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Warriors Path Part 1 : Bellona Guide to solo lane

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Smite God: Bellona

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Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion
Build Item Multi Potion Multi Potion

Core Items

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
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Build Item Ichaival Ichaival
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Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal
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Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia


Build Item Greater Purification Greater Purification
Build Item Heavenly Agility Heavenly Agility
Build Item Shielded Teleport Shielded Teleport
Build Item Weakening Curse Weakening Curse

Final Build

Build Item Warrior Tabi Warrior Tabi
Build Item Mystical Mail Mystical Mail
Build Item Frostbound Hammer Frostbound Hammer
Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal
Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia
Build Item The Executioner The Executioner

Hi , my name is Wilstorms414 ( Thats also my IGN ). Iam currently a Silver V ranked league player. From level 5 to lvl 30 all i have been playing is in the solo lane, so i thought of making a guide on solo lane based on warriors first. then may be onto mages.

So lets get to it :)


SOLO lane is one of the easiest , but one of the most trickiest lane to play . I know iam a silver V player so maybe i might be wrong as there are many better players out there than me, but according to my experience i see solo lane as a thinking lane. Most Warriors can play on this lane as it is the "MANLY SLAP FIGHT LANE" . e.g
a) Bellona
b) Sun Wukong
c) Chaac
d) Hercules
e) Tyr
f) Vamana
g) Osiris
h) Odin
i) Ravana

Ill post guides for each warrior in the solo lane , if this guide goes successful that is.
For my starter ill go on with the Goddess of war herself , Bellona

Pros / Cons


+ Excellent 1v1 fighter
+ Excellent Team Fight Precence
+ + , is an excellenct combination on her to deal lots of basic dmg and dot dmg
+ If Built correctly, you can outdamage at the same time be very very tanky , with her passive and her Ult.


- Easily Banned in Ranked
- Hard CC is what counters her, Gods like Hades can toy with Her quite nicely since Hades's 2 can silence her from her quick clear.
- Main focus of the battle will be on you since if you are dead, no ult , no team fight ult presence , and no target removal.



This is what makes Bellona a warrior. Other warriors have unique passives , but this passive is suited for the playstyle that a warrior needs. Late game the passive helps for Speed only, but Early to Mid game , this passive is tremendously useful since it provides extra Protections , i.e 4 Prots for Max 5 stacks each, that means at full stacks you have 20 magical and Physical Prots , which helps in surivival, which is what solo lane is about , survival and sustainability.

Shield Bash size-50

This is an ability mainly used to poke early game , but mid to late game ,after having online , this ability allows you to stick on targets efficiently, it blocks incoming basic attacks hence mid to late game your maid focus should be back line hunters and auto attackers. I max this skill Last since its effective at Mid to late game scenarios. While her Other Abilities are just so SWEETT!! to value one ability.


This ability is Bellona Main clear. Maxing this ability first , lets you clear a wave within 5 secs if used properly. The damage on this ability is insane if the enemy solo lanner has no hard cc to interupt this ability ,such as Hel , Chaac , Osiris , loki.
I personally max this skill first, for the reason it allows quick wave clear , and in solo lane, the one who clears the wave first gets to poke the other tremendously , since the enemy minions will focus on the enemy god itself, forcing them back to tower and loosing gold.


This is her sustain ability. Ever solo lanner god must , and i really mean MUST have a sustain ability to stay longer in lane for items to come online quicker. I max this ability second when i have Online, since the attack chain and the range on this ability is really good. Which makes a very efficient item for her. Plus the disarm works on minions allowing extra poke on the enemy god for a short period of time without taking damage from the minions itself .


Early game, this ability is a engage / escape ability, This ability shines Late game , With , hence max this ability last with , reason ? , early game at skill one passive plus 15 prots is already enough to take any Brant of battle, Late game giving a TEAM WIDE ult presence of 35 prots plus 50 power to whoever stands in the radius is just enough to shift the fight on your favour. Mid to late game , donnot hesitate to gank mid from solo lane , This ability is a good 1v1 , but its an EXCELLENT team fight ability.


Team Work


You as a warrior , you have to build in a way you counter the enemy team i.e TANK THE TEAM.
Your support, builds in a way that supports YOUR team and not enemy team i.e SUPPORTS
Your Mage , Builds in a way that pokes the enemy team from the back i.e HIDDEN DMG.
Your Hunter , builds in a way that outdamages and penetrates the team from backline i.e INSTANT DMG.

Bellona has that team fight presence. You go in, tell your support to CC the **** out of the targets. Targets should go as follow:

A) Hunters and Auto attackers : (e.g Rama and Mercury). Your shield bash counters them , focus them to remove 70% of the damage the enemy team has against you.
B) Mages : (e.g Poseidon ) After 70% of the damage is out get the other 10% , that is the mages, if the enemy mage is dead , that's the perfect time to get Goldfury / Firegiant since there will be no extra Poke , unless our next target ...
C)...Assassins : (e.g Thor, Serqet) . This is the remaining 10% damage the enemy team has. Use your 2'nd ability to damage them after they have used their only CC ability (e.g or ) when they try to run away catch them with [icon=Shield Bash size=18} (passive will be activated already) or use .
D) Lastly Guardians : Well , you could leave them alone, but your team needs a deicide or you need a penta. and guardians are threats to objective stealing, hence its better to wipe them out.

I have seen many people in ranked, maybe because i'm silver V , but people focus / prioritize wrong targets , Or they just use one ability on Mages then ult the Hunters then focus on Guardians. That is not what Bellona does. Bellona is a good target selector and if targeted perfectly it will be deicide every team fight.


Closing and Conclusion. <3


Well Thats my thoughts on her Build. I didnt use the skill tab since it doesnt allow me to Skill skip , or i just dont know how. This is my first guide. Here is my skill leveling;

2 , 1 , 3 , 2 , 4 , 2 , 2 ,SKIP, 2 and 4 , max 3 then max 1 and 4 together.


Hope you guys like. Upvote or even downvote if you didnt like the guide. I know many players out there are better than me in Bellona or even in SOLO lane. so please downvote and teach me senpai where i went wrong or if i missed out something <3


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overld1 (17) | September 7, 2016 9:14am
Nice guide and great explanation how to play Bellona in team fights.i could tell it's been a while since you touched this guide. If you also need help updating your guide you could look at my Bellona guide or stuke's. Both of us have we great examples to update your
Build and guide.
Wildstorms414 | November 6, 2015 12:08am
Thanks for the response , yes i misspelled bellona its self, This is my first post in Smitefire about guides so i didnt know about the BB coding, and yeah my ingame name is "Wilstorms414" and not "Wildstorms414" so i didnt misspell that , Smitefire didnt allow me to use Wilstorms414 so i had to put the Wildstorms414 name. Never the less ill try my best in the next guide , with the BB coding and hope this guide helped you <3
Branmuffin17 (311) | November 5, 2015 3:28pm
Hey Wild, good first effort. Others know Conquest way better than me, and I don't play Bellona much, so I'll offer suggestions on the other aspects.

First, the light blue color is nice and makes the text stand this is a silly suggestion. Instead of the color code for the blue, try BA55D3. That's "medium orchid," and it's sort of like her alternate skin's hair color...could be a nice touch, and hopefully is light enough to still read easily.

Second, when you have time, go back and spell-check everything. In the very first sentence, you misspelled your own name, and at the end of the intro, you misspelled Bellona. For all items, abilities, and names, you might use a bit of BB coding by throwing double brackets around them...

Third, I'd put Pros/Cons above the Skills section...just makes more sense to me...your choice, of course.

Fourth, in the Skills section, you've thrown in the pictures, but if you want to link it to the database, it's just, as an example, icon=Master of War size=60 (in single brackets...whatever size you choose). I would also call out the name specifically.

Finally, I might suggest simplifying your build list. You have start, mid game, mid to late, and final...I'd probably just suggest the various starting items, and then the full build against 3+ physical, and 3+ magical, plus situational and actives.

Hope this feedback helps!
krookidwayz | November 5, 2015 9:30am
This is a great guide. I like the coloring and you explained things very well. The build itself is very good.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wildstorms414
Warriors Path Part 1 : Bellona Guide to solo lane
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