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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Arachne: The Ultimate Jungle Guide *Updated for Season 2!* *Updated 2/25/15*

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Smite God: Arachne

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Purchase Order

Starting Items (Level 2 HoG)

Build Item Bumba's Mask Bumba's Mask
Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old) Hand Of The Gods (Old)
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Mana Potion Mana Potion


Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath

Optional Items (Choose two)

Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Witchblade Witchblade

Final Items (Sell Bumba's Mask on last item)

Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer

Actives (Always get HOG!)

Build Item Greater Sprint Greater Sprint
Build Item Combat Blink Combat Blink
Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification
Build Item Weakening Curse Weakening Curse
Build Item Greater Aegis Greater Aegis
Build Item Enfeebling Curse Enfeebling Curse

Completed Jungle Build Example (Recommended)

Build Item Ninja Tabi Ninja Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Rage Rage
Build Item Deathbringer Deathbringer

Arachne's Skill Order

Venomous Bite

Venomous Bite

1 X
2 3 6 7 9


2 A
4 15 16 18 19


3 B
1 8 10 11 12
Night Crawler

Night Crawler

4 Y
5 13 14 17 20


Arachne isn't viable, they said!

Tangled Web

Arachne: The Ultimate Jungle Guide

Hello, person who is reading this guide. You've stumbled upon the most brilliantly-crafted Arachne guide on the internet (the horn has been tooted).

Arachne is too often regarded as unviable in the current meta, and let me just say that that isn't true at all. She is, in my opinion, one of the absolute best junglers.

If you're interested, I have guides for other things too, such as

The Complete Beginner's Guide to SMITE!

To Kill a Mockingbird of Nope: Sun Wukong Solo and Support Guide

A Guide to Xbalanque: The Hidden Jaguar

Fenrir: The Ultimate Jungle Guide

If this guide has helped you, please upvote and comment! :)

I am very open to constructive criticism, so please leave feedback if you enjoyed or hated my guide, and thumbs up or down based on your opinions. Thanks <3

Tangled Web

tangled web tangled web

Changelog and Future Plans

1/18/14 - Started the guide, added a build, yatta yatta.

1/19/14 - Did some coding.

1/27/14 - Added Gameplay section, fixed typos, did ****.

1/30/14 - Made the build not suck, improved item section.

2/6/14 - Fixed an error in the build.

2/14/14 - Added an Easiest/Hardest enemies section.

3/4/14 - Updated coding (thanks RagingStorm!) and added a Credits section.

3/21/14 - Smallish item updates. (CURSE YOU HI-REZ!)

3/30/14 - Fixed some broken icons.

4/10/14 - Did some more item updates. Curse you Hi-Rez, yatta yatta.

6/2/14 - Did a complete BBCoding overhaul, updated the outdated information, which is what the guide needed most. Have fun. Also updated some bad item descriptions, yatta-friggin-yatta.

8/20/14 - Did some more item updates.

2/25/15 - After months of procrastination, I finally updated this guide. This guide is now ready for use in season 2!

Future Plans


Pros / Cons


Strong Early Game.
Fast Jungle Clear (tangled web).
Second most annoying ult in the game. (**** you Chang'e).
Minions: Throw down a tangled web for some minion action. They do a surprisingly large amount of damage.


Squishy: This means you can't be right in the middle of teamfights.
Reliant on basic attacks: Not always a bad thing, but this means less options for attack.
No escapes: Unlike other assassins, Arachne's ultimate ability is her only escape.


You probably already knew this, but you can hover your mouse over the item icons to reveal what they are/what they do.

Starting Items

At the start of the game, use your 1500 gold to pick up Bumba's Mask, tier 2 Hand of the Gods, a single Healing Potion, and a single Mana Potion.

This brings some really nice sustain to the table, with the additional MP5 and HP regen when taking out camps. A must-have for Arachne. Sell this after buying Rage.

(Make sure to start the game with tier 2 HoG (Hand of the Gods) rather than tier 1 HoG) Gives you very fast camp clearing every 60 seconds. All junglers need this. Also, don't be afraid to use it to help out an ally in-lane if he's getting pushed.

Core Items

Speed, Power, and attack speed. Don't get Warrior Tabi, you wont need the extra power. Attack speed is very important for late-game. This item is essential.

This is just an awesome item. Lots of power, cooldown reduction, decent mana, a little bit of penetration. This will help you spin webs faster, and deal more damage while you do it. It will also help you to use your ultimate ability, Night Crawler, more often, and seeing as how that's your only true escape, it's very useful.


Usually this should be one of your situational item of choice. Great attack speed, attack power, and makes penetrating enemy defenses easy!

Magi's Blessing Arachne's only escape is Night Crawler, so having magi's blessing to avoid any nasty CC is very useful. I definitely recommend this.

When up against enemies who are heavy on healing, this is just the item for you. Plenty of power, and a ton of penetration. This item is a great counter for gods like Hel.

This is great when you're up against a team with a lot of physical power. Pesky gods like Loki will have nothing on you. The attack speed and physical defense ain't bad either. It's also great during team fights, and counters hunters well.

Last Item

Decent power and tons of crit. This item is pretty basic. This will help you do a lot more damage once you get Deathbringer, as you'll do bonus damage with your crits, and you'll have a very high chance of getting a crit. :)

Decent crit chance, and tons of physical power. Oh, and did I mention the amazing passive? No one will mess with you once you have this.

Active Items

You should always buy Hand of the Gods.

Fenrir/ Ares/ Hades/ Chang'e/ Bacchus/ Cupid/insert high-CC god here got you down? Grab this! Generally a great active.

This is a great item for getting out of a sticky situation. Also great for catching up to fleeing enemies. I personally prefer Greater Sprint for the shorter coldown, however.

Basically for the same use as Combat Blink. I personally find this more useful as the cooldown is shorter. If you buy this, it's good to rush it to Improved Sprint for the slow immunity, and eventually buy Greater Sprint for great chasing potential. This is almost always what I fill my spare active slot with.

Great for countering powerful ults (i.e. Spirit's Tempest, World Weaver, Release The Kraken!) Although, this requires great timing.

Great for countering the faster gods like Bakasura or Mercury. Also it's just really annoying during a teamfight.

If you have some extra money or feel like packing some extra surprise, pick this up. You don't need it early game, as you're more powerful then, and you have better ways to spend gold. This is a mid to late game item only.

Same thing as Enfeedbling curse, except it's amazing when countering healers. Buy this if you're having trouble with gods like Hel or Aphrodite.

Completed Jungle Build

After I've completely finished my build, it will usually look like this:

1. Ninja Tabi
2. Jotunn's Wrath
3. The Executioner
4. magi's blessing
5. Rage
6. Deathbringer

Active items:

1. Fist of the Gods
2. Greater Sprint

That's the build I've had the most success with, and it is definitely what I recommend.



This is a very nice passive. This is why basic attacks are important for Arachne. Hit the **** out of your enemies with this, and you'll find yourself doing more and more damage as the enemy gets lower and lower on health.

Venomous Bite

This actually a very nice ability. When it's maxed out, you'll get a ton of healing from it. This is why Arachne doesn't need lifesteal. Combine this with Cocoon for an amazing basic attack combo.


Great for stunning enemies and keeping them in their place. You can also use this help bring down towers faster. Combine this with Venomous Bite for lots of damage!

Tangled WebTangled WebTangled WebTangled WebTangled WebTangled WebTangled Web

Throw this under your feet to slow down pursuing enemies. You can also throw this on a fleeing enemy to help you catch up. When ganking, throw this down on the enemy right as you come up behind them (unless they have an escape, in which case you should save it until they waste it) and then tear them apart. This is also very good for clearing jungle camps.

Night Crawler

Great for catching fleeing enemies, closing gaps, and running away. You can also use this to jump right through walls. Beware that this skill has a small time period from when you use it to when you actually go up in the air, so you'll need to prepare for that. This can't always save you in a desperate situation, but it's best to try. This is your only true escape, and thus it will mainly be used as an escape. Using it to kill an enemy often puts yourself in a very risky situation, and you wont have your escape anymore. But hey, sometimes it's worth the risk.

A good order to prioritize your skills in would be:

tangled web
I go more in depth on when to/how to use skills in the gameplay section!


Transgressors FateJunglingTransgressors Fate

Spider in the Jungle: The Beginning

As the round kicks off, you'll want to use your 1500 gold to buy Bumba's Mask, Hand of the Gods (tier 2), a single Healing Potion, and a single Mana Potion, and then move to your first jungle camp.

Go with the solo-laner to grab nearest speed buff (orange buff) for yourself, and use your Hand of the Gods to clear the speed buff camp faster. After that, help the solo-laner grab the nearest mana buff (blue buff). After the solo-laner has the mana buff, go into their lane with them and help them clear minion waves until you reach level 4, or until the enemy jungler leaves the lane.

If the enemy jungler leaves the lane by going into the jungle, simply move to the nearest small furies camp and clear it, then move across middle lane to the next nearest small furies camp.
If the enemy jungler instead leaves the lane by going back to their base, go up and clear one of their small fury camps, and then go down to clear your own. Be careful when you're in enemy territory, however, and always keep your eyes and ears open.

After all that, go up and wait for the mid furies to spawn, and then kill them. You may have to contest them with the enemy jungler or middle-laner. Try to ask your middle-laner for help with the mid furies.
If you have enough time (40ish seconds or more), go back to base and heal/buy stuff before you go and clear the mid furies. Remember to have your Hand of the Gods ready to kill the mid furies, and keep your eye on the timer.

After all that, it's time to start jungling for real.

From here on, you'll want to concentrate on Ganking > Keeping up on Mid Furies > Grabbing Buffs (especially enemy buffs) > Dropping mana buff for your team > Killing Small Furies.
The Gold Fury

Once you have the first 2 items in your build complete ( Ninja Tabi and Jotunn's Wrath. Bumba's Mask doesn't count) and you have tangled web at the maximum level, set down two tangled webs in front of the Gold Fury (not close enough that they'll hatch and attack, but still close enough that when you attack the Gold Fury you can lead it to your tangled webs).
Once you have two tangled webs set up in front of the Gold Fury, attack the Gold Fury and lead it into the Tangled webs as to set them off. The Gold Fury will die fairly quickly from all of those spiders, and your team will love you for it. It's best to set up wards around the area first, so enemies wont gank you while you're doing this. Having a few points in Venomous Bite is also incredibly useful, to keep your health up.

Mid Lane

When ganking middle lane, the enemy mid will likely be under their tower (Why? Because mages can clear waves while sitting under their tower), so you'll need to wait until the enemy is pushing the lane. Simply come up behind them, throw down a tangled web on them, activate Venomous Bite and Cocoon, and start attacking. Try to quickly nail them with 3 basic attacks, for the stun on Cocoon.
Because it's so easy for mages to sit under their tower and clear waves, you could ask your ally in the mid lane to let the enemy push, giving you a little more wiggle room to work with.
Always be sure to alert your allies before you go in to gank the lane.

Solo Lane

Generally, solo laners are somewhat tanky and have decent escapes (i.e. Sun Wukong), which is what makes ganking them such a pain. You'll need help from your own solo laner if you want to have high hopes for bringing the enemy down. Generally, though, you'll want to follow the same tips I gave you on ganking mid. The Executioner can quite easily shred enemy defenses, so keep hitting them with basic attacks!

Duo Lane

Ganking duo lane is usually the hardest.
First of all, you'll usually be up against a high-CC tank (i.e. Ymir, Athena, Bacchus), and a high-damage ADC (i.e. Neith, Apollo, Xbalanque), which makes ganking very challenging and usually requires the help of your duo laners, which means you need to tell them you're going to gank before you actually do, otherwise you may be running into a nice warm pot of suicide, while your team sits under their tower saying "DURR?!"

Generally, when I gank duo lane I sit and watch until the support has also used their powerful CC ability (taunt, Frost Breath, etc. etc.), and then go in. Other circumstances you may want to gank in are if the enemies are on low HP, if your team needs you to help (i.e. they're about to die).

Remember to come up behind them and toss down a tangled web, and then use your Venomous Bite and Cocoon for lots of extra damage.

Defending Lanes

If one of your team's lanes is being pushed, don't be afraid to go into the lane and just defend it by clearing waves. It will really help you ramp up on XP and gold too.

Team Fights

During team fights, it's a good idea to set up your tangled webs to block off any areas (up to 2, sadly) in which an enemy could use to escape, or possibly chase. You can also sit in the jungle, waiting for low-HP enemies to start retreating, then pop out and kill them.
If a team fight looks like it's tipping in your favor, don't be afraid to get in the middle of the action, you can do more than you think. Your Venomous Bite lets you stay alive during team fights, so remember whatever HP you may lose you can gain back quickly if you're nimble enough.

Although no matter how much I write in the gameplay section, it all comes down to how you play and what you do, so the best tip is to use logic and common sense.

Easiest/Hardest Enemies

Ez Difficulty

Immortal Spirit

A common jungler, Thanatos is easy prey for Arachne. He has no escapes outside of his ult, and he is extremely squishy. If you see him, and it seems right, engage. Be wary though, he does a lot of damage. A panicked and fleeing Thanatos is an easy kill, as your spiders and Tangled Web will slow him to a crawl *although he has nasty slow invulnerability on his 2, Scent of Death. If things go south, always remember that you can use a Venomous Bite.

Another common jungler. Like Thanatos, Ne Zha's ultimate is his only escape, but beware, his ult can buy lots of time for his team to arrive as backup, so treat this guy with caution. In 1v1, he is no problem for an Arachne.

A hunter with no escapes? Yummy.
Artemis is a squishy hunter who is focused completely on having the highest possible damage output, but to compensate, she has no escaping abilities. Use this to your advantage. Ganking a squishy and lonely Artemis is likely her death. Kill her ASAP, as she can activate her ult, stun you, put down a trap, and execute you. Don't give her time to do that.

Transgressors Fate

Hard Difficulty

With his very long (2.25 at max rank) stun, and the fact that he is usually being followed around by a hunter, Ymir is an extremely dangerous adversary. 1v1, he is a minor annoyance, but pair him up with a high damaging enemy and it means certain death.
Try to avoid him. Going 1v1 with a tanky Ymir is likely just buying him time for his allies to show up and kill you.
Also, be very careful of his zoning ability. He can set up a wall and completely block off paths for up to 6 seconds.

Like Ymir, Athena has a long CC ability. She can taunt you and pull you in any direction she wants for 2 seconds (at max rank). She can also use her ultimate to teleport to any ally to help them, or escape her dangerous situation. Be very cautious when fighting enemies, her ult is deadly and deals a lot of damage. Like Ymir, she'll likely engage you in a 1v1 just to buy time for a high damaging god to come help her, so avoid going toe to toe with this one.

He starts out as an easy meal, but later in the game he becomes a huge threat. You have no escape aside from your ult, and so if he decides to ult you mid-late game, then you are a sitting duck. This guy will instagib you later on, so you gotta try and shut him down early game. Greater Aegis is a good counter to his crazy burst damage, because once he blows all of his abilities, he will be the sitting duck.

Section is W.I.P. Leave suggestions for more gods to add by commenting.

Thanks for Reading

In conclusion, Arachne is one of the strongest 1v1 gods in the game.

Thanks for reading my guide. As I said, I enjoy reading constructive criticisms of my guide, so please leave comments and rate this guide, and reviews are appreciated.


Here are the credits, where I thank people who helped me with the guide.

MadDanny (umadbro?), Jordenito, and Gorebad (for helping with the build).

RagingStorm (for giving me permission for some of his awesome coding).

Big thanks to TormentedTurnips and Jordenito for their guide to BBCoding.

Subzero008 (for BBCode templates).

Jordenito (for BBCode templates).

BestMinionEver (for BBCode templates).

Greenevers (for build and skill tips).

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Kyotachi | January 30, 2016 1:33am
You might think the extra lifesteal is unnecessary, but I've been using Arachne a while (I'm pretty new, only have three rank I gods and Arachne is almost rank II) and I've found that she becomes extremely deadly even in teamfights with all that lifesteal. There was one game I remember particularly I could only be killed if the entire enemy team (in Arena) was on me. I typically go with a build as follows*:
Item 1: Reinforced Greaves (extra HP and CC reduction is nice)/Ninja Tabi (for Attack Speed and Power)/Warrior Tabi (for harder hits to beat down higher hp enemies a little easier)
Item 2: Soul Eater (extra HP and 20% lifesteal and extra attack speed for faster HP drain)
Item 3: Devourer's Gauntlet/Bloodforge (each for more lifesteal and power)
Item 4: Heartward Amulet (extra HP and extra Physical Protect and MP Regen for allies in teamfights)/Pestilence (extra HP and decreased enemy healing)/Bulwark of Hope (bigger HP increase) plus these particular items give decent Magic Protection to keep Arachne not so squishy
Item 5: Witchblade (more attack speed for faster HP drain and extra Physical Protection)
Item 6: Ancile (more physical power and magic protection, plus a CDR for more Webs and Venomous Bites)/Hastened Fatalis (for the passive, which helps with soloing the Fire Giant, y'know those obnoxious fire fissures that slow you then explode in your face?)/Deathbringer (for massive criticals, making Arachne extremely dangerous)

*However since I'm pretty new, I don't know what Attack Speed and Lifesteal cap at, which would be super useful info for creating a great build

all this turns Arachne into a tank that has a fast damage output, allowing her to hold her own even against multiple enemies. I've killed enemies up to 7 levels higher than me with this particular build, as they were not able to keep up with my constant healing from Venomous Bite and lifesteal items

add Actives into the mix, like Shield of the Underworld and Greater Meditation, you'll be slaughtering gods left and right, especially in the Arena. Getting this build is a bit more difficult for me in Conquest or Joust, but if I can pull it off I stop dying. A similar build helps me as Ratatoskr too
Maxinator98 (1) | August 24, 2015 6:28am
this is a very nice build. I tried it out and it was awesome. ended up by 24 kills in conquest!
Wolfman5665 (6) | May 25, 2015 1:22pm
I love this build and guide so much, as an Arachne main I approve of this! :3

BUT if I were to use this build I would replace Magi's Blessing with Asi. If you do this, being squishy will never be a problem, my build looks somewhat like this and I find myself having a **** ton of lifesteal combined with Venomous Bite, so much that the enemy team can barely bring me down below half health. By using all of the lifesteal and healing to my advantage when encountering an enemy (or multiple enemies) I usually go 20/0 in a regular match. Just a recommendation, though.
Enigmatisty | May 25, 2015 12:36pm
This guide was quite helpful! Gave me an idea of what to do and indeed, your build is the best. I went 15/2 using it and 3/1 so far.
Firraria (58) | May 17, 2015 9:06pm
TehPieGalaxy wrote:

Hey Firraria I just wanted to say, I have gone this build and as a noob to arachne it is op. I went I think 18-4 in my first game as her. I have also noticed that this build can solo the FIRE GIANT :D!!! Thanks for making it

That's awesome! I'm glad this guide helped you. <3

Awesome guide, Just getting into Arachne and loving her. This guide was super helpful

I'm glad to help :D
FavoriteKarma | May 17, 2015 1:29pm
Awesome guide, Just getting into Arachne and loving her. This guide was super helpful
TehPieGalaxy | April 27, 2015 3:40pm
Hey Firraria I just wanted to say, I have gone this build and as a noob to arachne it is op. I went I think 18-4 in my first game as her. I have also noticed that this build can solo the FIRE GIANT :D!!! Thanks for making it
Firraria (58) | February 26, 2015 12:38pm
Glad I could help, Fayne. Thanks for your compliment :)
Fayne | February 26, 2015 11:31am
This is the best and most detailed guide i have ever seen thanks for your work.
Firraria (58) | February 25, 2015 10:33pm
Thanks for the advice.

As for the hardest/easiest enemies thing, that's purely based off of my personal experience. I've never had a hard time beating Artemis as Arachne, and Loki is often one of my biggest counters unless I use Greater Aegis.

Thanks again, I've added ya to the credits :)
Greenevers (105) | February 25, 2015 9:51pm
Okay, was waiting for this :D. For starters, that build is pretty much the exact build I use/have on my guide. Add in a Witchblade situational and you should be perfect.

The skillll orderrrr though needs to be adjusted. You want to start off with tangled web (gud), go ahead to max Venomous Bite into tangled web into Night Crawler into Cocoon. Your DPS from your 1 and 3 are just too good to prioritize your ult and 2 over them. Reason you never really put points in your ult until you have a choice between it and Cocoon is because 75% of the time you'll use your ult for an escape. Few times will I feel safe enough to tower dive and/or chase with this. The damage increase is also minimal compared to your 1 and 3. But yeah, you want to max your 1 over your 3.

Fyi when you gank, you always want to start with your tangled web into your 1 and 2. Even if they have an escape, as long as you land it, it usually confirms a good amount of damage. This is because if they dash/jump away, the trail tangled web leaves behind follows them and forces them to fight your spiders or your spiders and you.

Also, never just throw your tangled web into a team fight. It's usually useless because of how easily they're murdered in big groups.

On matchups, you're right about most. However, I wouldn't call art an easy matchup. Her cc with her trap and ult can squash you like a bug. A good art will know that even if you land your spiders, you have to get in melee range to really do anything. Laying a trap down, forcing out your ult and then ulting is a nightmare. Loki is generally an easy matchup due him being revealed (spiders follow him) with tangled web. He's immune to slows with Vanish so chasing him is not as easy as it sounds. Turning on a Loki that tried to burst you down is generally not that hard.

Arachne is also one of those gods you pick against a generally tanky team. You're like Nemesis, Bakasura, and Serqet who can kill bruisers and tanks quicker than other assassins.

I hope I helped yo
Firraria (58) | February 25, 2015 9:19pm
I've finally updated this guide for season 2! Please feel free to point out anything I missed! :D
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