September 10, 2020

So i just sent an email to hi-rez(included)

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I just figured i'd get anyone else's thoughts on this or even if maybe anyone else had any ideas they felt for different modes or otherwise. This blog post basically being an outlet for maybe thoughts on the game you really don't talk about and/or would like to see implemented. I don't really expect a response or for them to even really read this email but i sent it to the hi-rez staff and press emails listed on their site because i really didn't feel like trying to submit this as anything in the support or forum medium would get seen by anyone other than players. This is just basically thoughts and ideas i have about SMITE based on some of my experiences and my views on maybe some changes that could be helpful. This blog post is just an open invitation for any of you that may need/want to do so to have an opportunity to do so that maybe you wouldn't have initiated on your own.

To whom it may concern,

I was not quite sure what platform to use so that I could try and give some feedback/ideas for Arena in SMITE so i opted to send this email.

I have been playing SMITE since season 5 and really enjoy the Arena mode. I have played some Joust and a little bit of Duel and Conquest but Arena has always been the best fit for me with time constraints and other considerations.

I will jump right into the nuts and bolts of what I think would be a great way to revitalize some of your SMITE content. There is a tag given to players who are arena mains and i will even jokingly refer to myself with this tag at times. It is 'arena trash'. I, and a lot of other players, understand that the focus on the SMITE staff is going to be to push conquest and the other major team modes, but I feel like there is definitely some room to make Arena more relevant and to give Arena players the chance to show they have some pretty great players, even if they choose not to necessarily partake in the other game modes that SMITE offers.

There's sort of a casual level of toxicity towards players that focus on playing arena at times just from being arena mains. There are plenty of players that will join arena matches and treat them as a joke, or take it as no big deal when they are performing poorly(purposely or just by having a bad game)and typically respond with "it's just arena". For myself, I don't necessarily know how much time i have to play at any given time due to family and other considerations, and take my playtime seriously and play to win. Sometimes I have bad games and it is from poor choices that i made in my match. Other times I find myself having bad games trying to make up for the lack of output from other players that are playing Arena but are seemingly apathetic to the results or to the concept of working within the team to try and get a win.

I feel like there is a niche within SMITE that could be filled with this delimma(probably not a problem to you in the studios but it is a problem to players and contributes to toxicity within the game between players). There is ranked Conquest, Joust and Duel. Looking at these modes, Duel is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Arena with a 1 vs 1 match type. I feel like we need a mode where we can have full teammode fights in a ranked format. Arena, i think, from what i see every day getting matches with no problem would probably have little to no issues supporting a ranked format from a player standpoint. I would not know what would go into it from the development side, but I feel like injecting new elements other than just new skins, gem/chest sales, and rebalance changes(while all of these are nice aspects of SMITE) could get more people interested in the game.

A lot of people may not necessarily have the ability to focus on matches for the 25-30+ minutes that matches in Conquest/Joust can take at times. Especially since there is no ability to pause and take care of business and come back since it is in real time. In my experience it is pretty rare to have an arena match that lasts over 20 minutes. Going through my most recent match history in my SMITE profile I don't even have 1 Arena match over 20 minutes long. I feel like ranked matches in Arena would be very viable just because it is much easier to commit to a smaller block of time and then also to take it much more seriously if players have the ability to advance their rank and showcase their proficiency in Arena mode. This would also allow players that don't take Arena seriously and may only be playing because they want a break from the other modes or the queues are too high.

This could also be a way to bring members of the SMITE community together who only play Conquest/Joust competitively with Arena players. If ranked Conquest players start doing ranked Arena and are getting bested by Arena mains then it could motivate them to explore Arena/other modes they never really considered before. By the same token, ranked Arena mains might be more motivated to do the same if ranked players from other modes took part in ranked Arena matches and had success.

I feel like ranked Arena would be a win/win for the SMITE community and would encourage continued growth in the game and give SMITE developers another tool to keep the game relevant and give them new tweaks to implement to keep revenue streams diversified enough to keep the player base engaged, interested and spending gaming dollars in SMITE.

I have no idea if anyone will even bother reading this or if it will go to the trash bin, but thank you for your time.