SF Update - Role Changes, Promotions and More!

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Technotoad64 wrote:

Community Spotlight sounds very interesting, though I would personally prefer spotlighting guides instead (so that we can put guides on the front page that we know for sure are good, thereby improving our standing with the wider Smite community). But you're the boss.

I just honestly wonder who's gonna care what the heck I think about anything, hahahahaha.


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Two more changes which would've been posted under Miscellaneous had they gone live before I wrote this, rather than just now:
  • Fixed an issue causing certain god names to show more than once in our avatar selector (when editing your profile)
  • Added a page & post count to forum threads (top right)

Edit (January 13):
  • Added Favor/Gem cost to god pages
  • Added warning message to the top of guides which are extremely outdated (no updates in the current season); once S5 starts, this message will not be displayed on every S4 guide straight away

Thanks to Janitsu for the signature!

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