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GameGeekFan's Blog
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January 28, 2018

Holy **** What Have I Missed

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I am back from the grave that is Osu, Warframe, Overwatch, college, love life (named Lulu <3) and a multitude of life ****.

Not really but it has been a while. I cannot keep track, so if someone wants to do it for me be my guest, by all means. I practically gave up on Smite and focused on Osu and other games. Life was happening and I lost the will to play Smite. I lost the motivation to participate in this site. I felt like it was not worth the trouble, although that just might have been depression kicking in and I used SmiteFire as a scapegoat.

I really do not know if I will be back on SmiteFire or Smite. I do have time to though, and I honestly need a habit. This semester has no work, and until I get a job I still have a lot of free time.

And I miss being a part of this community, honestly. Even though it ended with me ****posting alot (I mean, more than usual), I still cared for the people here.

So coming back...? Maybe....?

Also hi :)

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July 23, 2016

Some Stupid People

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#hashtag  |  blegh  |  they exist?  |  ugh  |  whatever  |  Why me
Today was not the best of days in the gaming lands of Smite for a couple reasons. Or should I say people. Like why man? Why.

1) Like the troll and crazy guy I am, I love this Omnipotence MOTD because most of my favorite gods can do well on it. I generally find it to be a good time. OR I die alot thx to Odin. Screw these Odins I swear. But it was not the Odins. They were fine. It was this stupid guy I wont name, who for some just spammed the **** out of the V Command system. SOO much negativity in under 5 mins. I could not handle it and I muted him. I unmuted him to see if was behaving and the first thing he said was complaining about me, when I was doing good. I got ****ing pissed.

2) After a game with my friends and taking a break I tried doing Clash. Our Sol decides to DC. And then our SWK starts complaining again and again and again. Starts saying **** like "Surrender at 10". Did not help my teams morality. The rest of my team decides to fight higher leveled enemies, alone. Or…
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May 24, 2016

1 Year on SmiteFire + Appreciations!!!

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:)  |  Love Ya  |  Oldie  |  pew  |  YEAAAAA
Even though today is May 24, I am a bit impatient right now and I really want to write this before I forget. Plus all the work I need to do for school. So yea here we go.

One year here and...damn. I became an Editor, managed to be the top Khepri guide (Cricket ftw), made some amazing friends, helped in the creation of the Overreaching Conquest Guide, and tried to help some people on this site. Nevertheless, despite some of the things that may have happened in the past, I do not regret being involved in this site one bit. In fact I feel guilty for not being as involved right now. I have to appreciate all the help I got from my friends, and I just have to mention them one by one.

Stuke - The Warrior Master over here, I always had an exciting time with you, despite some of your anger (eventually I got used to it). The jokes are real with you and you are never afraid to speak what you want to say, and always back it up to the end. I can appreciate that. Your jokes are not one to forget,…
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May 16, 2016


Views: 891 GameGeekFan
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April 11, 2016

My Personal Elegy

Views: 1220 GameGeekFan
So I have not done a blog in a while (An actual one mind you) so why not make it a bit personal? I used to to do this in the past in real life by sharing my diary and letting others writing in it as well, but there was privacy issues involved so that stopped.

Right now I consider my life to be "good". By good I mean stable, though that can get ruined so quickly. Family and school and whatnot. However some things have been plaguing my mind for a while and I just wanted it off my back so to speak.

1) I feel like my communication with people is a bit cynical and a bit of a downer. I feel like I speak to people in a *******y way, but that is just me being sarcastic in a sense. I seriously hope that everyone knows that I do care about them to the bottom of my heart, but some wont see that. All they will see is me being sort of a ****. And even worse is that people in school have been "jokingly" saying to call them if I ever shoot the school. It just pisses me off. I want to change myself …
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