June 11, 2017


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So, This might be the 1832756th time i've posted this kinda blog on Smitefire, but this time it might actually mean something because of a couple reasons:

1) I actually enjoy Smite. The reason why i couldn't enjoy it before was actually an aesthetic reason, cause I did some stuff a reddit thread told me to, which did make my fps better but it ****ed up my graphics, and I really couldn't enjoy the game after that for some reason.

2) I am completely free! after an incredibly tiring year at uni (Jesus ****ing christ) in which i had to manage tons of tasks and 2 jobs while still trying to maintain a social life, i have 2 free months. that's right. I only have a fast-food job to maintain which is actually pretty easy cause apparently people from my city are not fans of mcdonald's, lol.

So now that i've established that, I'm just gonna summarize what I did during that time:

1)Since I couldn't do a lot in terms of video games during that time, music was a thing I used to keep me from completely breaking down during tasks.

Didn't really listen to heavy stuff, just some catchy pop/r&b tunes. (Also, really disappointed in Witness but the other releases on friday were actually pretty great!)

2)HOTS was basically the only MOBA me and my friends could play during this year, since the games there are actually really short.

3)I had to juggle a few jobs, mostly fast food but I took a few dog walking and Babysitting jobs.

So that's basically it! I'm excited to come back into the CQ scene, also I actually missed you guys.

Oh, And one last thing: I've realized I don't wanna leave here any time soon, since I've began to understand that the US is not in a good place rn and terrorist attacks are actually starting to show up everywhere, just like they show up here, so I can't really run from em anymore :(.