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xmysterionz's Blog
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Off Topic
March 29, 2018
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teamwork  |  cupid  |  team  |  smite
Since season 5 started I notice that people are playing the game without think about teamwork, at least with me in Xbox One where I play the most time.

Here there is a video of an excellent team work in season 4, and I don't see it anymore in the game. Looks like that at S5 everyone wants kills just like an TDM of Call of Duty, but Smite needs teamwork.

Of course season 4 there were a lot of teams that didn't work together, but in season 5 I'm facing almost every match this problem.

I asked for ADC (since I'm Cupid main), and then someone locks an Ullr and then asks ADC. So I changed to Mid. Then this same guy go to the mid and I'm forced play against in duo lane (but the supports went to the mid) and there was me against an Artemis with a Scylla without help. And of course I didn't received any help and 0 ganks. And yes, we lost.

Besides people complaining of your picks (even when you play very well), people leaving the game in the middle of the match (in 10 conquest matches I…
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April 06, 2018

What normal people saw/What I saw

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off topic  |  humor  |  anubis  |  smite  |  bastion  |  overwatch

Looks like someone played Overwatch recently :v

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May 29, 2018

Smite Gold Pack for Free

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smite  |  gold  |  pack  |  skins  |  vp  |  gods

Good news for Xbox One Players!!!

Games with Gold (GWG) will give you a Smite Gold Pack for free this June/July

This pack comes with Gods and their respective Voice Packs and some of their skins.

For those that don't know, on Xbox to play online you have to pay a $59/year membership (R$149 here in Brazil, yes it's cheaper :p) and Microsoft gives some games to you play while membership (yes free games, but Microsoft chooses which games) every month and when you download it, it's your forever.

This pack were announced in Playstation Plus on December/2017 and now comes to Xbox. Due some changes that Smite passed through this season, the content of the patch is unknown. For example, Bellona was one of the gifts that came with the Pack on playstation, but now she is free for everyone, so it's unknown what Hi-Rez will do about it, like change her for another God or keep her.

This pack on PS4 in December came with 20 free Gods and their voice packs, all their recolors and some of …
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June 19, 2018

I'm stopping with SMITE

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smite  |  is  |  unplayable
Hey guys, I'm here to say I will stop playing SMITE and I don't know if I will play it again. So if I won't play it anymore, there's no reason to stay here.

Unfortunately, my guide Love, Find your mark! will not be update anymore, and my Tyr guide will be just that build, I won't finish it.

I'm sorry for everything I did wrong, I hope you all be happy. Goodbye.

"When I started to play, I asked myself: Why this game is not so popular? Why people stop playing it and stop with SF? Why people complain so much about it?"

"Unfortunately, now...I DO UNDERSTAND"

That's the nature's way, people come and go.

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July 10, 2018

Returning to normal activities

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Hello people from this site that I love,

I'm here today to say: I HAVE RETURNED.

And I'm bringing something with me: Today, I'll bring you law!

My Tyr guide. I didn't finished it at all, I did the core parts of a guide, but I'm going to do it. My other guide, Love, find your mark! took months to become what is today, so don't be so tough with it :p

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August 06, 2018

Smite Meme: Taunt/Laugh

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smite  |  taunt  |  laugh
Hello my people, today I will post a meme here (what Brazilians always do :p)

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October 08, 2018

Pausing with Smite

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Forza  |  Horizon  |  4  |  Smite
I'm not being so active recently because I'm appreciating this masterpiece that is Forza Horizon 4.

If someone here loves cars and has a Xbox One (or a good PC) this is a game you MUST play.

Everything in this game is ridiculously beautiful (and I play in the normal xbox one (the fat)), and it's open world so you can explore a big map in U.K.

The gameplay is awesome (as usual in Forzas) now focusing in normal races, off-road races and street races (illegal and with transit).

The seasons changes are awesome makes you feel you are playing a complete new game. The colors in fall, the snow in winter, the trees in spring and the rain in summer, everything BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS!

Plus you also have some radios that play awesome music too! You have, drums, rock, indie, electronic...

Even you don't like racing games, try Forza Horizon 4, IT'S AWESOME. And it's free for people that has gamepass (just like me :P).

Take these two pictures in two different seasons that I took


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October 30, 2018

Calling all BBCode masters

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smite  |  bbcode
Hello people and programmers,
Today I want some help with BBCode.

Nowadays I'm using this signature:

Is there some way to link each guide to the guide page?
Thank you for everyone that answer trying to help :)

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November 27, 2018

Smite meme: That feeling...

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smite  |  skin  |  ratatoskr  |  curious creature

I guess everyone passed through this.

Me was this skin

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December 05, 2018

Smite new menu design

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smite  |  menu  |  design
Hi rez didn't say they will update the menus design on patch 5.22, but they did and I liked this new design. Much more simpler and helpful. I wasn't able to test if it is functional, but I do like it.


Something they should change now is the main menu theme. Looks like a copy of Overwatch menu. They should return the old menu that stayed only 2 weeks.

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January 07, 2019

Some Clips I want to share

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smite  |  clips

Here are just some clips I want to share:

The most perfect medusa ulti (by MadLeo, my friend)

For the first time, luck was by my side

Best loki ulti ever made


Running for my life!

I love when loki's plan fail (bonus: chang'e racing at the start)

Poor Ares hahaha

Surprise Motherf***er

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January 17, 2019


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smite  |  tyr  |  twinkle toes
@Branmuffin look what happened to me last night, the return of TWINKLE TOES but now with Tyr. I recorded 3 clips about this.

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

It seems to be a bug on animations since all of Tyr's animations were happening faster than they should.

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February 28, 2019

Some top moments of my season 5

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Top  |  plays  |  smite
Some of my top plays in Season 5

A big compilation of skills that I thought I would miss/moments I thought I would die but I hit it/got out alive

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March 05, 2019

The new snake god to Brazilians

Views: 952 xmysterionz
Hi-rez: *creates a new God that is a big snake*



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March 22, 2019

The world isn't the same

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smite  |  update show  |  bran
When HR make their update show but it passed almost 3 days and there are no Bran's thoughts:

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April 08, 2019

Matches I would like to share

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smite  |  matches

Let's play ranked I said to my friend, it will be fun, I sad:

Cupid 3/2/1 - First match and we got a troll, gg Awilix.

Agni 7/10/4 - Another troll, Bastet adc n Kuzenbo sup full damage (technically a mid), and to get even worst a Kali jungler, gg.

If I complain about picks on a casual match they say that it is not ranked and when it is a ranked?

Chernobog 11/9/12 - We lost 'cause Geb and Scylla were focused in get kills, mainly and specially this Geb instead help the team in teamfights.

Zhong Kui 6/4/11 - We lost 'cause Me and Terra had to carry 3 guys. Again, too much focus in kills. We lost 'cause Pele bought a fight against 3 guys alone, died, then Vulcan was a pure bot, died, and me and Terra were fighting alone against ALL THE 5 guys while Cernunnos just watched then obviously we died and he killed himself jumping into the five guys. GG, cancel that.

Kukulkan 9/1/11 - My first flawless victory in assault. They didn't even touche…
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April 29, 2019

What's your opinion about this build?

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ratatoskr  |  smite  |  build  |  spl
I was looking for some builds for my lovely Ratatoskr and I found this one:

What's your opinion about that Devourer's Gauntlet on Ratatoskr? Soul Eater wouldn't be better? Also double stack on a jungler?

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May 12, 2019
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Smite  |  lol  |  teemo  |  pros  |  cons
Hello my people,
As you should noticed I'm away from this site and smite at all 'cause this week I was playing more lol (but I still liking women... until now).

Anyway, there are things I liked on the big league that I think HR could improve, and things that smite have that lol doesn't or have a poor version. Let's start:

Things that I liked on lol and should be improved in smite:
  • Role division on Summoner's Rift (Conquest): The character selection on lol Summoner's rift (conquest of smite) has a different separation, they are separated by roles not class. That means you see the roles that accept the character, not their class. So teemo (my favorite character :3) is displayed as top (solo) not his class Specialist (there isn't this class on smite). This would help mainly new players understand which role the gods should be played.

  • Advanced ping: You can hold CTRL an press on your ping to show it to your teammates, on objectives to show the timer, on enemy "relics" to say it was u

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June 10, 2019

Some Clips I recorded

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videos  |  clips  |  smite
Why fight when you can simply finish the game (laughing):

Do you play with some kind of lag? No...

Argus floating above hera:

Balanced Anubis:

Everything was calculated:

Where is awilix? Pff...?

Arthur ****ing balanced as always:


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August 14, 2019

A disgusting attitude that shocked me

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smite  |  support  |  adc  |  toxicity
Well as I posted on Discord, today I played a match that 2 guys had the worst attitude I could imagine someone could do.

Here's the match

As you all know, smite lobby don't show the positions all randomly, the first in the list has the highest elo. The second too, but the other 3 are random (according to big muffin).

And there was 2 guys in a party, Nu Wa and Neith. The lobby displayed Kukulkan as mid and first, then Nu Wa as solo and second, then Neith as support and 3rd, then Kali as jg then me as carry.

I waited 20 secs to see the first picks and choose what I would pick, and then nu wa wrote:
  • Nu wa: xmyst go support
And then the support selected neith.
I said:
  • No, I don't wanna change my role
They answered:
  • Nu wa: You are the lowest elo here, you must go support
  • Neith: you wont be good enough for adc role
Well, if you know me, you can imagine what I did :p
  • xMysterioNz: No, I won't go support because I got carry and I want to play as carry.
  • xMysterioNz: I don't care

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December 18, 2019

The Circus Smite Community

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Today I discovered a new expression for the smite community: A circus (credits to Stuke). A bit later I decided to play a ranked with a friend on xbox (Yes, you can imagine what comes now).

In the ranked I had the following situation:
I was a mid laner with no escape. The match was completely messed, I had a PS4 player that was the support (a support with no escape too but with decent damage). The support kinda played using I don't know, his feet maybe? and just threw some kills and fed the enemy a bit with some ultra non-sense calls (nothing new). But after he messed with duo he went mid to mess with me. There I started to get ganked by 3 guys and support watching me die. Not happy, Odin, who lost his lane on solo came to mid to once, twice, three times, four times... And our solo Chaac does think that because he said "Enemy missing" he doesn't need to do anything else. After some "Gently" pings he said "cancel that" and kept pushing the tower. Support and JG also started to **** f…
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