May 24, 2016

Bran's Newbie Adventures in ConquestLand - Episode 4.5 (Mostly Ramblings)

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Since I don't have that much to report, this is more of an interlude of thoughts, not so much on actual games.

That said, I guess I will comment on one recent Conquest match. Got to play this one with Stuke, Zilby, and Greenevers. I chose Athena Support, and it was an ugly thing (1/5/8). Bad choices on when to initiate. At one point, I saw our guys getting destroyed, and I got there too late. Thing is, in my head, I felt I needed to at least make an attempt, but at the point when I actually initiated the taunt, I think I was the last one standing. Slow reaction time, or something. Zilby was like "why did you taunt them?!?" because I basically had 3 guys basic attacking me via the taunt, while I should have just retreated.

Oh, and actually, there was this other one, where I got to play with GameGeekFan, who is a solid jungler. But...1/8/11 with Khepri. Again feel like I'm going backward.

Which got me to thinking...what was it about playing with Ducks where I was doing so well? The first, and most obvious answer, is that he plays an extremely aggressive game, and also recognizes opportunities really well. I didn't even have to say anything and he was there pretty much every time I got a pull or whatever. Also helps that his skill level seems high, and he hits a bunch of his abilities. Doesn't help when I miss the pull, which happened multiple times in the match mentioned above. a god that's more on the passive side really the best style for me? Khepri is a pretty safe pick. So is Athena, but I just can't seem to do that well with her. Would a more aggressive god be better? Would I do more with Kumbhakarna or Ymir? I don't want to play Sobek or Ares. I do admit I really like ***bha, but I like Cricket's kit too.

And maybe I need to branch out more. Although I want to be better at Support, maybe some rounds as ADC, Mid (which I've never played), or Solo might do me some good. Maybe solo-queuing might work better for me, instead of bothering the SF group. Maybe playing Freya or Loki, who I'm generally comfortable with, in a Jungle role, might actually work. I dunno. Just looking at my current streak of games, all my negative K/D (most of them lately), and getting a bit discouraged again.