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Spin To Win - Full King Arthur Arena Guide (S5)

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Smite God: King Arthur

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Purchase Order

Starter Notes This is the base starting set up you will want to take for arena. You will want to play passive and avoid the front line and play more around your other tank if you have one, such as a guardian or other warrior.

Build Item Chalice of Healing Chalice of Healing
Build Item Combat Boots Combat Boots

Alternate Starter options Notes These alternate options for boots are viable as well if you wish to focus on rushing down for healing, or wish to be more aggressive against a strong physical melee team.

Build Item Round Shield Round Shield
Build Item Iron Mail Iron Mail

Core Items Notes These items will be the backbone of the Juggernaut build. This will provide a strong early game protections along with the healing that Arthur is missing from his base kit. From here there are 3 ways you can build the Juggernaut: Resist, health, or hybrid.

Build Item Reinforced Greaves Reinforced Greaves
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield

Resist Options Notes The Resist options will provide a great amount of value of the glatiator shield by increasing the value of your health pool. This build is ideal against hard hitting enemies with high cripple, percentage based effects, or anti healing/stealing. DO NOT grab both Thebes and Hide as you will overkill your resistences.

Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Hide of the Urchin Hide of the Urchin
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Oni Hunter's Garb
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Pestilence Pestilence

Health Options Notes Generally niche, the health options can be very good to throw in with resistance build/set up to try and increase the value of the resistances. Do be mindful that the harder hitting a ability, the more value resistance has over health, so only use health items instead if the enemies have a lot of fast attacks instead of hard hitting.

Build Item Blackthorn Hammer Blackthorn Hammer
Build Item Mail of Renewal Mail of Renewal
Build Item Stone of Gaia Stone of Gaia
Build Item Relic Dagger Relic Dagger

Hybrid Options Notes If either you have another tank on your team, or the enemy is to dangerous/spread out and you find yourself 1v1ing a lot, then going for some damage might be good to think about. These options will allow you to still try and have some burst while Maintaining your overall tanking power. Mystical Mail should only be used early game!

Build Item Mystical Mail Mystical Mail
Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Void Shield Void Shield
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Masamune Masamune
Build Item Ancile Ancile

End Game Build: Tank Notes Ideal for max survivability and CC. Hard to be locked down, and low cooldowns provide excellent team support as a solo tank/main tank. Also works with Blackthorn hammer instead of Mantle of Discord if enemy has percent based penetration items.

Build Item Reinforced Greaves Reinforced Greaves
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield
Build Item Gauntlet of Thebes Gauntlet of Thebes
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Oni Hunter's Garb Oni Hunter's Garb
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord

End Game Build: Hybrid Notes This build centers around damage and survivability items. There are many other options such as Void Shield and Ancile that fit very well. It is up to you to decide the best fits.

Build Item Reinforced Greaves Reinforced Greaves
Build Item Gladiator's Shield Gladiator's Shield
Build Item Breastplate of Valor Breastplate of Valor
Build Item Runic Shield Runic Shield
Build Item Shifter's Shield Shifter's Shield
Build Item Blackthorn Hammer Blackthorn Hammer

King Arthur's Skill Order

Overhead Slash / Hamstring

Overhead Slash / Hamstring

1 X
1 4 6 7 10
Battle Stomp / Uppercut

Battle Stomp / Uppercut

2 A
3 15 17 18 19
Twin Cleave / Bladestorm

Twin Cleave / Bladestorm

3 B
2 8 11 12 14
Sundering Strike / Excalibur's Wrath

Sundering Strike / Excalibur's Wrath

4 Y
5 9 13 16 20
Array ( [extreme] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 23 [display_name] => Ares [url] => ares ) [scoreVal] => 1 [notes] => Ares is by far King Arthur's greatest foe! Ares comes with cripple in his chains that prevents Arthur from getting away, and a good Ares with space out the chains to lengthen the duration. He is knock up immune during flames making him hard to CC if you do not have your ult charged. Finally Ares ult is imposible to run from as the only CC immune phase you have is if you land a fully charged 85 ult on a diffrent target then Ares. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Ideal build is always tank build for Ares focusing on CC reduction first to try and weaken the chains as best you can. ) ) [even] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 19 [display_name] => Bakasura [url] => bakasura ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Bakasura is not to be delt with alone. While this is the case for many gods, for Arthur this is even more so. Bakasura can stick to Arthur like glue despite Arthurs many movement abilities. The thing that makes him so threatening though is his ult. A large cripple that will help him stick to you even more. Try to CC him as much as possible and if your team survives his ult barrage, turn the tables and go aggresive while you know it is on cooldown. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 35 [display_name] => Fenrir [url] => fenrir ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Fenrir can burst you down early and can't be run from. Be aware of his location and stick to your team against good ones. Avoid 1v1ing as you will either be forced to chase or always get picked, running is not an option for you. ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 3 [display_name] => Hades [url] => hades ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => While Hades ult is always spooky, the fear is the actual problem. Late game this can get on a incredibly low cooldown and knock you out of abilities, try and get a lead in the mid game if possible then work toward a peel centered build for the end as damage wise you are most likely going to get shut down by a good hades. ) [3] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 59 [display_name] => Nox [url] => nox ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Nox is tricky to deal with in fights alone. Her silence zone is to be avoided all together as this will completely shut you down while inside. Do not fear, if you are not at the very center of the circle when she roots you, you can auto attack dodge out of the circle assuming you have good enough reaction time. Will take practice. Try to focus her when her silence is down with your team as taking her out will really help you help your team for the rest of the team fights. ) [4] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 31 [display_name] => Poseidon [url] => poseidon ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Poseidon has a stong cripple area that can really mess with Arthur's kit. Use your auto attack charges to try and lunge out of these areas faster, and to dodge his other abilities. I would put as more threatening, except alone Poseidon's abilities are easy to dodge alone. Do be carful with big cc ults like Ares and Da Ji as Poseidon becomes much more threatening with his cripple when paired with these. ) [5] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 12 [display_name] => Ymir [url] => ymir ) [scoreVal] => 3 [notes] => Ymir's freeze wall combo can be very frightening against you. When against him, keep your cool and take the damage. As he has a front loaded burst alone he is not a threat. Do not use your 3 ability until the stun and wall have come out to get away. The ideal stance for running is red stance once these abilities are down. When fighting, keep changing sides of him as best you can to try and dodge the stun. ) ) [major] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 90 [display_name] => Artio [url] => artio ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Artio is very close to being an extreme issue for King Arthur. Her cripple zone is almost enough alone to put her at extreme, however, roots have little effect on Arthur making this a much less threatening CC. Best way to work around her is to have your team slow her, or peel her off of you while you try and mess with the enemy backline. If you can't get her off either you are too far away from your team, or your team is at fault for not helping you. Some comps with Artio are just too hard to counter. Avoid as best you can. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 17 [display_name] => Cupid [url] => cupid ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Cupid has high mobility to run from you, a delayed stun, and a large cripple zone. The best way to face him is to work with your team and back off when you have the heart stun above your head. Do not chase him alone unless you can finish with a quick combo immediately. ) [2] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 87 [display_name] => Ganesha [url] => ganesha ) [scoreVal] => 2 [notes] => Ganesha sings some crazy songs man! If he decides to sit on you there isn't much you can do expecially if the enemy team staggers CC while Ganesha is recharging his silence. Avoid and try to have team stun him during silence phase. ) ) [tiny] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 1 [display_name] => Artemis [url] => artemis ) [scoreVal] => 5 [notes] => Simply watch for her roots. This is one that your auto attack dodge doesn't help with as the root takes hold of you and cripples you. Just avoid them or clear them when no one is around. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 57 [display_name] => Cabrakan [url] => cabrakan ) [scoreVal] => 5 [notes] => Simple, avoid getting walled in. You can stun him out of his smash ability, run away with either 3 and get even more dodge potential with your auto cancel. Try and save a stun for the slamming if possible. ) ) [minor] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 37 [display_name] => Athena [url] => athena ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => Watch for the taunt. Athena doesn't have much in her kit to deal with you, but neither do you for her. Most Athena's are tanky and your fast ticking damage doesn't burn her at all. The taunt will pull you out of abilities so just be aware. ) [1] => Array ( [god] => Array ( [god_id] => 93 [display_name] => Cerberus [url] => cerberus ) [scoreVal] => 4 [notes] => Cerberus gets a decent counter warning due to his passive healing steal. His ult can be comboed with cripples as well which can make him scary. Simply avoid cripples when you expect him to approch and when approched make sure you are in your Red Stance as this will allow you to knock up immune with Bladestorm, avoiding the ult all together. ) ) ) 1

King Arthur' Threats

Click each Level on the left to view
King Arthur' threats


This is a guide to King Arthur in one of his weakest spots, arena. Some of the counter information as well as playstyle/tricks can be carried over to conquest and other large game modes, but do not run most of these builds as they are fairly cookie cutter in design for max survivability, or max damage for arena playstyle. Most advisable at the moment would be my hybrid build for solo lane in conquest, but it will still need modifications. Please enjoy the guide and if all goes well, expect more in the future!


When building items, picking your role and playstyle is needed. King Arthur works best with a main tank providing buffs to him so he can go more and more toward damage, however, be aware that as Arthur has a lot of peel, you can preform a tank role as well. Many aura items will leave you under powered late game so I do not recommend building for them. Many builds that work for other warriors will not work for Arthur. Some items which are even staples of most gods have not effect at all even. As Arthur, your primary focus stats are: Cooldown Reduction, Physical Power, Protections, Health, CCR, and penetration. Secondary stats include: Attack Speed, and movement speed. These stats will provide some benefits to your build centered around your kit but do not provide great deal of power. DO NOT STACK YELLOW ITEM CATAGORY! These benefits should come with items of other good stats or effect, not be your primary goal. Finally the last category of stats are still able to be built into if desired for a joke build or for fun, but in no way should be used seriously. The effects take place but are not able to be capitalized on. The poor stats include: Critical Chance and Lifesteal. Both of these are auto attack based and should be avoided with the exception of Soul Eater.


While King Arthur is a combo character, many of his abilities don't fully combo into each other, with a few exceptions. In this section I will go into Combos and build orders. Do note I will be using some terms for the rest of this guide. This includes: Blue stance(Overhead Slash, Battle Stomp, and Twin Cleave), Red stance(Hamstring, Uppercut, and Bladestorm), Sundering Strike which is his blue ult, and his 85 ult(Excalibur's Wrath).

I will not go over specifics of abilities unless it is something not stated in the game! This includes MOST numbers, and general included effects that can be understood by hopping into the practice Jungle very briefly or reading ability descriptions in game! I will, however, do my best to clariffy any poorly worded, or hidden effects I find. Please request if you wish something I should have clarified that I missed. PLEASE HAVE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE ABILITIES FROM THE GAME BEFORE READING MORE!

Legend: Abilities are based off computer controls and go in order as stated above in number order. R=Red B=Blue.


Guarenteed Overhead Combo-
R2, B1: This is a knock up into overhead combo. This will guarantee the bonus damage from the B1 ability.

Anti-movement Combo-
B2, R1/R1, B2: This is the best way to clock down a mobile target and is good going into the knock up as well as it will slow and cripple the target.

Guarenteed Ult Combo-
R2, 85: This will guarenteee the ult will land but is not advised unless the 1 is down. This will also banish you and can be used to dodged a big ability, but the enemy will land before you do so be careful doing this. Make sure your teal is there to follow up.

Auto Cancel Combos-
Auto attack cancel into any of the following->B2, B3, R2, R3, 85.
The way to perform this is to have the dodge attack from the auto go through and then cast the ability before the slow effect takes place. This can be used to gain extra distance on any of the abilities listed. ALL OTHER ABILITIES WILL ACTUALLY SLOW YOU DOWN!
Max distance combo: Auto, B3, Auto, R3, Auto, B2, Auto, R2.
Auro canceling is one of, if not the strongest thing in his kit as it provides a free dodge that no other god has. This gives great in fight mobility for dodging and must be mastered to fully understand Arthur. This is one feature I am still learning more and more about each day as it can give you movement in roots, one of most warriors greatest enemies.

Ability Tips and Tricks:

B1- comboing with the R2 as stated before is the best way to do this.

B2- This can help slow characters when you don't want to chase them too far, but isn't needed to keep up, so saving this for escape can be helpful as well. Use it to help land your R2 on the target as well until you get good and landing R2 with no slow effect.

B3- While a good initiator due to the armor shred, unless you are fighting a tank it isn't to great. This is my recommended gap closer/escape as a movement ability then a damage ability out of his kit. Focus on cleaving as well if used on damage due to the healing from Glat Shield.

R1- Save for expected leaps or dashes to cancel them out. This will take time to learn and predict them, but once good enough you can interrupt them right as they cast forcing it on CD as well.

R2- Best ability in his kit in my opinion. Peel, guaranteed damage, or escape. Do note that if used as escape, it stops on the first god hit.

R3- This is used to heal with glat shield, if low ensure you aim for cleaving over focused damage.

Sunder Strike: Soon to lose the dash, this ability is strong and can be auto canceled, the best way to hit at the moment is to auto dash away from the enemy, cast, and do another 180 to try and snap attack the target. This will take the most practice out of all his abilities.

85- DO NOT SAVE! This ability comes up faster then you think. Saving this also prevents you from using sunder strike in long fights so getting it out fast is the best way to spar in a long drawn out fight. Watch for allied abilites. While executing with this is good, it can be beaded to escape. So if your teammates can get the kill without the use of this ability, it may be more ideal.


The best way to play King Arthur is to capitalize on your Gladiator Shield. Increasing the health pool or resistance will bring more value to the health you get back. Hitting as many targets as possible with your AoE abilities will maximize your front line time. Be careful around hard CC and disrupt the back line as much as possible as his high base damage will allow him to shred squishes even in a tank build. Cooldown reduction is a must for almost any build as at 40% reduction as you cast your last ability, the first one you cast will be back up.

Pros / Cons

High AoE/base damage
High mobility
High CC
High ability damage for a warrior
Medium burst potential
Short Cooldowns on ultimate abilities/has 2 ultimates
Unpredictable movement

Weak to cripples, silence, and stuns
Low base health
No self sustain built in
Weak early game
Damage falls off in extremely long games if built max tank


Early Game:
Despite being a front line, it is best to stay back at the start as until you get some Cooldown reduction and self healing you are very squishy. Work on peeling or some poke with your B1. Hug pillars for protection but don't stand to close as you want to stay in the open early.

Mid Game:
This is Arthurs best time in the game. Around the 3 to 5 item marks. This is where you want to start pressuring no matter your build and focus down squishes or peeling for your team while starting some chases.

Late Game (Tank):
Work mostly on peeling or CCing the enemy backline. You're job is no longer to secure kills yourself but to open targets up for your allies. Jump target to target to max healing from Gladiator Shield and dodge threat from the enemies.

Late Game (Hybrid/damage):
Against a high squishy team you will want to focus targets fast and get out fast. If against a tank team, spin in the front and jump target to target trying to bait abilities.


Thank you for reading through my guide! I will update it as best I can if there is a large enough desire for it. More builds will be made in the future for any gods/Arthur. Please give feed back and include anything I might have missed and I will add it to the guide. This has been my firstGood luck in the arena!

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xmysterionz (43) | January 21, 2019 10:21am
For an Arena match you may consider Soul Eater instead of Gladiator's Shield in an alternative bruiser build. It doesn't require last hit to stack and can heal you a lot since you don't stop casting skills.
Superbluedog008 | January 21, 2019 12:38pm
Yep I had a mention with soul eater in the items section, but I intend to do a damage build centered more around soul eater separate as it is a completely different play style I found as it relys more on staying on target then jumping targets constantly. As well as more damage orientation comparatively. I don't really recommend glat and soul together cause then soul eater doesn't get enough value from damage, and glat wont get value with lack of defensives to increase health value.
Kriega1 (78) | January 21, 2019 10:26am
Soul Eater is nice, but Glad Shield is really good on him. Even better than Wukong, (which is why u get soul eater on wukong).
Gulfwulf (60) | January 21, 2019 12:47pm
Is glad worth buying in arena?
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xmysterionz (43) | January 21, 2019 10:51am
Yeah, I'm just suggesting SE as an alternative option to make his guide even more complete.
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Spin To Win - Full King Arthur Arena Guide (S5)
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