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CabraCAN do everything Jungle/Solo/Support

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Smite God: Cabrakan

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Jungle Solo Support

Purchase Order


Build Item Assassin's Blessing Assassin's Blessing
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Hand of the Gods Hand of the Gods
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion

Full build

Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Shoes of Focus Shoes of Focus
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Staff of Myrddin Staff of Myrddin
Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver

Late game Notes You can sell boots for whatever you need. Gem of Iso is good to consider but Spear of Magus provides such a good passive.

Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Soul Reaver Soul Reaver
Build Item Staff of Myrddin Staff of Myrddin
Build Item Spear of the Magus Spear of the Magus
Build Item Elixir of Speed Elixir of Speed

Relics + optional items

Build Item Blink Rune Blink Rune
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Gem of Isolation Gem of Isolation
Build Item Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard
Build Item Doom Orb Doom Orb
Build Item Charon's Coin Charon's Coin
Build Item Rangda's Mask Rangda's Mask
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak

Alternative lifesteal build Notes Somewhat based on Cherryo's SPL build however he had to go Anti-Heal so I've replaced that with Cooldown and Power. Go Divine Ruin if you need anti heal.

Build Item Shoes of the Magi Shoes of the Magi
Build Item Bancroft's Talon Bancroft's Talon
Build Item Typhon's Fang Typhon's Fang
Build Item Polynomicon Polynomicon
Build Item Spear of Desolation Spear of Desolation
Build Item Rod of Tahuti Rod of Tahuti
Build Item Elixir of Speed Elixir of Speed
Build Item Soul Gem Soul Gem

Cabrakan's Skill Order

Seismic Crush

Seismic Crush

1 X
2 8 11 12 14
Refraction Shield

Refraction Shield

2 A
1 4 6 7 10


3 B
3 15 16 18 19
Tectonic Shift

Tectonic Shift

4 Y
5 9 13 17 20
Array ( [extreme] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 20 [display_name] => Kali [url] => kali ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => Wasting a combo on Karen when she has beads and ultimate ready is just the worst thing ever. She can leap out of your ultimate and use her ultimate to survive anything you throw at her. Gods that can survive your combo and also do a ton of damage (especially close range) is your worst matchup. Unlike other junglers you don't have the auto attack damage to really box anyone. If you hit a combo and they survive you're most likely going to get hurt while everything is on cooldown. Pay super close attention to her actives and ultimate. Your team can be really helpful if they called out when her beads are used so you can know when to go after her. Use the buddy system if you have to engage and her ultimate/actives are up and ready. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 43 [display_name] => Thanatos [url] => thanatos ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => Thanatoast is a real pain in the *** to deal with. His silence can stop your combo. His lifesteal gives him really good sustain. His buff provides penetration and movement speed to chase you down. Plus his ultimate is an easy kill on you since you have no dash, leap or escape to dodge it. ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 12 [display_name] => Ymir [url] => ymir ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => Ymir jungle is filthy effective against Cab as his CC can stop your combo, stop your Tremor and he too is a big beefy Chad. His walls are on a lot shorter cooldown than yours and his ultimate will kill you if your 1 is on cooldown since it's your only way to escape it as it will make you immune to slow. ) ) [major] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 88 [display_name] => Da Ji [url] => da-ji ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Da ji is here simply for her ultimate. Cab has no escape and being pulled out of position usually results in death. If you're fighting her with her teammates around she can teleport out of your ultimate/tremor combo but other than that you should be able to deal with her as long as you avoid her ultimate. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 78 [display_name] => Erlang Shen [url] => erlang-shen ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Three... count em! Three CC abilities. Root, knock up and taunt. CC really is the bane of Cab players and trying to initiate on Erlang is extremely difficult. He can also feel pretty tanky at times with his protections and heal on taunt. If you engage and don't put him down with your combo you'll be stuck there for quite some time as his CC combo doesn't even let you fight back. I would even beads preemptively as you're going in to make sure he doesn't turn your combo into his combo. ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 44 [display_name] => Mercury [url] => mercury ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Another one shot enthusiast. Honestly there's no shame in adding Spectral Armor to your build just to stop his one shot potential. His ult and 3 can set his combo up but they can both sort of be dodged. Not by you of course you're a chonker but you can beads and hopefully smash him before he smashes you cause you know he definitely has Blink Beads as well. If he has Beads / Aegis it will turn into a boxing match you might not win. Your best counter is just praying to Kuku, or whoever the Mayan god is, that Merc will go Blink. ) ) [even] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 60 [display_name] => Ao Kuang [url] => ao-kuang ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Ao Kuang at times feels like the worst and best match up? Pretty slippery target with his stealth/teleport. If you catch him though he doesn't have a stun to knock you out of Tremors so he'll have to teleport. If that's on cooldown he'll most likely ultimate you to save himself. If that's on cooldown too free kill. His attack speed/lifesteal build is insane. His attack speed and ability to out box other junglers is god tier. Luckily you're a Chad and one shot people. You don't box cause boxing is for Kyle's. Ao Kyle can easily be one shot but catching him is the hard part. If he survives the combo somehow it's best to just leave. He'll regain all his health from lifesteal and be able to poke you with abilities till he can execute. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 2 [display_name] => Arachne [url] => arachne ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Currently, Arachne is dummy strong. She'll be way faster and will probably invade your camps a lot. But you're a big beefy Chad and she's a tiny spider lady. She has no escape other than her ultimate. You literally have to put her down with one shot. Best case scenario is she beads, she'll be forced to use her ultimate to escape which means she can't use it on teammates. The worst fight with her is one where she beads and the majority of your stuff is on cooldown. If she beads your combo you'll want to disengage or try to bait out her stun. Otherwise her combo can melt health bars. ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 35 [display_name] => Fenrir [url] => fenrir ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Fenrir early game can be troublesome but you should really focus on farming and making sure you're out leveling him. It's going to be really rough for the first phase of the game because Fenrir loves to gank a lot early on. The last thing you want to do is constantly rotate to lanes and try to keep up with him on ganking. Farming and making sure you're not getting behind is the best way to counter Fenrir as he'll most likely disappear late game. He becomes a different sort of the threat in late game however. As now he's turned into an ult bot. And that ultimate is a Cab's worst nightmare as your lack of escape, leap or dash means he can pull you to your doom. Beads really is your only life line since you don't have a fast escape. Having to use your beads and walling off your enemies as you run away might save you but you pay for it by not having your arsenal up and ready. ) [3] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 66 [display_name] => Ratatoskr [url] => ratatoskr ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Rat is a fellow one shot god... squirrel himself. His early game might be the best there is. Hearing this little annoying voice off in the distance zipping around might be the most terrifying noise in the game. But there is a counter. Wards, just lots of wards. Oh and being able to look up is a good counter. Yeah apparently you can go into the settings and enable the ability to look up. Years of playing Smite and I never knew we had such a privilege. Beads the ultimate and stun him then set off your combo. He'll beads your stun but if he doesn't have aegis he won't survive your ult. Critical nut is... a very dirty phrase in my mind apparently, but it's a devastating item even if it's not super meta anymore his one shot potential is still dangerous. It shall be a battle of the one shots then. ) ) ) 1

Cabrakan' Threats

Click each Level on the left to view
Cabrakan' threats


This is more of a build guide rather than the technical aspects of Cabrakan so I'll just go over his 3 possible rolls you can play as well as his abilities while explaining what you can expect with these roles. If you liked this build/guide consider voting. If you don't like something please feel free to comment. If you thought the title was cringey don't worry it gets worse. There's a bad Eurotrip reference in this guide some where. Try to find it!


Shadow Zone Passive
Cabrakan and nearby teammates take 5% reduced damage... that's it. Kind of a boring passive but % reduced damage is actually not too shabby.

Seismic Crush
This ability will provide a stim/buff pulling out your shields allowing you to move faster and be immune to soft CCs like Slow and Root. After this is activated the first thing you hit will be stunned for 1 second. I say thing because you can accidentally use this ability on a minion or tower. Yes you can waste it on towers. I've done that before.

Refraction Shield
Your main wave clear. This is a cone ability doing a good amount of damage in front of you. However this is also a stun when you've built your 2nd passive. As you take damage you build up a 2nd passive that is shown on your screen. Once that circle is full you'll have 8 seconds to utilize the stun. This passive can be built up by getting hit from jungle camps. If you'd like a second stun ability you can let yourself get beat up by Harpies before going to do your one shot attempt as the stun duration is longer than Seismic Crush just remember if you have the passive activated then using both 1 and 2 will apply Diminishing Returns making your target stunned for less time.

This AoE ability is channeled and will damage every tick as you pound the ground. This ability eats mana like crazy and last 10 seconds. The problem with this being a wave is the mana consumption and the fact you can be CCed out of the ability. It's a very good wave clear to finish off a wave with low health or if you pull the minions away from the enemy. This ability is perfect as a topper to your combo. Anything left alive will be trapped behind your walls as you pound the ground making it hard for them to walk straight due the tremble effect (basically like an intoxication) and they'll be unable to escape their inevitable demise.

Tectonic Shift
The character delete button. This ultimate summons walls around the area in front of you doing massive damage to anyone in that line. The walls can be broken with 3 hits, jumped over or they can be completely countered by Phantom Veil but the damage will surely be all you need most of the time. As support this can be effective to set up kills for your teammates and block off enemies trying to run away. This can also be used to block off enemies chasing your teammates. A fun little trick you can do is stacking minion waves together as well. If you're solo lane and their solo is off doing something else, you can clear the wave then ultimate your minions forcing them to stay back and wait long enough to have them close to the next wave coming in. Running ahead while the walls are up then proxy the next wave of minions will make sure 6 archers focus firing on the tower without interruption will do a lot of damage. Kind of a waste of an ultimate but if you got the lane to yourself and your objective damage is about as good as hitting a tower with a wet paper towel the minions do help.


Cabrakan jungle is still a solid choice. Sure maybe Arachne or Ratatoskr would be better choices but Cabrakan has something they don't have. Loads of fun. Cabrakan jungle is just fun as all hell. How often do you see people fear the small Rat running towards them? Or a tiny spider? No what they will fear is the Mega Chad duel wielding shields and running slightly sideways for maximum terror. For Cab jungle your presence on the game is most felt early to mid game as your combo will demolish people still working on builds.

Late game is where Cab has to adjust as his power will not fall off but targets become harder to deal with. Stuff like Magi's Cloak and Mantle of Discord start showing up on squishy targets which can throw a wrench in your fun. You'll be focused down quickly late game as well without any defensive items so you'll want to ward as much as possible and look for those squishy targets out of position for clean picks. Cab still plays like a fat Loki and Blink Rune is really your only form of initiation. You'll want to avoid team fights and sneak into a back line and delete their damage dealers then waddle away. Depending on if you bought some % pen like Obsidian Shard you can deal a lot of damage to tanks so as long as the squishy targets are gone you can beat them up too.

Jungle Cab can be built one way and one way only. One shot. You want your combo to delete people as fast as possible. How do you do that?

With the passive built up that gives two stuns. If you've bought Polynomicon the 2nd combo underneath is the one you want to try. You'll proc the passive Poly and Spear of Magus when you stun with Refraction Shield and then use your ultimate then hit them with Seismic Crush which counts as an auto attack so you'll hit that with your Poly and stun at the same time. You'll want to space out the stuns to use their duration effectively. Remember you'll give your enemy Diminishing Returns so your second stun will suffer on their duration. Personally I like the Refraction stun. It's a little easier to hit and last longer. Nothing more awkward than swinging your arms at thin air desperately trying to hit the stun on your 1. The combo should look like this with your passive.

Combo 2 with passive

When you wall try to body block your enemy before starting Tremor. Either inside your walls or small gaps. Say you're able to use your ultimate near a wall completely blocking one side and there's a small gap on the other side, instead of starting Tremor in your walls head over to that gap to body block that and then start Tremor there. That will force them to only have one direction to run and it's the opposite side of safety meaning if you don't get the kill hopefully your enemy team will as the enemy has to run towards them to escape. Your ultimate has so many different ways to make it more efficient. Utilize your surroundings as part of your ultimate.

Item Choices


This item can be used with Seismic Crush as it's an auto attack. This just adds extra damage on top of the ability. Proc the passive before ganking and you'll be all set. If you're using your passive to start the combo you don't need to worry about it since Refraction Shield will trigger the combo.

Duel Spears

Getting both spears can be filthy damage for Cab. Desolation is extremely helpful for cooldowns since you'll need a lot of cooldown for jungle. Once you start ganking the kills let your ultimate get up faster. As for Magus this is mainly there to make sure your ultimate puts the nail in the coffin. When you hit with Seismic Crush or Refraction Shield you'll proc that damage passive making the rest of your combo hit that much harder. On squishy targets this will absolutely pulverize them and you might not even need to use Tremors.

Staff of Myrddin

This is useful for the cooldown reduction, power and penetration but also the passive allows you to make your combo get an extra ability. I wouldn't use that extra ability on Tremors you can actually try to set up a way to use Refraction Shield twice or Seismic Crush so you do extra burst damage. This item can change the way you do your one shot combo and add extra damage on top of damage.

Rod of Tabooty

Absolutely required. This item makes this build super expensive with both Staff and Rod together. But in the end it will all make sense as you're turning gods into paste. Your 1 and 2 combo will hit hard enough to easily take squishy targets down to 1/3rd their health bar. This item makes it so if a target is at 50% health or lower they take extra damage. This is also perfect for anyone who survives the combo to be easily killed by Tremors.

Optional items: I really wanted Doom Orb in this build somewhere as Cabrakan might need the extra speed boost as a super slow chonk. However Doom Orb, Staff and Rod is a build that only Bill Gates could ever afford. Charon's Coin is a possible option for movement speed however you'll want to get that quickly to start stacking it. Magi's Cloak is a very good item to consider for Cabrakan since you're required to get up close and personal. One CC can ruin your combo attempt and having one extra beads can be what you need to get that combo off. So Rangda's Mask is powerful and the damage this item gives off is a lot. 85 magical power and a straight up +20% damage boost is nuts. If you want a legit one shot build that mask is necessary. BUT you receive +20% damage and that's from ALL sources. It means you one shot but you also get one shot. That mask is extremely risky and I'd only recommend it if you're ahead or feel confident you can take people out before they take you out.


Solo is viable as Cabrakan with the right team around him. You're going to need to heavily lean on your jungle to help out which could be a bad thing. Might not be the first choice people would take and might even be easily countered by heavy CC gods and mobility but Cabrakan can destroy squishy targets while being a pseudo tank. A bruiser mage that can peel squishies and survive a lot damage adds a lot to a teamfight. If you're against a physical god you'll be forcing your solo to get magical items instead of physical ones. This is where the bruiser mage adds some interesting problems. Warriors have really good physical armor/damage items that make them dangerous later on. Forcing them to get the inferior magical defense items instead can turn their build upside down. Personally if I'm playing as Bellona the last thing I want to see is a Zhong Kui or Hades.

Skill order: Tremors is great to wave clear and damage against melee gods. However they'll often just CC you out. The cooldown is extremely fast so you can keep spamming it but I level Refraction Shield for that big burst damage and long stun. Leveling the Seismic Crush first is usually going to suffer your damage and wave clear. While the faster cooldown is nice Refraction Shield only has 10 second cooldown and Tremor even a few ticks of it will help clear nicely.

Laning phase: Depending on the match up sometimes you have to play a little more passively then you'd like if they have ways to put you out of position and out damage you with sustain/healing. Other times you want to be a super aggressive lane bully if you know you're match up well enough and are confident you'll control the lane. Your biggest threat is ganking. You have no escape and you're pretty slow so you'll need to ward the hell out of your area. Proxy with Cabrakan is often a dangerous and risky move so only do it when you know their jungle/mid are preoccupied and far away from you.

Late game: This is where you sort of play like jungle Cabarakan. Making a B line straight towards squishy targets and deleting them. Your damage output will allow you to run around and find easy picks. You don't want to run into a team fight like you're a tank unless you have the right items, you'll want to mainly flank and cause chaos to their backline.

Items: These are completely reliant on what you're up against. Some games you want health and super tanky items other games you want more damage it really depends. Personally I want big beefy damage with lots of HP. Going really tanky makes me feel nervous when I can't melt the jungle's health bar with a combo. It requires me to play more passively against solo since I only get a couple armor pieces but I can peel faster once the laning phase is over and I start wrecking in team fights. Also the damage helps deal with ganks easier when my damage is something they have to fear. If I know my jungle will have my back and rotate a lot then I'll go for more tanky items and rely on teammates for damage. Tyrannical Plate Helm is an item I'm completely addicted to. I see more people use Celestial Legion Helm which is a good item too and provides a way better passive. However Tyrannical Helm has amazing stats. 85 power, 40 physical protection, 100 health and 20% crowd control reduction. The passive is really pointless late game but I look at this item like Breastplate of Valor, it doesn't need a passive if it has amazing stats. Plus you can always sell it late game, but you'll feel that 85 power really show up when you hit.


Surprisingly this is Cabrakan's worst role. He can still run support but there's better options. Cabrakan only counters a handful of other support/duo combos and his abilities are more geared towards damage rather than being helpful.

Counter their builds!
This is important to supports as you have to be prepared for your enemies. Damage builds are rather easy as you'll need to add a couple items based on your enemies builds. Support should nearly have their entire build based on what the enemy is buying and who they're up against. If you're dealing with an ADC hunter in duo Hide of the Nemean Lion and Midgardian Mail will do well to counter them. If they're doing lifesteal Pestilence or Contagion will suffice. If you need extra health go with Pestilence and if you need physical protection or MP5/Mana go with Contagion. If you see a crit build go with Spectral Armor. If you're against a CC heavy team get those crowd control reduction items pretty quickly. Builds are really a suggestion. The right build is never told you before going into a game. The right build is created whilst you size up your enemy builds and gods.


Supports have either two jobs or they do both. You stay back and help peel when someone dives on your squishy teammates, or you go do the diving to the enemy team by beating up their squishy targets so they can't focus on hurting your team. Cabrakan is definitely the latter. You don't have much in the way of peeling off people from diving your squishy friends other than CC and maybe the ultimate but that's a long cooldown. The idea is you're going to have to be so annoying to the enemy team their support and tanks will have to protect them from you rather than dive your squishy teammates. Having a bit of damage will force teams to focus on you rather than ignore you, or that's at least the goal. I feel this is Cabrakan's natural habitat, when he's doing tons of damage and feels like he's designed to play super aggressively as support like Cthulhu and Cerberus. He doesn't fit into support very well just like them but there are situations where he can be support.

Your ultimate should be used to set up a death trap for your carry/ADC to get easy kills. For example a Cabrakan ultimate + Tremors followed up by a Hou Yi ultimate right in the circle of Tremors can be easy free kills. The ultimate can also be used as way to save teammates by blocking off enemies routes. If you see a gank coming and you're pushed out too far you can wall off the route and force them to use an ability to get over it or attack the wall if they don't have a leap. This will either buy time for your teammate, ruin their combo or stop a gank all together.

Pythagorem's Piece is an item I don't see many aura builds getting on guardians and it really is a good item to have on supports. This wonderful little item gives you %pen, +200 health and 40 power (with some lifesteal but that's not why you buy it). However the passive adds bonus lifesteal to your team, adds 30 power to all your mages and 20 physical power! It might not sound like a lot of power but if you consider that's as much power as Asi Rage or Void Shield have that's a sweet little bonus. Not to mention the range on this thing is super wide at 70 units.

Full Troll Tank

This build has some greedy tank items and sacrifices damage but you'll be almost immune to death. You'll do no damage and take no damage. I wouldn't recommend this build but it can be pretty fun watching the entire enemy team focus fire on a single god while you emote laugh at their pathetic attempts to scratch your armor. If you're lucky they might have to add a ton of % pen and stuff like Soul Reaver or Qin's Sais to deal with you. This can ruin their builds and make them less effective against your squishy backline. Another use for this is getting Relic Dagger and spamming relics while standing in the enemy team. Giving them debuffs, anti heal debuffs or use it to buff your team.

You can go harass the backline, go AFK for a bit in the middle of a team fight, bake a potato, watch a movie and come back with maybe half a health bar still remaining. Full build gives you 3,540HP / 306 physical protection / 288 magical protection / 73 HP5 and when you stack up passive you go over protection cap. If they ever manage to hurt you, Mantle of Discord will ensure you're still unkillable and might even CC the team for a nice kill. It's actually fun doing this build and just harassing squishies watching them stop attacking cause they're spamming the ping on the map and VGS begging for help. Of course you won't kill very fast... with 0 power you won't even get kills but you'll be Ganesha finishing games with 0 kills 0 deaths and 40 assist or something crazy.

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