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silentshell's Blog
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September 10, 2020
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I just figured i'd get anyone else's thoughts on this or even if maybe anyone else had any ideas they felt for different modes or otherwise. This blog post basically being an outlet for maybe thoughts on the game you really don't talk about and/or would like to see implemented. I don't really expect a response or for them to even really read this email but i sent it to the hi-rez staff and press emails listed on their site because i really didn't feel like trying to submit this as anything in the support or forum medium would get seen by anyone other than players. This is just basically thoughts and ideas i have about SMITE based on some of my experiences and my views on maybe some changes that could be helpful. This blog post is just an open invitation for any of you that may need/want to do so to have an opportunity to do so that maybe you wouldn't have initiated on your own.

To whom it may concern,

I was not quite sure what platform to use so that I could try and give some f…
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August 26, 2020

Might put myself out there on twitch

Views: 383 silentshell
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I have my first video up. I will be awhile before I live stream, but I just want to work on and get the process down, get the kinks out on option settings and such.

Unfortunately, even though the setup when i downloaded the twitch streaming app said it did not show webcam and mic, I was recorded, with my 7 year old son in some part, through the whole vid. I thought i'd just have the game music/effects but everyone gets me clearing my throat and talking to him. lol.

Despite having a few gaffes, I had a really good match so if I knew what I was doing and had my presentation down it could have been a great first live stream.

If you can make it through any amount of the horrible audio I tip my hat to you.

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June 09, 2020
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I hadn't played with anyone here for awhile. Off and on Bran has tried to get me to play with him but i'd either be afk or running with an old buddy of mine from when i was in the military. It was fun, although my apologies that i couldn't communicate with any of you at all. I was having to play on my xbox for once. I have gotten more comfortable playing on console but it takes a bit for me to get going after playing on the pc for long periods of time.

The first match I was Sobek and Bran was Achilles. I had a god awful ult to start it and made some pretty bad misses/mistakes and ended up 1/7/14. I'm just glad that no one else but Bran was in to see it. lol.

The second match I was Vulcan, Bran was cupid, Stuke was Sobek and Vini was Guan Yu. We were actually winning for most of the match if i recall correctly but we just slowly lost momentum and the other team go tit. I did alright at 4/2/10 but I missed too many opportunities again. I had some pretty bad ult placements.

The …
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March 19, 2020

anyone else get kicked from the

Views: 613 silentshell
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clan on smite? I mean I guess I understand since I only play arena and I have been either afk or on with a friend any time I've been invited lately but there was no heads up or anything. I just got on and was out. I had even worked my way up and was trying to get my 2nd 2350 chest in the clan store.

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December 16, 2019
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After not being on for 3 weeks and logging in to try Heimdallr. Most of a match spent in base trying to set keybindings and a lone attempt to use kb/mouse(hate and have no desire to play that way) and dying horribly. Spent the rest of time until my team surrendered in base so i wasn't basically feeding. At least my team was inderstanding as i apologized and explained the situation. I really hate console play as well so i guess i will have no urge to play intil they fix this. Submitted my ticket and went to the hirez forums and apparently this has been an issie aince the update dropped. Come on hirez....anyone else affected by this issue?

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