April 08, 2019

Matches I would like to share

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Let's play ranked I said to my friend, it will be fun, I sad:

Cupid 3/2/1 - First match and we got a troll, gg Awilix.

Agni 7/10/4 - Another troll, Bastet adc n Kuzenbo sup full damage (technically a mid), and to get even worst a Kali jungler, gg.

If I complain about picks on a casual match they say that it is not ranked and when it is a ranked?

Chernobog 11/9/12 - We lost 'cause Geb and Scylla were focused in get kills, mainly and specially this Geb instead help the team in teamfights.

Zhong Kui 6/4/11 - We lost 'cause Me and Terra had to carry 3 guys. Again, too much focus in kills. We lost 'cause Pele bought a fight against 3 guys alone, died, then Vulcan was a pure bot, died, and me and Terra were fighting alone against ALL THE 5 guys while Cernunnos just watched then obviously we died and he killed himself jumping into the five guys. GG, cancel that.

Kukulkan 9/1/11 - My first flawless victory in assault. They didn't even touched our tower, and we destroyed everything.

Ne Zha 4/3/11 - Sacrificing myself to feed a Poseidon (I didn't want to but he was kind lazy). Baron Samedi was laughing and taunt due they got the first blood and more 2 kills. Was a pleasure kill him twice with my ulti and laugh after it. Surrender in 14 min.

Cernunnos 4/1/6 - Testing new builds :v. It seems to work :v. I really don't know how good is these items but I've seen a lot of people rushing them.

Ratatoskr 17/3/19 - I was trying to help a friend of mine in the game. Really carried and we would win if Zeus wasn't playing on a trash PC disconnecting every five minutes, but mainly and specially if Ah Muzen Cab (the famous "Amuzencone") has a brain. He was splitting pushing alone, with no wards and with a god with no escape lanes, didn't helped in anything, fed the enemy, spammed in chat, blamed me for his deaths (like if I could do anything) and quited. ´

Hades (solo) 9/6/9 - Agni and The big snake just "ks ed" me, stealing my kills, I don't know if Janus were high, drugged or just bad, he didn't do anything, and by anything I mean literally NOTHING, except die. Starting with a Janus jungler, 0 ganks, 0 helps, 0 buffs. Bellona laughed seeing this guy and me. I ate her *** the entire lane phase and without Awilix help she couldn't do anything against me even with double anti-heal. Of course we would lost, it was 2 (me and Xbalanque) vs 5 + 1 bot ( Janus) + 2 spectators :v

I think I should stop playing this game sometimes :(
Or I am a bad player or I don't have lucky to get nice teammates.