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Sun Wukong Solo - Can't touch Dis

November 13, 2013 by FishTacklz
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Normal Against Physical

Smite God: Sun Wukong

Item Purchase Order

CORE ( Not in order of purchase)

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Runeforged Hammer
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Void Shield
Build Item Deathbringer

Get one of these as last item - in order of usefulness (sorta)

Build Item Qin's Sais Build Item Qin's Blades Build Item Heartseeker Build Item Malice Build Item Titan's Bane Build Item Devourer's Gauntlet Build Item Hydra's Demise Build Item Transcendence

Tank Items -More for last slot -

Build Item Bulwark of Hope Build Item Magi's Blessing Build Item Mystical Mail Build Item Witchblade Build Item Cloak of Concentration

Start Items

Build Item Smithy's Hammer Build Item Smithy's Hammer Build Item Hand Of The Gods (Old) Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Mana Potion Build Item Healing Potion

Actives - Almost always get first two, others are for countering certain gods and would replace Teleport

Build Item Fist of the Gods Build Item Shielded Teleport Build Item Aegis Amulet (Old) Build Item Blink Rune Build Item Purification Beads (Old)

God Skill Order

The Magic Cudgel

The Magic Cudgel 1 4 6 7 8 key bind

Master's Will

Master's Will 3 15 16 18 19 key bind

72 Transformations

72 Transformations 2 9 10 11 12 key bind

Somersault Cloud

Somersault Cloud 5 13 14 17 20 key bind

Sun Wukong Solo - Can't touch Dis

November 13, 2013



Sun Wukong is a melee bruiser who shines in the solo lane. He has many capabilities can be built as an assassin or bruiser and still be powerful.

I think he will b e nerfed sooner or later, so be wary D:

Pros / Cons


2. Undefeated Body Allows you to continue fighting when low which works well with lifesteal and is what my Exotic Build is based on.
3. Tanky while stilling having high damage.
4. Great Poke with The Magic Cudgel during laning phase, its very long.
5. High Lane Clearance, he can clear the whole lane with a 2 abilities by lvl 7.

1. Before lvl 7 not much clear, he has to get close to finish up the last creeps which can get him very low on health.
2. His damage is very weak early game, he doesn't really have enough burst to take people from 100% health to none without assistance if he is not fed.
3. He stays mana hungry late game which can be an obstacle when trying to to get stuff done.

Overall Sun Wukong's kit is very powerful, I think he can dominate the solo lane just as well as the common soloes like Tyr and Hercules.


When Sun Wukong is below 50% health, he gains +10% critical chance and +10 protections, plus another 1% critical chance and 1 protection for his current level.

This passive adds to Sun Wukong's ability to escape many fights and turn around many others. The protections from this ability are not to be underestimated, it turns him into a fuzzy wall early game and scales with his level making it useful late game also. An added bonus is the fact that if you have Ankh of the Bear you gain power when Undefeated Body activates.

Sun Wukong's Magic Cudgel grows in length, and he slams it down, damaging all enemies in front of him.

This in combination with Master's Will is Sun Wukong's lane clearance, he uses this then spins, finishing the archers and leaving just the big creep standing. Because of it's great length, it makes for a good poke while still getting damage done on minions. This abilities long range also adds to [Sun Wukong]]'s chase. Although it has many positive effects, don't look over the fact that is has a significantly low base damage early game where Sun Wukong struggles.

Sun Wukong strikes around him, damaging and knocking up all enemies.

This abilities main use is delaying people, whether they are running from you or chasing you. It deals damage, but not enough to be worth leveling up until everything else is done.

Sun Wukong transforms into an Eagle, Tiger, or Ox, and charges forward. Eagle: Is the fastest of the three forms. Immune to Slow, Root, and Knockup effects. Tiger: Mauls the first enemy runs into, stunning and causing damage. Ox: Knocks aside all enemies in his path and causes damage. Immune to Slow, Root, and Knockup effects.

Most interesting ability in the world. Kappa.

Bird - Escape: The best escape currently in game not including ultimate's. It can take from one tower to the other in the solo short lane. It gives you a lot of room to tower dive and do risky maneuvers because you can simply say "Nope! I haz burd gtfo newb".

Tiger - Gank/Initiation: 1.4s stun is huge, it allows you to land many AAs and maybe get a Hydras Demise boost off. This ability also does MORE damage than Thanatos's Death Scythe making it necessary for Sun Wukong's burst potential.

Ox - Chase: This is definitely the weaker of the transformations but it does have it's advantages, it gives you the CC immunity effects of bird but deals damage and throws enemies into the air when you hit them making it easy to get in front of them. It does not do much damage but it's ability to go through minions makes it a great chasing tool.

(such a creative name)

Sun Wukong leaps up onto his cloud, leaving a decoy of himself behind to fight. While on the cloud Sun Wukong regenerates health. He may leap off before the duration expires, dealing damage to enemies. The decoy inherates a percentage of Sun Wukong's current strength and defense.

I LUV THIS ABILITY, more on escaping. More on delaying enemies. More on getting back into fights. This abilities essentially allows you to get out of the fight and heal up while a powerful duplicate continues stalling and damaging the enemy. If you think you're healed enough to enter the fight once again, you may do so, if you're still low, leap away. You can just sit and wait for all your cooldowns to tick away and jump back down. It is also a good tool for tower diving then escaping. Sun Wukong has such good escape even without Somersault Cloud he can still be very mobile so sometimes I use this to tank a tower or give bonus damage for destroying towers. * I dont level up this ability more than once until The Magic Cudgel and 72 Transformations are maxed because not only is it fairly difficult to land, it's not about the damage.

Overall Sun Wukong has a very poewrful kit and a lot of utility.


Ankh of the Bear

Converts some of your physical protection into physical power.

Not only is this item the new cool on soloers, it gives great stats that allow you to keep up your physical power while going for tankier items like Focused Voidblade and maybe Witch Stone.

You AAs do more damage the lower the enemy gods health is.

I find this item very useful on Sun Wukong, it adds to his ability to turn around fights and it removes the need to get an item purely for it's attack speed because it gives you enough.

Killing minions gives you physical power stacks

Sun Wukong is good at getting last hits with his ability combo which makes this a very useful item to get early game, ESPECIALLY since he is so hard to kill it's hard to loose stacks.

After using an ability your next AA does mroe damage, with Jotunn's Wrath The Magic Cudgel is fairly spammable which allows you to get many of its effects off. Also Sun Wukong's Master's Will and 72 Transformations' tiger make it easy to get another AA off.

Also I like Shielded Teleport on Sun Wukong because it allows you to use your powerful ganks/rotations and tp back to lane to defend it. Also it saves money on teleports and in some cases it can save your monkey but because you can teleport to towers and wards without being interrupted by damage.


The Lane Push Combo
Hit the whole lane with The Magic Cudgel then use ---> Master's Will to finish archers and leave nothing but the big creep, if any, standing. (Very High Lane Clearance)

Initiation / Gank Combo

Ride in with 72 Transformations, use Ox if minion wave is blocking the enemy god, but it would be better to use Tiger if you can. ---> Then AA a few times ---> then knock them up with Master's Will ---> then AA ---> then The Magic Cudgel to finish them or make sure they back.

Escape Combo

1. Fly away in bird from. Kappa :)

2. Somersault Cloud ---> If you are strong enough to jump back on THEM then do so, if not leap away, if they continue to chase fly away in bird form.

3. Master's Will To slow them and then ---> fly away in bird form.

Yeah he's pretty damn hard to kill :)


So pretty much is a tanky assasin.

His key features:

1. Very High Mobility
2. Powerful CC in ganks
3. High Lane Clear
4. Strong Poke for Laning Phase

To use Sun Wukong to his full potential you must play very aggressive and you should rotate out of your solo lane A LOT which isn't a huge problem because of your high lane clearance and Shielded Teleport (if you have that).

Thx guys for reading this, it took a lot of time but it was fun, i hope you enjoy and better learn how to play Wu Kong before he gets his booty nerfed! :)

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