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Freya - Aurora Gory-alis (S5, All Modes, Patch 5.23)

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Smite God: Freya

Build Guide Discussion (122) More Guides
Carry the Light (Conquest: ADC / Hybrid)
Carry the Light (Conquest: ADC / Hybrid) Burst of Light (Conquest: Mid / Burst) Non-Conquest Teamfight Modes

Purchase Order

Thoth / Early Burst Build (Replace Shoes Late If Preferred) Notes This build looks to rush Book of Thoth so you never have to worry about mana, and builds quickly in to Polynomicon to help with burst damage from Northern Lights.
  • Alternative Mobility Start: You can consider getting Shoes of the Magi before Thoth, if you're concerned about ganks or high enemy mobility.

  • Alternative Thoth Rush Start: Instead of getting the blessing, you can start with Book of Souls to get Thoth online ASAP.
Situational 6th item: Book of the Dead in this build is a situational example, and goes well with the high mana from Thoth. Other functional items can be considered from the "Optional Items" list.

Late-Game Shoes Replacement: Finish up by replacing Shoes of the Magi with Hastened Ring for further basic attack function and mobility.

Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon
Build Item Demonic Grip Demonic Grip
Build Item Telkhines Ring Telkhines Ring
Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Hastened Ring Hastened Ring

Standard Starting Items (Early Thoth Builds) Notes Hunter's Blessing is typically a solid starter, due to the enhanced basic attack damage, the MP5, and the attack speed once evolved.

As a secondary option, you can rush Book of Thoth by picking up Book of Souls.

Build Item Hunter's Blessing Hunter's Blessing
Build Item Spellbook Spellbook
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion

Shoes Options Notes Shoes of the Magi (Damage): standard choice for early penetration.

Shoes of Focus (CDR): the CDR will allow your ult and burst from Northern Lights to be available a bit more often. Better in teamfight modes when you may need your abilities more often.

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus

High Penetration Options Notes Demonic Grip (DPS): Standard ADC choice for high DPS and strong penetration against all enemies.

Obsidian Shard (Anti-Tank): This can be used with or without Demonic Grip for high penetration against the tankiest of enemy comps, and can work well in a burst build utilizing Book of Thoth and Polynomicon.

Build Item Demonic Grip Demonic Grip
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard

Lifesteal Options Notes Bancroft's Talon (1 v 1 Sustain): standard 1st lifesteal choice for boxing exchanges. The increasing lifesteal and higher power when fighting (and getting damaged) will help you get the upper hand in a 1v1 fight.

Typhon's Fang (Lifesteal Boost): optional, and should only be picked up as a 2nd lifesteal item. It provides enhanced lifesteal and works synergistically with Bancroft's.

Polynomicon (Burst Damage): great for enhanced burst when used in combination with Northern Lights. It is typically purchased when you build into Book of Thoth.

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Typhon's Fang Typhon's Fang
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon

Situational Items Notes Choose as suits your playstyle or needs.

Book of the Dead (Mana Shield): good hybrid survival option with health shield from base mana. Only consider if you have Book of Thoth.

Telkhines Ring (DPS Boost): provides enhanced basic attack damage, and is always useful in a DPS build that includes Demonic Grip.

Hastened Ring (Boxing Mobility): the passive's temporary movement boost when basic attacking can allow you to juke and dance around enemies when boxing, or to keep up the pressure when chasing.

Witchblade (Anti-Basic Attack): possible late replacement for Shoes, used to counter enemy basic attackers.

Toxic Blade (Anti-Heal): possible late replacement for Shoes to counter enemy healing.

Mantle of Discord (Universal protection): survival option with high protections and a passive stun.

Magi's Cloak (Anti-CC): survival option, counter to strong enemy CC.

Build Item Book of the Dead Book of the Dead
Build Item Telkhines Ring Telkhines Ring
Build Item Hastened Ring Hastened Ring
Build Item Witchblade Witchblade
Build Item Toxic Blade Toxic Blade
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak

Relics to Consider Notes This list of relics is short, but likely to be the only ones you'll ever really want/need.

When in doubt, the combination of Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet will help prolong your life or get you out of sticky situations.

Heavenly Wings is a great utility pickup when you don't need both of the other two relics. Upgrade it to gain the "Hastened" effect when Hastened Ring's passive is on CD, and use it to chase or escape as needed.

Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Aegis Amulet Aegis Amulet
Build Item Heavenly Wings Heavenly Wings

Attack Speed Rush Build (Last Item Optional) Notes Starting Items: Hunter's Blessing, Emerald Ring, potions.

This build requires you to manage your mana carefully in the early game, but gives you very strong wave-clear and boxing threat, which can be good if you've got a better early-game matchup advantage.

In this build, alternative item directions are shown.
  • Book of Thoth is built later to still allow for high mana use with less focus on burst and more on DPS.

  • Bancroft's Talon enhances sustain when boxing.

  • Telkhines Ring provides a strong DPS boost due to the passive and the attack speed.
6th item listed is situational / preference.

Replace Shoes of the Magi late.

Build Item Demonic Grip Demonic Grip
Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Book of Thoth Book of Thoth
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Telkhines Ring Telkhines Ring
Build Item Typhon's Fang Typhon's Fang
Build Item Hastened Ring Hastened Ring

Freya's Skill Order

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

1 X
3 8 11 12 14
Aurora Blade

Aurora Blade

2 A
1 4 6 7 10


3 B
2 15 16 18 19
Valkyrie's Discretion

Valkyrie's Discretion

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20


Recent Updates:

2018/12/12: Guide is updated for Patch 5.23, "Godslayer."

2018/10/8: Guide is updated for Patch 5.19, "Queen of the Gods." Builds updated.

Revision History

Hello everyone! My name is Branmuffin17 (PC IGN: Muffinman17, PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17), and I'm a SMITEFire moderator and casual SMITE player on PC and PS4. Welcome to my fourth venture outside of my original project, The Overarching Assault Guide.

I'll assume you know the basic gist of gameplay in the various modes, so I won't be teaching or talking much about rotating, minions, tickets, etc., except in the direct context of Freya's gameplay. If you want details on general info, I invite you to check out my other guides:

Conquest Guide
Arena Guide

This is a work in progress, as it should be. I'm always open to new ideas and different approaches.

Although she's a mage, Freya's gameplay style has similarities to an ADC Hunter. Where hunters typically don't have access to the Haste buff, she can pick this up in Hastened Ring, making herself a very mobile boxer.

With her kit rework, she now has more burst damage function, so her playstyle and role has also seen a shift, and sees her in the Mid-Lane as well.

..... Strengths .....

+ High single target damage
+ Built-in AOE for wave-clear
+ High mobility/juke capabilities
+ Good sustain via lifesteal
+ Comes online fairly quickly
... Weaknesses ...

- Squishy
- Needs good aim
- Escape ability is also her ult
- Aurora Blade can turn minions on you

These builds have differing focus, looking to maximize her damage potential in various ways. She can be built with basic attack enhancement, burst damage intent, or a blend of the two, all of which is viable. Ready to see the light?



Mystic Warrior
Melee basic attacks restore 6% of her maximum mana per successful hit. Ranged basic attacks and abilities heal 2% of her maximum HP per successful hit up to once per shot.

Discussion: You'll need to juggle need (restore health or mana?) with exposure, since to gain back mana, you'll need to use the melee form of Aurora Blade. Always be aware and try to use this to your best advantage; it'll be a constant balancing act.
Skill #1:

Northern Lights
Freya empowers her weapon, making the next basic attack that hits an enemy within the next 5 seconds deal bonus magical damage in an area around the enemy. Enemies hit by the explosion are slowed for 2 seconds. The first enemy god hit by the explosion takes full damage. Each explosion past the first will deal 25% of its total damage. Minions take half damage from the explosion. CD 9 seconds. 50% scaling.

Leveling Priority: Max this 2nd, and use it for control and burst.

General Use: Burst Damage / Slow

Discussion: This is an ability you'll use situationally, to provide burst and apply a slow. Simple in function, and can be applied in ranged or melee mode.

Even though it only does 1/2 damage against minions, if you've got enough mana, feel free to use it to speed your minion clear.
Skill #2:

Aurora Blade
Freya can switch between empowering her melee attacks or shooting pass-through ranged basic attacks that stop on gods. Both her melee and ranged attacks gain bonus magical damage. While toggled on, each ranged attack drains mana. Minions take no bonus damage from the ranged version of Aurora Blade.

28/40/52/64/76 (+20% scaling) in melee bonus damage. 20/30/40/50/60 (+20% scaling) in ranged bonus damage. 20/25/30/35/40 mana cost per shot in ranged form.

Leveling Priority: Max this 1st for minion clear and overall damage output.

General Use: Wave Clear / Ranged Damage / Mana Regen

Discussion: Toggle on for efficient minion clear, ADC boxing function, and health regen, but be very careful of mana use. Turn off and attack in melee range for significant mana regen.
Skill #3:

At her ground target location, Freya "banishes" her enemies into the air for 1.5 seconds. Enemies can't be hit or take action while in the air. CD 19/18/17/16/15 seconds.

Leveling Priority: Max this last.

General Use: Initiation / Escape / Control

Discussion: This can be used as an initiation, continued attack, or escape tool. The small affected area means it's slightly difficult to land consistently, but when it does, it allows you and/or teammates to close the gap or run to safety. You can use more aggressively to initiate when your main "escape" tool, Valkyrie's Discretion, is up.

Tips: Banishes make the affected enemy un-targetable. This means you should use the ability with discretion, as untimely use can cause teammate abilities or ults to completely miss.

Valkyrie's Discretion
Freya flies above the battlefield, where she fires down AOE magical damage blasts up to 4 times. She can't be targeted or hit while at full ascension, and can cancel anytime. CD 90 seconds. 30% scaling.

Leveling Priority: Level this as it becomes available.

General Use: Escape / Teamfight AOE Damage / Finisher

Discussion: Many players will just consider this for its offensive capabilities, which are impressive...the large AOE blasts can hit multiple enemies for good damage, and has slightly longer range than her ranged Aurora Blade, helping her finish enemies just out of normal reach. However, Freya doesn't have a low CD teleport or jump, so this is the only ability she has that can get her out of some dangerous situations.

Tips: It provides her with CC immunity and allows her to escape from player-made obstacles, making it a great, easy counter to abilities such as Ares' No Escape or Odin's Ring of Spears. When facing these types of enemies, it's suggested to save the ult until absolutely needed.

Not So Discrete

Ability Combos

With regard to ability combos, there really isn't much for Freya.

Banish in offensive purpose is used for initiation or to prevent the enemy from escaping after an initial barrage, allowing you time to re-position and engage a second time with your other abilities.

Valkyrie's Discretion is an ability that is more for finishing a kill or escaping damage.

Your biggest concern when fighting is going to be toggling Aurora Blade on for ranged function when enemies aren't in melee range, and turning it off when you're in close, as you deal a bit higher damage in melee form.

You will also want to watch health and mana, which can also determine which type you decide (or are forced) to use.

Trigger Northern Lights for added burst function, and a helpful slow. If you want to save Banish as an escape tool, you can use the slow this provides to close distance with the enemy.

ADC / Hybrid (Builds & Gameplay + Relics)

Carry the Light (ADC / Hybrid Builds)

Thoth / Early Burst Build

+ Situational Items

Thoth Rush Build (Details & Discussion)

Attack Speed Rush Build

+ Situational Items

Attack Speed Rush Build (Details & Discussion)


Relic Options

ADC Starting Process & Early Game

ADC Mid to Late Game

ADC Warding Locations

Support Synergies & Matchups

ADC Matchups

Mid / Burst (Builds & Gameplay)

Burst of Light (Mid / Burst Builds)

Standard Mid / Burst Build

+ Situational Item

Standard Mid / Burst Build (Details & Discussion)

Squishy Burst Build

+ Situational Item

Squishy Burst Build (Details & Discussion)

Mid Gameplay (Mid / Burst Builds)

Mid Starting Process & Early Game

Mid to Late Game

Mid-Lane Warding Locations

Non-Conquest Teamfight Modes (Builds & Gameplay)

Non-Conquest Teamfight Builds

+ Situational Item

Hybrid Build (Details & Discussion)

+ Situational Item

Non-Stacking ADC Build (Details & Discussion)

Game Start & First Waves

Easy Does It


Light My Blade!

Late Game

No One Can Stop Me!

Lore & References

Who is Freya? (aka Lore for Dummies)

Smite Builder: If you haven't seen or used it before, check out this site by EliteOwnage. Similar in purpose to KrettCalc, but with an easy-to-use interface, you can theory-build to your heart's content, and set up head-to-heads to see how your build will fare against different enemies and builds.

Some Of My Guides

If you liked this guide, check out my other ones below!

The Overarching Series

Arena Guide

Assault Guide

Conquest Guide

Individual God Guides

An Alcoholic's Chugging Guide


Gifting Kills

Shifu Guan Yu:
The Battle

Loki: The Backstabbing Bastard

Medusa: Getting Everyone Stoned


So that's it! If you like what I've done and how I try to improve the guide, anyone is welcome to suggest a god for me to work on next...preferably a god without a solid guide...and of course, I have to own him and/or want to play him =P but I'll let you know...

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, etc. Feel free to add me/invite me if you want to play!

Brandon / PC IGN: Muffinman17 / PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17


Thanks to the following people:

For helping with Conquest builds and some tips

For general Arena knowledge and in-depth help with builds / calculations

For multiple suggestions for better presentation!

For aesthetic ideas and templates to make the guide prettier

For suggestions for build options and missing info

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Kriega1 (44) | December 13, 2018 3:41pm
Where’s Celestial Legion Helm? That item is especially potent on her in ADC role.
Branmuffin17 (235) | December 13, 2018 4:20pm
You always present these comments with a feeling like you're incredulous of its absence, LOL. Funny thing is, Celestial Legion Helm looks like it's the flavor of the month. Before November or so, it was almost never seen being built on her. And it's still not a core item seen in every match against a physical ADC. Some people seem to be picking it up, while others aren't.

Funny about the trend also, since the item hasn't had any recent adjustments. All of a sudden, someone said "oh hey I'll try this" and it worked and others are now picking it up sometimes.

So I concede the point. It's being used by the pros, and yes, you keep up with all the pro builds on a daily basis. It's functional, and I can list it as an option. But I'm personally not stuck on just what the pros are building. I look at their builds and they're literally all over the place, not just with items, but build order, depending on the god. I think there are a LOT of builds that can be functional in any given situation, and I'm not planning on covering every single contingency. I'll do what I can to keep the general things covered, and do appreciate you pointing this out.
Kriega1 (44) | December 14, 2018 4:42am
It’s not just for dealing for physical adc’s but physical junglers too. Freya is so broken at the moment that she can still have a good damage output against the other ADC with just pen boots, hunters and Celestial Legion Helm. Maybe not on Freya, but the item was still being built for a while. It’s basically seeing usage on Freya in a similar usage to the late season 3 version of the item.
Load more comments (3 more replies) →
YJHades | August 2, 2018 11:52am
So far i have found that building freya more as a typical mage with hastened ring works better.... only what ive found may not be true for everyone
Branmuffin17 (235) | August 2, 2018 12:19pm
Hi Hades,

That seems to be the case a lot of the time, but it's seriously all over the place.

Seeing a lot of Book of Thoth + Polynomicon, along with perhaps 1 or 2 rings...sometimes a very early Demonic Grip (before boots), though in one case, PrettyPrime went with an early Telkhines Ring instead, which I find weird...though he went 8/0/7 LOL.

I honestly have only played her once since the 5.13 patch, and it was in Arena. In good conscience, I need to play her more before I update.

I have my own idea of how I'm going to prefer building her, and I'll lay that out here briefly, but again, I need to test.
  • With her current mana needs (even dropping a bit with 5.14), along with the decent scaling effect we're seeing with Northern Lights (nerfed a bit but that's ok), it makes a lot of sense to go with Book of Thoth. On an individual level, I don't want to have to worry all the time about mana management. If I can get around that, I'll probably drop Thoth, because she definitely can regen mana surprisingly quickly with her melee attack.

  • No matter what others say, I'll still prefer her boxing capabilities, and want to keep 2 rings in place...said rings being Hastened Ring and Demonic Grip. Hastened in particular is appreciated for that extra mobility, since she has none otherwise.

  • I just don't like Obsidian Shard that much. The % pen doesn't help against objectives, and against squishies, is going to provide the equivalent of < 10 flat pen, which sucks. I'd rather build the stacks with Demonic Grip and focus on her basic attack function, unless facing 3+ tanky enemies and want the pen up-front.

  • Polynomicon will likely be core. I don't like the 3 second CD, especially trying to get 2 procs out of it if I want to incorporate Banish, but the burst combined with the high power from Thoth makes too much sense. I still would prefer Bancroft's Talon, but for now, Poly will likely be the main lifesteal.

  • Build preference will likely be Hunter's Blessing, Shoes of Focus (or Magi), Book of Thoth, Demonic Grip, Polynomicon, Hastened Ring, situational (including possibilities of Typhon's Fang, Book of the Dead, Telkhines Ring, or protection).
Kriega1 (44) | August 2, 2018 5:02pm
For mid what about: Book of Thoth, Shoes of the magi, spear of deso, polynomicon, obsidian (or demonic) and last item get either book of the dead or rod of Tahuti?
Load more comments (3 more replies) →
Kriega1 (44) | July 26, 2018 3:38am
Unless Hi Rez make more adjustments next patch then it could be time for a Freya Mid Build. - (There was a high level difference though) - Full Build is: Book of Thoth, Shoes of Focus, Spear of Deso, Polynomicon, Obsidian Shard, and Book of the Dead, he's not 100% sure if he would build Demonic Grip on her, but if he does he would replace Spear of Desolation for it). (At the end)

Also Spear of the Magus doesen't proc on her basics anymore.
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 26, 2018 8:22am
Yes, she is officially a mess. This guide/build is on hold, awaiting further adjustment from HR before I make any major revisions.

Knew her basics didn't proc hastened, forgot Magus would be the same. She's a huge mess in a team fight without mana from Thoth since she can't just dive in melee range without getting blown up, so she has to use ranged a lot. She's great for 1v1 lane, minions, and objectives. But yeah, they screwed her ADC function up big time.
Kriega1 (44) | July 26, 2018 9:31am
Wait her basics don’t proc Hastened?
Load more comments (6 more replies) →
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 18, 2018 11:07am
Revision to the builds based on PTS Round 2 of Patch 5.13.

Rangda's Mask is no longer an option for mages, so that's out the window. Aurora Blades also got a hard change, and no longer procs ability-based item passives, so Soul Gem is no longer a reasonable option. (and Polynomicon, though I never build that on her anyway)
boogiebass (20) | July 17, 2018 8:43pm
Sir, due to your inability to properly BB code, I'm gonna have to down vote your guide.

Your Shoes of the Magi and Purification Beads don't have a border around them, like the rest of your items do.

Your Heavenly Wings doesn't carry a tune since it's border is yellow rather than pink/purple (like the rest of your borders).

Let the entire universe know this man cannot BB code
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 18, 2018 12:53am
As you know you've had some BBcode viewing issues recently, you should probably have suspected your own hardware before second-guessing my BBcoding. THIS is how it looks on MY screen.

And the coding to show the borders are the same color

Time to upgrade your equipment, boogie-***.
boogiebass (20) | July 18, 2018 7:19am
Psst, try logging out and viewing your guide.
Load more comments (3 more replies) →
Gulfwulf (29) | July 17, 2018 10:48pm
boogiebass wrote:
Let the entire universe know this man cannot BB code

And you cannot spell. :P It's: "Your Heavenly Wings doesn't carry a tune since its..." not "Your Heavenly Wings doesn't carry a tune since it's..."
boogiebass (20) | July 18, 2018 7:20am
Shhh. Don't tell technotoad i wasn't on mobile.
boogiebass (20) | July 17, 2018 7:12pm
I r not a sleazebag >:(
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 17, 2018 1:25pm
Hi everyone,

Preliminary update to the reworked Freya version 5.13. Some things (like her new ability names) are not in the system yet, which is reflected in some wonky BB coding look for the time being.

I'm looking for feedback on the builds and build order, and since there were so many changes, I'm also looking for help catching any mistakes I may have made. Thanks in advance!
DV-8 (21) | July 17, 2018 3:41pm
No Deathbringer? -1

I will check this out when the new patch goes live, that way I can test in jg practice. I haven't used Freya all that much.
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 17, 2018 4:21pm
DV-8 wrote:


I don't like it on her. Just the name, it's not like she's a god of war and death. Also, she has her own sword already, she doesn't need that one. Rings look better on her, and they accentuate her delicate fingers.
Load more comments (1 more replies) →
boogiebass (20) | July 13, 2018 3:33pm
Freya, Bran's personal $2 *****.
boogiebass (20) | July 13, 2018 3:40pm
Inb4 mom joke
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 13, 2018 3:31pm
Since "Pulse" will no longer be a thing, I need a new title for the guide. Any thoughts? XD
Kriega1 (44) | July 13, 2018 4:53pm
Blade of Aurora? Or, Mystic Warrior of Valhalla?
Branmuffin17 (235) | July 13, 2018 4:57pm
I hate they called the passive "warrior." Since she's a mage it sends a weird message in my mind.

I liked the old theme, using Pulse as a musical beat reference and throwing in music/dance references here and there. Can't do that anymore, but still want to have some kind of theme, if possible. Something to do with shining lights, perhaps, but...ugh.
Kriega1 (44) | June 2, 2018 12:13am
Since the boots changes, im not sure if Traveler's Shoes is worth it for the jungle build anymore, though you can argue Freya makes less use of the power than other mages. Also one more item as an alternative boots replacement could be Spear of Desolation. Also Magi's Cloak as well.
Branmuffin17 (235) | June 2, 2018 10:26am
My two points to that are the power thing that you mentioned, and also her lack of other mobility. I know the next items she gets add MS, but she will appreciate all she can get. I think at this point though that Shoes of the Magi would be an equally good option. Maybe I'll make that option based on enemy comp (high enemy mobility points to Traveler's, less mobility = Magi).

I don't give options in the Jungle tab, though, and I really should do that. I honestly didn't even touch the Jungle section, and it needs a bit of fixing. I'll revamp that. Thanks for pointing it out.
Kriega1 (44) | April 5, 2018 5:53am, Have a look at this, see whether you still build boots on Freya. I didn't realise her base movement speed was that high, kind of makes boots pointless in a way.
Branmuffin17 (235) | April 5, 2018 10:57am
Yeah, I saw that a couple of days ago, and posted it in one of xmysterionz's Cupid posts (because the first 10 seconds, DM states as ADC he basically chooses between Cupid and Freya which indicates he doesn't think Cupid is horribly underpowered).

In previous versions of this guide, I have, at times, foregone shoes. Most notable in my recollection is early S4, when they got rid of Hastened Fatalis, but the rings and Witchblade all had good MS. At that point, I could get 20% MS in the first 2 items ( Witchblade + Hastened Ring).

As of now, I can only get 17% between those two items, or 14% between Hastened Ring and Demonic Grip as DM suggests. This is a problem for me, because of a few things:
  • Sure, Freya's base MS is higher than most...but it's not like she'll outrun them like shouldn't be very noticeable. Hers is 375. Da Ji's is also 375. Serqet's is 370. Geb is 360. Ymir is 365. Between Freya and the lowest MS (360), that's a 4% difference, which is something, but, to me, not enough. She's still susceptible to slows too.

  • Grip + Ring (in the order DM suggests) costs 4,450 gold. She'll be devastating once she gets those online, but her MS is still going to be lower than pretty much every other player in the game, and for much longer. Getting 18% from Magi or Focus is only around 1,550-1600 gold.

  • Although she has great CC in Banish, she doesn't have a mobility ability that allows her to dash/leap/etc. to create further space. Sure, her ult makes her untargetable, but it doesn't increase her MS. This means, if she's at the mid-point of the duo lane, she'll have to scare off any enemies or kill them before they kill her, because it's unlikely she'll outrun them. Also, additional MS items are very popular these days...Supports going Travelers Shoes, many assassins getting Stone Cutting Sword or Heartseeker, on top of their normal boots...etc.

    Here are some scenarios that would give her fits. Duo lane, threat of Ymir blink. Do you stay VERY far back? What if you're trying to take down the wave, and Ymir doesn't blink but just runs toward you? He probably has higher MS after his first back so he can definitely chase you down. Do you use Banish then? What if his ADC is also charging in? What if your Support doesn't have enough CC to save you? Banish one, try to outrun the other? What about that blink? What if the enemy ADC has a leap of their own, or some nice CC? Hou Yi with not only a leap but a potential stun, and the slow in his ult? Artemis pops her Tusky? What if an assassin comes in for a gank? What if it's Serqet who has 2 great mobility abilities? Is she going to outdamage them that early in the game, burst them down and get a kill without dying herself? (answer is no, probably not, at least not before she gets those 2 rings online)
Now I know that DM isn't really competitive level, but he's definitely a better player than me. I just feel safer with the early, standard MS at this point. But I probably should try out his build suggestion.

As for the rest of his build...
  • He prefers Mage's Blessing. I prefer Hunter's due to the AS boost at full stacks. I'm fine giving up a bit of early pressure, because I'm unlikely to win early lane anyway. Rather, I'd just play safer, and likely have to activate Pulse 2x on some waves (depending on how my Support's clear is). I think that added AS, especially in combination with Ring/Grip, really enhances her DPS...15% AS is no slouch, and the 15 added damage is like a mini Telkhines.

  • He likes Demonic before Hastened. I'm fine with that, and he likes the higher damage potential from it. Just like before, though, I'm concerned about my own safety in addition to being able to output damage. The passive MS is situational, but can allow me to juke and box more effectively. Just my preference.

  • He builds double-lifesteal with Typhon's Fang pretty early, which is very nice for sustain. I'm definitely open to that, but I think my personal preference would be to get it late as a replacement to shoes (which I give the option for in the guide)...historically, I've felt that Bancroft's Talon as a standalone was very strong for her sustain, and enough in many instances to keep her in the fight and win battles.

  • It's cool for me that he and I both agree that Demonic + Spear of the Magus is core, and that Bancroft's as a first lifesteal item is the preferred item.
Anyway, thoughts?
Kriega1 (44) | April 5, 2018 11:41am
Dammit, I thought between Hastened Ring and Demonic Grip they both gave 17% combined, though it's actually 14% (not that bad, but not great). That means you sacrifice time to reach lane quicker and escape enemy ganks but you gain early dps and damage. I guess it may be preference or enemy composition based then. Having the two rings is fine for farming and boxing the enemy adc but does screw up the movement speed a bit, but not too much? Hastened Ring also doesen't get as much use bought before Demonic Grip as the passive's longer cooldown makes it's passive less consistent early game than mid to late game (where time between full on engagements is longer), which may lead to the passive being wasted especially as Freya dosen't clear the wave that easily.

I think Mage's Blessing and Hunter's Blessing are both good. It does clear the wave quickly but it worsens direct auto damage. Could get either to be honest, and could probably get Mage's Blessing in mid, which isn't too bad as she can farm a lot, though may want to start at wave depending on enemy mid.

Also in regards to the scenarios, that's what you use Purification Beads and Valkyrie's Discretion for. Talking about Serqet, Banish works very well against her as does Valkyrie's Discretion and Purfication Beads, and midgame Aegis Amulet is very useful against her as well.

On another note, I noticed you listed Spirit Robe as a possible item on Freya. I really don't think it's as suited on her as Mantle of Discord (which you list) and Magi's Cloak (which you dont' list). Spirit Robe is more of a bruiser mage item for Hades, Zhong Kui, sometimes Zeus and even Ah Puch. It works well on Mages who build health, but even then the once chance you would build health on Freya (which of course hurts your early game quite a bit) is Warlock's Staff in solo lane, if you somehow ended up there.
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