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Set, The Slayer of Kings - Guide (Year 10) (WORK IN PROGRESS FOR 10.5)

54 4 30,114
by IllmaticXVII updated May 23, 2023

Smite God: Set

Build Guide Discussion 7 More Guides
Choose a Build: Main Jungle Build
Main Jungle Build (Tanky) Slash Solo Lane (Bluestone) Carry Build (COMING SOON) Mid Build (COMING SOON) Slash Build
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Build Summary


Notes Most common start. Carapace Shard and Wing Shard are both viable.


Most common start. Carapace Shard and Wing Shard are both viable.

Build Item Eye Of The Jungle Eye Of The Jungle
Build Item Morningstar Morningstar
Build Item Healing Potion Healing Potion
Build Item Purification Beads Purification Beads
Build Item Carapace Shard Carapace Shard

Full Build (Example)

Notes Ideal Jungle build.


Ideal Jungle build.

Build Item Protector Of The Jungle Protector Of The Jungle
Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Magi's Revenge Magi's Revenge
Build Item Temporal Beads Temporal Beads
Build Item Aegis of Judgement Aegis of Judgement

Set Threats

Tap each threat level to view Set’s threats


Set Synergies

Tap each synergy level to view Set’s synergies


Extended Build

Core Items

Build Item Transcendence Transcendence
Build Item The Crusher The Crusher
Build Item Heartseeker Heartseeker
Build Item Bloodforge Bloodforge

Situational Items

Build Item Spectral Armor Spectral Armor
Build Item Mantle of Discord Mantle of Discord
Build Item Magi's Cloak Magi's Cloak
Build Item Brawler's Beat Stick Brawler's Beat Stick
Build Item Berserker's Shield Berserker's Shield
Build Item Serrated Edge Serrated Edge
Build Item Titan's Bane Titan's Bane

Set, The Usurper


Hello, my name is Butcher,
I wrote this guide to shed some light on my favorite God, Set.
I've been playing Smite since 2015 but only started taking ranked seriously in Season 8, and have been consistently in the High Diamond/Low Master MMRs (albeit never reaching Masters officially yet). I have 10.8k Worshippers on Set and spent some time in the Top 10 leaderboards for S9.
I was also featured on Smite's Top 5 episode 288 with Set. I think with all the time I spent on this God I have a lot of insight I could share regarding everyone's favorite Kingslayer.


Pros and Cons

-Insane poke
-Good Secure/Steal potential
-Good Secure/Steal potential
-Good Mid Fight Sustain
-Escape/Engage Potential
-High Skill Ceiling
-High Skill Floor
-No CC immunity
-Requires a lot of Awareness

In-Depth Explanation


In-Depth Explanation of Skills

Type: Passive

Relentless increases Set's attack speed by 2.5% with every basic.


Type: Line

Skewer damages enemies for 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+90% of your Physical Power) and slows enemies for 3 seconds.


Spawn of Set
Type: Pet/Damage

Spawn of Set damages enemies for 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70% of Skewer. You can have 8 Spawn of Set active at once.


Type: Teleport/Circular

Sandstorm 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 (+7% of your Physical Power) for every 0.4s during 6 seconds. You can use this ability to teleport to your Spawn of Set. Once activated, Sandstorm renders you immune to slows. Also gives you 10% Damage Reduction


Type: Buff

Kingslayer is a buff that makes Set hungry. This ability is the essence of playing Set. Everytime he damages a God, they receive a Mark of Set. Once they reach 4 marks they are damaged (25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 (+30% of your Physical Power)) and Set is healed by 25/40/55/70/85. He also gains 3% movement speed and Kingslayer lasts 12 seconds.


Stages of the Match

Early Game
You should always start on the Duo lane side of Speed Camp . Kill it then make your way to Damage Camp and start clearing it, preferably killing the smalls before your mid get there. Then go Mid lane for as many waves as you can until Mid Xp Camps spawn. From here you can do 1 of 2 things.
1- You can gank Duo lane. Then either back, or go for Chest Camp. If you go for Chest camp, go to your speed on Duo side, kill it. Immediately go to your other speed, then either help Mid with damage, or go XP harpies and Blue. Then back. If you can do both Red and Blue, that's huge farm for you.
If you choose to instead back, skip Chest camp and do the same jungle rotation but this time try and secure Mid harpies once they respawn (they should already be up)

2- You can gank Solo lane. If you gank solo you can invade Blue, or back. After invade either do your jungle rotation, starting from your blue -> XP -> Speed/Damage-> Duo speed then or back, then go duo lane speed -> solo lane speed -> then either red, or XP and blue, if your solo laner already did blue, just go Mid harpies. If you back, do the same jungle rotations but try and secure Mid XP harpies.

The best jungle route after first spawn is Speed (Duo Side) -> Speed (Solo Side). Then here, you can go Red, or pull XP to red, or just go XP, then Blue. If your Blue is up and you still went for Red, make your way to blue. If it isn't up, go for Mids.
Alternatively, you can start at Speed (solo lane) and do a more traditional start.

Ganking Thought Process

Mid Game

At this stage of the game you should be looking for picks, or any opportunity to burst down Gold Fury or Pyromancer. These opportunities can stem from picks, enemy rotations, or your allies rotation (Usually Solo Laner).
With Transcendence stacked and Jotunn's Wrath online, look for invades and just any and all farm you can get. Not many gods can fight you at this stage either because of your movement, damage or mid-fight sustain. You can use this to force enemies to back by poking.
Clearing out T1 Towers if they aren't down is very important now for the Gold.
Don't look to full commit in Teamfights especially without relics unless you have a support grabbing CC and relics.
Warding high into enemy jungle is important now. Make it your responsibility. Here are some possible ward locations.

Ward Map

If you are super ahead in the mid game, attempting an early 12-15 minute Fire Giant is completely possible and recommended to snowball the lead.
Forcing fights when you are a few levels up also can further your lead.

Late Game

In the late game, the same can be said for every jungle. Getting picks and shredding objectives is your only job. Looking for good picks is crucial for grabbing Fire Giant and sieging phoenixes. Use Spawn of Set and Wards to see enemies in their jungle, for example a lonely mid laner going for Red Buff and jump on him with Sandstorm. As Set you'll struggle fighting gods like Mercury, Lancelot or Da Ji so beware. Keep an eye on your Relics.
At this stage of the game, Skewer and Spawn of Set should be bursting enemies down easily. Never stop poking.

Sieging Stats

Set is a Role in itself (Unless you're Support)

Set is an Off-Role BEAST

In this role, you are looking to rotate when possible and focus on farming lane and jungle. When you can kill the Mid laner, do it. The opportunity won't present itself often nor will it be risk-free compared to other roles. Late game just burst people down with Spawn of Set+ Skewer. Only all in commit with your jungler and/or solo laner

In this role, you are looking to just farm. Fight for Totem and extra Camps but save Sandstorm for escape. Rotate only when you are ahead and try to get picks and objectives with Teleport Fragment. In the early game, the only times you want to commit to a fight is if your jungler ganks or you have Kingslayer up. Late game your job is to disrupt the backline. Preferably only go in with backup from your jungle or support.

When laning with your support, focus on just clearing wave and poking their support/carry. Don't be afraid to fight especially if you and your support have Carapace Shard. After Supports leave Duo Lane, fight the enemy carry as much as possible with and without Kingslayer(Note that with Ultimate you can almost guarantee he will die). Deny farm from him, poke him out, freeze waves, steal buffs, do anything to ensure he doesn't succeed in lane till super late. If he somehow does succeed in the early game, I recommend going Berserker's Shield for extra help. Late game just adopt the same playstyle as you would for the Mid column of this chapter.

Ranked Play

Set in Ranked Conquest has a 4.8% Pick Rate and a 6.3% Ban Rate with an overall win rate of 53.98% among all ranks. Making him a pretty viable and not too contested of a pick.
Set can be a hypercarry pick though it depends purely on matchups and circumstances.


General Tips

In Kingslayer spam Spawn of Set as much as you can for more marks.

Poke as much as you can with Skewer and Spawn of Set

Using Sandstorm without teleporting gives you all the buffs you need to engage without risking your escape. When possible, do this. When engaging you always wanna have your this ability up.

When being chased, you can use Skewer to slow the enemy behind you allowing for an easy escape without utilizing your Sandstorm. That way you could end up reengaging fast with the teleport or just saving it to juke.

Using Spawn of Set as a ward is a must, I can not stress this enough. It gives you free vision allowing objective steals.

Sandstorm is almost ALWAYS needed for ganks. Saving it can be used to catch dashes.

After having 8 Spawn of Set on the ground, use Skewer for a big damage output on anyone.

Before going in, make sure you have Purification Beads or Aegis Amulet.

You can use Sandstorm and Skewer to snipe kills through walls.

If you're going to engage into a teamfight, use Kingslayer before using Sandstorm to go in. That way you can instantly start bursting without having wait for the Kingslayer start up animation. Also the movement speed will help.

Gameplay Clips


Credits: TheFearMaster for posting it on Deviant Arts.
To finish up, I hope everyone found this guide to be informative and creative, playing Set is one of the few reasons why I still play Smite and I hope I can help others learn him just like I did.
Feel free to ask any questions on the discussion page of this guide, I'll be happy to answer any and all.
I'll continue to update this guide as I see fit, with new patches or just a change in the Meta Builds. Feel free to give me feedback on the guide, and ways to improve it!
Thank you!!!

10.3 Set Healing Nerf (But actually a buff)

My Thoughts

10.5 Set Shift

My Thoughts



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RIPtide722 | May 23, 2023 12:25pm
First and foremost, this is a great guide. Set has always been my favorite but I was hesitant to play him given the skill ceiling and this guide helped me reach Diamond mastery in a couple days. I do want to pick your brain if at all possible given all the recent changes in 10.4 and 10.5.
What do you think about Vital Amplifier on Set for his ult? Likewise, Seqmet's Scepter for insane cooldown in his ult? I know statistically speaking you shouldn't rely on a characters ult as their main damage source but given most ganks and teamfights done after level 5 are with his Ult I wonder if it's worth it. Personally I've had decent bit of success with Bumba's Spear, Trans, Vital, Scepter, Crusher, Heartseeker. However, that was also in casual and right after 10.4.
Regardless, keep up the great work and I hope that one day you'll be on my team and definitely not the enemy's!
IllmaticXVII | May 23, 2023 2:40pm
Hello! So first, thanks for the comment and I appreciate the kind words!
I do plan on updating this Guide probably tomorrow (or Friday) with different builds, and tips, regarding the current meta.
My problem with Vital Amp and Seqmet's is, as you said, Ultimate reliant. Although, you are right you will be fighting with ultimate, you shouldn't be ultimate reliant. Especially since, even out of ult, your boxing ability is huge. With that being said, that's not the only problem. In the current meta, where Support Auras make backliners SO much harder to kill, you can't waste item slots on items that will only benefit you in certain conditions. Take the build I currently run (And will be put in my guide soon as well). Protector Of The Jungle, Transcendence, Bloodforge, The Crusher, Heartseeker, Magi's Revenge.
With this build I sit on 362 Power, 147 Phys Prots, and 92 Magical prots, without Protector's Passive and without my Sandstorm Proc'd. The beauty in this build is, I have the survivability that is needed for this current burst meta, while also having the damage necessary to run down ADCs/Mages.
So to summarize my thoughts, it's possible and you might even find success with those items, but they currently do not fit it any of the builds I run with Set nor do I find them useful on the God unless you're in Solo lane or going Bruiser. With Set you will lose fights and even waste Kingslayer in a lot of situations, you could rely on waiting for Cooldowns, but that's not always possible. Especially in high level ranked games where they do play around your ultimate. So being able to box without it, in teamfights and 1v1s is crucial in my opinion. (If you want me to go more in-depth on the items, feel free to DM me but that's my thoughts on it just off the top of my head)
Next, comparing your build with the build I mentioned above, you trade off 65 Physical Prots, 28 Magical Prots, 10 lifesteal, and some movement speed (without the other buffs my build has included with magi's and protectors) for 10 more power, 8 more %pen, ruffly 400 more HP, and 10% more CDR. Not including your Seqment's and Vital.
I like the build, you have the damage and it's NOT by any means a BAD build. It's perfectly viable. My only issue, and maybe one you've encountered or not, I don't think you have the survivability if you get focused in a fight.
If the support does his job, you will burn beads pretty fast in a fight and with less prots you'll have a hard time going in on an enemy team with mid to high CC. Speaking with the numbers, you'll kill someone faster but you do DIE faster as well. Look at it this way, if you are focused, targeted with CC you'll have a hard time killing an enemy then surviving, let alone multiple enemies and living without a large lead.
With my build, I'm trading that extra damage you have, for a free beads that'll give me 10% extra damage to an enemy god, plus 20% movement speed for me and my team (mainly my solo laner that should be diving with me), plus Protectors which enables me to play much more aggressively into an enemy comp if we fight in the jungle since my power will increase by 15% (417 total Power) and my prots by 12% (163 Phys prots/ 103 magical) making late game objective play even better. On top of if I kill an enemy, Bloodforge shield and movement speed increases my survivability and kill potential by EVEN MORE.
Like I said, your build is viable and at the end of the day, my arguments are situations in which my build will probably be more efficient that yours. You could most likely make valid counter arguments and at the end of the day it's more personal preference/playstyle.
I will say though, I don't think Bumbas is the way to go, on any gods at the moment, since Protectors, is a much better starter in terms of value.
Feel free to comment again or DM me with more questions, or if you want to continue this discussion as I'm always open to different perspectives etc.
Thank you once again for the comment and the kind words <3
RIPtide722 | May 29, 2023 8:15pm
My god that was fast and a lot. Sorry for not responding but I will say I have learned a lot since commenting that. More specifically, the next day it was brought to my attention that I was putting WAY too much value in Bumba's Spear. Now, I've been playing since 9.11 so I'm pretty fresh but I thought Spear would that +70 True damage on autos to all your autos not just against jungle...
Otherwise, I think you're right on the money. I normally play casuals where Vital and Scepter have a bloated value. But I think knowing what I do now about Bumba's makes me cringe thinking about how often I built it. The rest of the build you've put together seems much more coherent although the Magi's caught me by surprise. It definitely makes sense although I personally have a love/hate relationship with prot items on anything but Guardians and Warriors because I feel like I still get deleted regardless or come out unscathed and feel like the slot is wasted.
On that note, I have played with some intense tomfoolery with a full AA Set build to take advantage of the Silverbranch passive. Assuming they live long enough I was able to get to ~50 stacks. Probably not viable, but fun nonetheless.
Anyway, thanks for your input! It's really appreciated and I hope for only W's in your future o7
sueyguy | March 22, 2023 4:34pm
very nice guide, has definitely given me more insight on how i should play and plan my builds. i dont do much conquest though, mostly slash and its significantly harder to get a good 1v1 due too the much smaller map size. ive tried some warrior ish builds and poke builds but i still struggle a bit with him.. you got any tips for slash?
IllmaticXVII | March 22, 2023 5:46pm
Yea, I can understand the struggle with Set on a game mode like Slash.
So usually, unless I want to go full damage, I'll run a build like Bluestone, Trans, Prophetics, Glad, Stone of Binding, then a filler item but usually heartseeker or Brawlers. With this build, you'll mainly look to fight a lot in the early to mid game, but ALWAYS play around another tank character on your team if you have one, if not you'll get easily focused. Focus on people with no escape, or maybe people who are low. You'll be tanky enough to survive an extended encounter while your ult should be enough to get some kills.
An alternative play style would be a Bluestone full damage build. In that case, you'll essentially just want to poke. Constantly 1 then 2 any Squishies. Then the same tip I gave you for the bruiser build applies here. You'll want to wait for your tanks to go in and grab the damage, then look for solo kills etc. Picking up Blood forge 2nd or 3rd item so you can try and snowball would also be a good idea. Going around trying to find 1v1s for the most part isn't going to work. So when you're full damage, the most you can do is farm and poke. If you catch a lead THEN go for invades to start fights etc. These are just some tips I came up with from the top of my head, but during the weekend I can add a tab dedicated to Slash and other gamemodes.
Hope this helps!
sueyguy | March 24, 2023 10:46pm
After a few dozen games under my belt with Set, i find myself going full damage bluestone a lot. More often then id like, one lane in slash is mostly ignored while everyone dukes it out except for like 1 player. I tend to be tyat player since i dont like having my towers get blindsided so the poke build has been a great friend.

On a side note i have found great joy in stopping recals with the 2

Havnt thought about using bloodforge, i usually get serrated edge instead for the pen, but i could see it being real good for tower diving so ill definetly be trying it out sometime.
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