not being bad lane partners, are definitely sub par to the combo of Agni/Arachne, and Agni/Bastet. Simply because of the ulting difference. their ults don't synch well with Agni and usually result in half dead gods an no kill laning phases.


Good and the Bad

-Great ganking power
-Is a big help in a team fight if smart with charges
-Is very good at getting away.
-Can harass with the best of them early game as long as he is smart.
-excellent at running down that god who thought he got away.
-Relatively squishy
-Long Cool downs on your skills.
-A very loud Jungler


Agni, after his Nerf, can no longer mid nearly as effectively. But with this guide and build I hope to have shown you guy's how effective he can be in lane, while still being viable in team fights late game. Any feedback is always welcome. Thank you Asmoday for your feedback, was definitely needed and welcome. Hope everyone can find some good usage out Agni now.


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Maitre | October 16, 2012 12:38am
Xanthious wrote:

breastplate of valor adds no combo is completely left out...laying down ur path of flames then casting noxious fumes so its touching the flames ignites it instantly, the majority of ur stuns should come from that combo...

Don't know what I was thinking with the Breastplate of Valour
as to using Path of Flame and then Noxious Fumes, Yes it does light it instantly. But by putting down fumes first you still retain the option of lighting it with flame wave too, and you may decide at the last second not to go in while still having the ability to run out. And different situations call for different combo's, such as 1-2-3. Noxious Fumes then Flame Wave then Path of Flame, can be used if your running toward your tower and want to put a bit of damage on them while still retaining your health. Path of Flame last because it will get you farther away rather than blowing it just to ignite your noxious fumes and then sticking around to flame wave them. But I do agree that 3-1-2 is a great opening combo and should be used often, Thank you for your feedback, it is most appreciated :)
Westighouse (102) | October 7, 2012 8:46pm
Obsidian Shard is useless unless they are building magic MR out the ***. Dont nbother getting this item.

meditation is the worst ability in game right now and buying pots and or Doom Orb youll be better off. The orb is actually really powerful on Agni.

As for the guide, add skill icons, color and break it up so its not just a giant wall of text.
Xanthious (5) | October 7, 2012 8:32pm
breastplate of valor adds no combo is completely left out...laying down ur path of flames then casting noxious fumes so its touching the flames ignites it instantly, the majority of ur stuns should come from that combo...
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