February 17, 2019

My first lol matches

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Lol  |  teemo
Today I tried play lol to see how different the game is when compared with smite.

Where I work there are SO MANY PEOPLE that play this **** and insisted with me to play it. I resisted until this week, when I gave in.

This isn't my first contact with this game, I've played it when it was around season 5 or 6 I what I remembered was that I hated the game.

Starting with my PC, this **** was kidding with me. At tutorials matches this **** was running the game at full hd with high quality and stable FPS (30 to 40). When I went to play a coop vs AI, my highest FPS was 12. And I dunno what happened that the game suddenly dropped the FPS but it was unplayable. Then I reinstalled all my drivers, mainly the graphic ones and tried to see any differences and the answer was no. Then I just remembered why I DO HATE PLAY GAMES ON PC, one day is everything ok on the other the game is unplayable. Hopefully I installed a game booster (Razer Cortex) and this program DO HELPED me. The game now is running at medium quality, which is ok, lol ins't beautiful at all and you barely see things and details with that **** camera and is now on 60 to 90 FPS. After all this problems (that took me 4h to solve) finally I could play.

Besides the Coop vs AI, I played this match, my first match against true people. The only character I remember that I loved to play with was teemo, so he was my first pick (Don't jugde me ok, I'm not a cancer (not so much)). People stole my kills a lot and for the first match I think it is pretty cool. Unfortunately there was smurfs accounts in both teams. I didn't know what I was build neither what I was doing but it seemed to be working that moment.

The second match was this match. Two smurfs (Gnar and Zed) f***ed with the game and my teammates were brainless (I'm starting to think that I really don't have lucky when talking about teammates). I have to carry people even when I don't know how to carry people :v .

First difference that I noticed was the items: I think that the items system on Smite much simpler and easy to understand than Lol. Also Lol items are REALLY EXPENSIVE. You just get a decent amount of gold when you kill someone and everything you buy is like 3200 gold (the full item) it is a sacrifice to get full build. The second difference was the lane phase: slower than smite (and boring). Third difference was the teamfights: Sometimes I just looked at my screen and asked "What the f*ck is happing?".

Is anything else that is very different from smite that I'm forgetting to say?

Anyway, if you have any gameplay tips, gimme :v . I tried see some guides on MobaFire thinking it would be like here but I didn't understand anything, if someone help me understand, I would be glad :)