January 28, 2018

Holy **** What Have I Missed

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I am back from the grave that is Osu, Warframe, Overwatch, college, love life (named Lulu <3) and a multitude of life ****.

Not really but it has been a while. I cannot keep track, so if someone wants to do it for me be my guest, by all means. I practically gave up on Smite and focused on Osu and other games. Life was happening and I lost the will to play Smite. I lost the motivation to participate in this site. I felt like it was not worth the trouble, although that just might have been depression kicking in and I used SmiteFire as a scapegoat.

I really do not know if I will be back on SmiteFire or Smite. I do have time to though, and I honestly need a habit. This semester has no work, and until I get a job I still have a lot of free time.

And I miss being a part of this community, honestly. Even though it ended with me ****posting alot (I mean, more than usual), I still cared for the people here.

So coming back...? Maybe....?

Also hi :)