December 10, 2016

End of the Season Rush (Intro)

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So, we are nearing the end of season 3. this season was weird in every sense of the word, with Golden Bow providing one of the most fun metas in doulane and causing some major rage on other lanes, or is it the release of some of the most unique and ****ing triggering gods to date, like Jing Wei, Susano and ****ing Fafnir.

Which means its time for an END OF THE SEASON RANKED RUSH, BABY!

So, How is this gonna go? simple. let me open up with a short intro.
Ever since the patch before Golden Bow, i have been kinda on and off with Smite, outright quitting for periods of 2 months or 3 months. after i returend from those long breaks, i was no longer the ducks i used to be. i started sucking so ****ing hard it was embarrassing, i was losing games and defo not fit for ranked.

but now, i have returned. and my mechanical skill is starting to return too. Before my long breaks, i have actually been climbing the latter really fast, about a tier per 2 days because i was demolishing my opponents so freaking hard and was climbing super fast. (went 8-2 on my promos, got placed into bronze 3. hirez logic)

Okay, now that we're done with that, lets move on into the actual ****ing event explanation. basically, i am going to go on a mad climbing streak, which i will document on a blog with screenshots.

And you can even ****ing participate as well! WHAT A GREAT ****ING DEAL!
If you are Silver/Gold and looking to go on a massive losing winning spree, Join me! playtime hours are flexible, you can pm me your rank, IGN and playtime hours, and i will try to play with you if i can!

But, since hirez removed triple q, the thing that is going to ****ing happen is you are going to ****ing go out there and PLAY SOME ****ING RANKED GAMES! when you do, send me a screenshot of the end score, give me a short version of the story and i will add you to my next blog! (If you are above gold or below silver, You will be able to participate as well using this and the "missions")

Every week is going to have a different "mission". People who complete that mission and show me proof they did, will get an honorable mention during each blog and will win some free paint ms stuff for their next guide! (and possibly gems, but i'm not going to spoil possible prizes for other weeks). the quests are pretty simple, they mostly involve playing games and ranking up.

The person who ranks up the most and has the most success in the missions (not including me) will be mentioned at the end of this event as the victor (and there is a possibility that the victor will win gems, but not sure. i am clinging onto money atm cause i have limited budget because of uni).

But most importantly: This event is supposed to motivate you and to try to push you into ranked and to try to climb. this is the end of the season, so you might as well push yourself to play some games before the next season starts.

I accept Joust games, but i don't accept Duel games.

-I am starting a sort of Smitefire only event. the goal of this event is to climb up in the ranks and finish in Gold by the end of the season, or higher. you can set your own goal, if you want.

-During this event, i will post a weekly blog post using stories you guys will send me from that week.

-Every week will have it's own mission that will most likely be playing some games or ranking up. the prizes won't be really mindblowing (probably just free mspaint stuff for your next guide or smthn like that) the end goal is to advance as much as you can.

-There is a possibility that i will giveaway some gems on one mission or at the end, but that depends if ii'l still have some money at the end of the month (i have a monthly budget that i promised myself not to break so i can still have some backup money every month because of uni).

-If you want to dou q with me, send me your IGN, Rank and Playtime hours.

-Every weekly blog will contain stories from you guys and me, plus next week's missions.

-The last blog will come out sometime during the start of the new season.

-I accept Joust Games, But not Duel games.

-The goal of this is to improve and to experience the ranked rush, since even if you think you suck, you won't know it until you test your skills on your designated mode (Joust/Cq).

-If you have any other questions, ask them in the comment section.

The next blog will probably come out in two days. Peace and get ready for whats coming.