March 17, 2017

So, Ducks is kinda (not really, actually not at all) back?

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So, Hi!

So this will be a short one since I don't really have much time to actually write something that is meaningful, but ii'l do my best.

So, basically probably the last you've heared from me is when i changed my name on discord (it came off creepy af and i'm sorry for that but) it was basically a way to tell you guys that i was leaving. which, I kinda am!

So, basically i'm swamped and i've decided to step off from online games/other online communities because it just robs me of my time. whenever i start to talk to you guys, I just find myself being unable to leave the conversation, which is why you haven't seen me that much in general.

and I basically didn't play Smite for a really long time because i just didn't enjoy it anymore, they just took my favorite characters and just made them feel worse. and Izanami just feels really disgusting to play rn.

But my schedule is starting to loosen up. my test period is basically over, I have made sure to file my papers early so i could have more free time, and Cernunnos does look really tempting to play as.

But anyways, i probably won't even get online until 3 weeks from now because i still have 2 more tests to go through and I rather spend the time with my IRL friends.

However, we do play Paragon occasionally, so you might see me playing that, and i've been replaying the Danganronpa series since it's really long (1 game= a week or so, assuming i even complete one case per day) and i can just step away whenever i like, so it's pretty much the only game i play rn other than Paragon.

Oh, and I did have a more sentimental blog but i had to leave in the midst of writing it and my computer decided to randomly shut down, so that's why I didn't say anything up until now. sorry.

Also, I lurk here sometimes. I don't have time to get into a conversation, but just opening smitefire whenever i'm bored is a habit i can't really get rid of, So i may not be able to actually comment, but ii'l be lurking.

Till then, cya!

(P.S i have some free time so I might be able to talk to you guys in the comment section if you'd want to)