September 29, 2015

Experiences of a new player

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Good morning! :)

Since I've been making enough threads recently and am still left with plenty of small things I'd like to talk about / address, I figured I'd write a blog and talk a little bit about my early experiences playing this game after only having played League of Legends for over 4 years. Hopefully, some of you will find this interesting/fun to read about, otherwise this is going to be a waste of a good 30 minutes :D --> Edit: while I was initially referring to the time it took me to write this, it's now probably closer to how long it'll take you to read :^) So yeah, enjoy.

As a heads up, the topics I'll be talking about aren't exactly related so I'll just be randomly jumping from one to the other. Just so you know. k, cool.

Learning all God abilities
This has been and still is the biggest obstacle I'm facing (since there's a lot more to learn here than for items/actives, which I feel like I've mostly picked up on by now). I might have to study some of the God kits in betwe…
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