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Smite Item: Enchanted Ring

Smite Item Enchanted Ring

Item Details

Enchanted Ring

Cost: 700 (1300)

+55 Magical Power
+15% Attack Speed

Item Discussion

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GaseousClay (1) | September 16, 2019 3:23am
After ring nerfs is it worth getting more than 1 on Mage ADCs? I am starting to learn towards Demonic + Shamans or Tele + Shaman (PEN from other source)

Aside from Freya, everyone's got a AS steroid
Kriega1 (139) | September 16, 2019 3:56am
Chronos I usually just get Demonic + Telk most games, sometimes if I don't need Obs Shard I pickup Hastened Ring.

Olorun - Just Demonic and Telk, can perhaps see Shaman's as an option instead of obs shard against squishy comps (though since the nerf to the item's movement speed I might consider other options like Deso or Estaff etc...). Demonic + Hastened is another option, but I don't like hastened on Olorun except in arena.

Freya - Would probably get Demon + Telk + Hast.

Also rings weren't 100% nerfed, they did receive buffs to damage output. It's just the MS nerfs/removal make Hastened Ring a more attractive option if you want mobility (unless you have Toxic Blade or something in your build, then I wouldn't bother with Hastened unless you're maybe Freya).
Sol - Demonic + Telk + Hastened or Demonic + Telk or Demonic + Hastened or could go Hast + Obs Shard + Telk etc... Depends on my build path on whether I need anti-heal or not, or extra pen from obs shard.

GaseousClay wrote:
Aside from Freya, everyone's got a AS steroid

True, but some gods on enemy team might pick up Ichaival or Witchblade or Frostbound Hammer or Midgardian Mail (or more than 1, e.g. a tank with both Midgardian and Witchblade), which could possiblty warrant a situational pickup of extra AS from another ring.
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