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Freya - Pulsing to the Beat (S5, All Modes, Patch 5.10)

June 13, 2018 by Branmuffin17
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

'Carry'ing a Tune (Conquest / Standard ADC)

Smite God: Freya

Item Purchase Order

Example Build Progression (Replace Shoes Late If Preferred)

Build Item Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Hastened Ring
Build Item Demonic Grip
Build Item Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Telkhines Ring
Build Item Typhon's Fang

Starting Items (Mage's Blessing If Preferred)
? Hunter's Blessing is my preferred starter, because the bonus attack speed once evolved is great for her early clear and DPS.

Mage's Blessing is an alternative for better early clear, depending on how much the enemy allows you to basic attack the waves at melee range. The passive's 25 damage on all 6 minions is 150 bonus damage. At the start of the game, you'll only get 6 hits of Pulse before it goes on CD, which equates to 90 damage in total.

If the enemy looks to have a significantly stronger early laning phase than you, Mage's may help you just a bit more.

Build Item Hunter's Blessing Build Item Shoes Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Healing Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion

Item #1 (Choose One)
?I typically go with Shoes of the Magi, which is good for early pen against enemy gods before I get Demonic Grip, which I prefer 3rd.

If you prefer to get Demonic Grip 2nd, you may find good use out of Shoes of Focus, as the mana and CDR are nice to have.

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Shoes of Focus

Items #2-3 (Any Order)
?I prefer Hastened Ring 2nd. The early "Fatalis" mobility can be really nice in a joint gank attempt with teammates, or for general boxing to help you avoid enemy attacks.

Demonic Grip is not a bad 2nd choice, though, as it's 150 gold cheaper, has slightly higher attack speed, and will help you deal more damage via the protection reduction.

Build Item Hastened Ring Build Item Demonic Grip

Item #4: Lifesteal (Choose One)
? Bancroft's Talon is the standard choice for boxing exchanges, as the increasing lifesteal and higher power will help you get the upper hand in a single exchange.

Pythagorem's Piece is an underrated utility pickup, though, if you've got teammates that stick with you often. It has higher base lifesteal, gives you some health, and strengthens nearby teammates, not to mention helping with CDs.

Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Pythagorem's Piece

Items #5-6
? Spear of the Magus is a core penetration item. It should usually be picked up 5th.

Telkhines Ring doesn't have to be picked up 6th, and can be used as a 7th item replacement for your Shoes; however, the bonus attack and move speed, as well as a boost to your basic attack damage, really boost her late-game DPS.

Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Telkhines Ring

Late-Game Shoes Replacement Options
?As long as you've gotten all of Hastened Ring, Demonic Grip, and Telkhines Ring, these are all functional options to replace your Shoes. Choose as suits your playstyle or needs.

Build Item Rod of Tahuti Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Soul Gem Build Item Typhon's Fang Build Item Gem of Isolation Build Item Spirit Robe Build Item Mantle of Discord Build Item Magi's Cloak

Relics to Consider
?This list of relics is short, but likely to be the only ones you'll ever really want/need.

When in doubt, the combination of Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet will help prolong your life or get you out of sticky situations.

Heavenly Wings is a great utility pickup when you don't need both of the other two relics. Upgrade it to gain the Fatalis effect when Hastened Ring's passive is on CD, and use it to chase or escape as needed.

Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Heavenly Wings

DMBrandon's No Shoes Build
?Reference to his guide on YouTube (see dmbrandon!). He is comfortable not building shoes. Her base speed is higher than many other gods, and her 2 early core items provide 14% MS (which is close to the standard base of 18% provided by most Shoes/Boots).

This also gets her into her core items and higher damage output more quickly, but it's definitely not as safe.

Build Item Mage's Blessing Build Item Demonic Grip Build Item Hastened Ring Build Item Bancroft's Talon Build Item Typhon's Fang Build Item Spear of the Magus Build Item Telkhines Ring

God Skill Order


Irradiate 4 8 10 12 14 key bind


Pulse 1 3 6 7 11 key bind


Banish 2 15 16 18 19 key bind

Valkyrie's Discretion

Valkyrie's Discretion 5 9 13 17 20 key bind


Recent Updates:

2018/6/1-13: Guide is current as of Patch 5.10, "Medusa's Deathmatch." Info updated, and additional explanations added. Some optional items added. Thanks to Kriega1 for recent comments.

Revision History

Hello everyone! My name is Branmuffin17 (PC IGN: Muffinman17, PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17), and I'm a SMITEFire moderator and casual SMITE player on PC and PS4. Welcome to my fourth venture outside of my original project, The Overarching Assault Guide.

I'll assume you know the basic gist of gameplay in the various modes, so I won't be teaching or talking much about rotating, minions, tickets, etc., except in the direct context of Freya's gameplay. If you want details on general info, I invite you to check out my other guides:

Conquest Guide
Arena Guide

This is a work in progress, as it should be. I'm always open to new ideas and different approaches.

Although she's a mage, Freya's gameplay style is similar to a standard ADC Hunter, but with more roving, due to her high move speed and initiation/chase potential. With Hastened Ring and other core items providing high movespeed combined with extremely powerful DPS, this also gives her relevance in a Jungler's role.

..... Strengths .....

+ High single target damage
+ Built-in AOE for wave-clear
+ High mobility/juke capabilities
+ Good sustain via lifesteal
+ Comes online fairly quickly
... Weaknesses ...

- Squishy
- Needs good aim
- Escape ability is also her ult
- Pulse can turn minions on you
- Can be easily outpushed early

These builds focus on getting her mobility and damage online ASAP...these are mostly glass cannon builds, so you'll be relying on Hastened Ring's passive along with lifesteal to make you an effective boxer. Let's get our groove on.


Quick note on skill leveling: Getting Pulse up in level (but not necessarily maxed) first is suggested, specifically for minion wave-clear and all-around function, except for the Jungler role, who can use the extra damage Irradiate provides to secure kills. See skill leveling at the top of the guide for specific suggestions for each role.


Brisingamen's Blessing
Grants 5% + 0.5% magical lifesteal per level (max 15%).

This is a passive you don't ever have to think about. Built in lifesteal = built in sustain. You can use Pulse on minions to help keep your health up.
Skill #1:

Upon activation, her basic attacks do additional magical damage for 5 seconds. CD 11 seconds. 25% scaling.

Max this 2nd (1st for the Jungler), unless other teammates' wave-clear is superior.

Pure single target damage boost. Reliant on Pulse for ranged potential, but can be used without it if an enemy is close and isolated. Low scaling means power items have lesser effect...attack speed items have a huge effect on its damage output.

Radiation Sickness
Skill #2:

Upon activation, makes her basic attacks ranged, dealing additional magical damage for 6 seconds and slowing the target (25%) and nearby enemies. Area effect and slow is lost when Irradiate is active. CD 11 seconds. 15% scaling.

Max this 1st (2nd for the Jungler) for minion wave-clear and its multi-function capabilities.

Use by itself against a minion wave for an AOE effect and good clear. Use by itself against an enemy god to slow their retreat or to help a teammate escape. Use in combination with Irradiate for max damage potential at range. Attack speed items have a huge effect on its damage output.

Pulsing to the Beat
Skill #3:

At her ground target location, Freya "banishes" her enemies into the air for 1.5 seconds. Enemies can't be hit or take action while in the air. CD 19/18/17/16/15 seconds.

Max this last.

This can be used as an initiation, continued attack, or escape tool. The small affected area means it's slightly difficult to land consistently, but when it does, it allows you and/or teammates to close the gap or run to safety. You can use more aggressively to initiate when your main "escape" tool, Valkyrie's Discretion, is up.

The Banisher

Valkyrie's Discretion
Freya flies above the battlefield, where she fires down AOE magical damage blasts up to 4 times. She can't be targeted or hit while at full ascension, and can cancel anytime. CD 90 seconds. 30% scaling.

Level this as it becomes available.

Many players will just consider this for its offensive capabilities, which are impressive...the large AOE blasts can hit multiple enemies for good damage. However, Freya doesn't have a low CD teleport or jump, so this is the only ability she has that can get her out of some dangerous situations. It provides her with CC immunity and escape from player-made obstacles, making it a great, easy counter to abilities such as Ares' No Escape or Odin's Ring of Spears. Use in a variety of situations.

Not So Discrete

Ability Combos

With regard to ability combos, there's really only one combo for Freya.

Regarding her other abilities, Banish is a tool used for initiation or to prevent the enemy from escaping after an initial barrage, allowing you time to re-position and engage a second time with your other abilities.

Valkyrie's Discretion is an ability that is more for finishing a kill or escaping damage.

So, this section will be talking about when and how to use...

Irradiate and Pulse

Arena Clip: Ability Combo Examples

Arena Clip: What a Sequence! (Quadra)

Conquest / Standard ADC (Build & Gameplay + Relics)

'Carry'ing a Tune

Standard Shoes Build Progression (Sell Shoes Late)

+ Situational Item

Carrying a Tune (Details & Discussion)


Relic Options

ADC Starting Process & Early Game

ADC Mid to Late Game

ADC Warding Locations

Support Synergies & Matchups

ADC Matchups

Conquest / Jungler Alt (Build & Gameplay)

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

+ Situational Item

In The Jungle (Details & Discussion)

Jungler Starting Process & Early Game

Jungler Mid to Late Game

Jungler Warding Locations

Non-Conquest Teamfight Modes (Builds & Gameplay)

Movin' To The Groove

+ Situational Item

Movin' To The Groove (Details & Discussion)

Game Start & First Waves

Do The Minion Mambo


Threatening Tango

Late Game

Demolishing Disco

Gameplay Videos

New Season, Same Destruction (Arena: S3)

Buddies are Best (Arena: S3)

Scared for Nothing (Conquest ADC: S3)

Lore & References

Who is Freya? (aka Lore for Dummies)

Smite Builder: If you haven't seen or used it before, check out this site by EliteOwnage. Similar in purpose to KrettCalc, but with an easy-to-use interface, you can theory-build to your heart's content, and set up head-to-heads to see how your build will fare against different enemies and builds.

Some Of My Guides

If you liked this guide, check out my other ones below!

The Overarching Series

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So that's it! If you like what I've done and how I try to improve the guide, anyone is welcome to suggest a god for me to work on next...preferably a god without a solid guide...and of course, I have to own him and/or want to play him =P but I'll let you know...

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, etc. Feel free to add me/invite me if you want to play!

Brandon / PC IGN: Muffinman17 / PS4 IGN: Branmuffin17


Thanks to the following people:

For helping with Conquest builds and some tips

For general Arena knowledge and in-depth help with builds / calculations

For multiple suggestions for better presentation!

For aesthetic ideas and templates to make the guide prettier

For suggestions for build options and missing info

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