January 01, 2018

New year, same level of play.

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a good holiday season and here's to a great year going forward. Played my first games of the year to see how things go and maybe how they'll look in the future and it looks to be about the same as it was, so yay, I guess.

Game 1: First game and went with Ravana. Not much to say here. Outplayed and I built wrong. I should've built Genji's guard instead of BoV cause that Poseidon was doing the most. Ended up surrendering. Not a morale crusher for me though.

Game 2: Pulled out my boy Agni cause I had a quest to play mages and I hadn't played him in a while. Went spectacularly. The enemy Fenrir didn't seem to know what he was doing so it was essentially a 3v2. Got lucky and got teamed with a Loki who knew what he was doing so that was a plus. Sadly never really repeated this success in the rest of my games as this was my only win.

Game 3:Went with Sol to finish off my quest and got put against a three stack, but it was actually pretty even. Had a personal vendetta against the other Sol and I think we came out even in that though they played to Sol's early game strength more than me.

Game 4: Picked Iza to get some of the grind towards rank x with her. Not much I can say again. Enemy was agressive early and they got the early lead. Another Surrender.

Game 5: Got an Assault and winded up with Camazotz. Between questionable builds on my team and the other team having a better comp, kinda got blown up. Didn't help that I don't have a lot of experience with Camazotz.

All I got for now. I'll try and do more. Later guys!