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Awilix Arena Shredder (S5)

November 4, 2018 by SirNerdsAlot5
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Smite God: Awilix

Item Purchase Order

Main BUild

Build Item Ninja Tabi
Build Item Bloodforge
Build Item Rage
Build Item The Executioner
Build Item Malice
Build Item Deathbringer

Damage Options

Build Item Stone Cutting Sword Build Item Masamune Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Qin's Sais

Alt Crit Options

Build Item Poisoned Star Build Item Wind Demon


Build Item Aegis Amulet Build Item Belt of Frenzy Build Item Purification Beads Build Item Heavenly Wings


Click the categories below to view threats.
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny


Can be hard to keep track of. If you react quick enough when he jumps you, you can possibly win this surprise encounter.


All Mage role characters are a major threat. Any that can slow, stun, or root you, are an immediate extreme threat that needs to be avoided as much as possible.


Her ability to stun you make her a large threat the entire game. However, her defensive capabilities are a huge threat early game. Try to avoid her until you build the Executioner.

Awilix Arena Shredder (S5)

November 4, 2018


As an assassin you need to earn some kills early game to progress your build and stay on top. These builds are designed to give you high damage output and limited sustain. They have been tested against power builds IN-GAME and come out on top. They leave you squishy, but that does not mean you have to die in an unfavorable encounter. Play patient, and strike the unsuspecting as well as the overconfident and you will do well using this build.

Attack Speed/Crit Chance

The Concept

This build offers you high attack speed and kill security with great critical hit chance. You must play safe and try to last hit as much as you can early game to progress to your first crit item. Once you have that, you can turn up the aggression.

The Main Items

Ninja Tabi: I know the trend is to use Warrior Tabi, however that doesn't sit right with me on an attack speed based build. Ninja Tabi provides some initial attack speed and still gives you some power increase. This works very well with later items like Executioner.

Bloodforge: This item has replaced the Soul Eater from my S4 build, due to the changes of that item. It provides a good boost to power and it's passive allows for small protection. You may opt to use Asi instead, but I do enjoy what this item offers to the build.

Rage: Early game kills are crucial and I find that if I don't get first blood, then this usually helps get my first or second kill. The passive of increase crit chance is all but too good to pass up. I recommend this item for any crit build.

Executioner: This item helps you to break through defenses and take down tougher enemies, while still adding to your attack speed.

Malice: This item...this one right here, man. Malice leaves a dot on the target and increases your crit chance, plus your power. Your crits start to hit harder by this point and taking damage from two sources makes your kill time very short. Sometimes the dot even kills them when they run away saving you some frustration.

Deathbringer: The original build excluded this item as a main build item. This time around, I find it makes you extremely powerful when using Rage AND Malice also. The extra crit damage is what allows you to shred through enemies late game.

The Side Options

Explaination Coming Soon!!!


Build Coming Soon!!!

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