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Sylvanus - The God Of Setting Up Kills S3

May 12, 2016 by GeNeReDeR
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The God Of Setting Up Kills S3

Smite God: Sylvanus

Item Purchase Order


Build Item Lotus Crown
Build Item Shoes of Focus
Build Item Mantle of Discord
Build Item Gem of Isolation
Build Item Spear of the Magus
Build Item Rod of Tahuti


Build Item Shoes of the Magi Build Item Sovereignty Build Item Heartward Amulet Build Item Rod of Asclepius Build Item Winged Blade Build Item Spear of Desolation Build Item Divine Ruin

Conquest Start

Build Item Jade Mountain Helm Build Item Ward Build Item Ward Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Multi Potion Build Item Meditation Cloak

Repic Options

Build Item Magic Shell Build Item Meditation Cloak Build Item Heavenly Wings Build Item Cursed Ankh

Sylvanus - The God Of Setting Up Kills S3

May 12, 2016


Hey guys, my name is GeNeReDeR. I am playing Smite since PC Open Beta and basicly all the time on Xbox. One of my best Supports is Sylvanus and I would like to share what I know because I find myself very successfull with the following play style.

Before we begin i would like to give very very special thanks and credit to Technotoad64, who did all the BBCoding and publishing work, so it is as much his guide as it is mine!


Sylvanus is very hard to play correctly but when you find yourself doing it you will have the time of your Smite life!

Pick Sylvanus if you have teammates with high damage potential but can be invaded easily (see combos below) or if you have a team composition with decent CC so you can pull off extreme CC-Chains (see below)! Don't forget to place wards, rotate, and whatever: you are a support!

Play style is difficult to explain but let me try. Try to stay in your toes. Use very small windows of opportunity to set up kills. Use your Heal often but don't waste it (Spirits should go out to as many targets as possible. Healing one teammate is good, healing 4 is better, healing 4 and damaging 5 enemies at the same time is best!). Fighting in teamfights is very different compared to other supports because you are not really a front liner but a ghost going in for DoT-damage and disrupting enemies, going back for healing and kill set up. Let me explain!


Kill setup: Root or grable, then grable/root, then spirits or ult & spirits.
Combo breaking/Disrupting enemies invading on a teammate: Grable/root/ult or all together.
Never forget: your basic attacks don't deal a high amount of damage, but you have a very unique distance basic attack, that can be if aimed correctly easy to be used as constant poke damage that will add up and add up and add up till you have dealt a ton of damage. Always use basic attacks, when you can, dont underestimate it!
CC-Chains: The best thing i have ever seen in my Sylvanus days is playing duo lane with a good neith. you can pull off the sickest CC-chains of all time. For example. Neith ults a target in grable range, just for stunning it > Grable > your root > Ult > Neith's root > spirits > both basic attacking. This Combo destroys everything! Now go ahead and think of some sick CC-chain-focused team composition yourself!


When a conquest match starts immediatly skill your "root" ability go out and place a plant of mana regeneration into your teammates' lanes in a safe position. This can be behind Tier1 Tower or maybe even in a jungle camp next to their lane, so they can get a little bit of mana while doing the camp.
Starting a conquest match with Meditation can provide a huge amount of sustain through the early game for you and your teammates. It can compensate for a low cooldown build too, in terms of healing your teammates.


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