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Serqet: Convalence

December 13, 2016 by cmsknight
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3


Smite God: Serqet

Item Purchase Order

For fighting a tanky team

Build Item Warrior Tabi
Build Item Jotunn's Wrath
Build Item Mail of Renewal
Build Item Deathbringer
Build Item Titan's Bane
Build Item Wind Demon

For fighting a squishy team

Build Item Warrior Tabi Build Item Jotunn's Wrath Build Item Mail of Renewal Build Item Deathbringer Build Item Wind Demon Build Item Malice

Welcome Serqet Enthusiasts!!!

Serqet is one of my absolute favorite god in Smite and has been since I first played her. I find her so fun for two reasons. First, she is fast and unpredictable, and second, because she has so many ways to use her kit in complex and innovative ways. The only thing that stays consistent in her play style is that her biggest advantage is her speed. Therefore it is important to understand how to best use this advantage. This will be an advanced guide going into detail on all subjects from play theory to pairing and roles. As this is an advanced guide I expect readers to understand basic MOBA terms, role, and to have read over Serqet's, game-provided, information (primarily abilities). Also, this guide will not be a 'how to jungle' guide. If you are not yet familiar with jungeling then I suggest watching some youtube video's covering the basics of the role before reading this guide. Because this will be a lengthy guide I have tried to break it up into sections so that you can find exactly what you're looking for as quick as possible.

The Serqet Theory

First things first. You have to know the god you are dealing with. Serqet is an ability based god with high mobility a high single target damage. She plays best in the late game. Her early game starts slow but she becomes dangerous after the purchase of her third item on most of her builds.

Serqet excels at securing kills, bursting down squishy and even bruisers, split pushing, jungle control, and objective stealing. Also, because her passive Catalyst allows her to do percent-health damage and her ultimate, Last Breath, does true damage Serqet can take down enemies so are moderately tanky in a way that few assassins can. These attributes make her a scary opponent to meet one on one, however, Serqet also has a number of key weaknesses that players must constantly be wary of. First, crowd control. Many assassin characters struggle with this weakness but not many suffer from its effects quite as bad as Serqet as she is tied with Ratatoskr for least base health (1880Hp). Her second weakness is that she has little to no fight power if here abilities are on cool down or if she is out of mana. Her third weakness is something to consider both when picking a team composition at the beginning of a mage and during it. Serqet has almost no team fight potential and brings very little to in lane pushing. There for picking Serqet is not a good idea if your team's other players have not selected gods who are capable of making up for this lacking. I will cover this in more depth in the God Pairing section.

Now that you have an overview of who Serqet is and what she is both good and bad at it is time to talk about the rule book. When I started playing Serqet I think I broke every one of these rules and paid for it dearly. So much so in fact that to this day my KDR with her is not back up to 1 because I made so many of these mistakes. Don't make my mistakes. I hope that in providing these rules I can help new players get of to a better start with her than I did.

- If your abilities are on cooldown do not engage
- If you do not have enough mana to use all four of your abilities do not commit to a kill
- If they can CC you before you land your Cobra's Kiss do not engage
- If you do not think you can kill them with your combo and 1-3 auto attack do not engage
- If you miss Cobra's Kiss do not commit to the attack.
- If there are more than one enemy gods in range of your attack target do not ult.

The Poke Combo

Ability Order
Cobra's Kiss



How To Use It
Once in range use your second ability, Cobra's Kiss, to start doing some damage, apply the first poison, and pull them toward you with its madness effect (note that if other enemy gods are around they will not walk toward you).

Get up close to them and use your first ability, Deathbane, at minimum range to do heavy damage and apply the second poison. Try and line it up so that the target is in the center of the paths so that they take all three hits from it.

Finally, get back up to them and land an auto attack to do damage and apply Catalyst's effect to do an additional 10% of their health in damage.

When To Use It
This is your basic doing damage combo. This can be used in most general combat situations. Serqet's second ability Cobra's Kiss is the key to playing her. Anytime you land this ability and have the option to follow it up with your first ability you should do so. Hitting an auto attack after doing both of these moves will trigger her passive to do extra damage. You should be wary of your surroundings when using Serqet. If the risk level becomes too high at any point you should back out and wait for your cooldowns to end before seeking to attack again.

The Kill Combo

Ability Order
Cobra's Kiss


Last Breath


How To Use It
If possible, initiate by walking into a range of 40 units or less. If there is too much space to do so before your target reacts close the distance using the Blink relic. If you do not currently have this or it is on cooldown you can leap in using your Ambush ability, however, this is risky as it is your only escape if things do not go your way.

Once in range use your second ability, Cobra's Kiss, to start doing some damage, apply the first poison, and pull them toward you with its madness effect (note that if other enemy gods are around they will not walk toward you).

Get up close to them and use your first ability, Deathbane, at minimum range to do heavy damage and apply the second poison. Try and line it up so that the target is in the center of the paths so that they take all three hits from it.

Before they get a chance to retaliate activate your ultimate, Last Breath, to do true damage, throw them, and apply the third poison.

Finally, get back up to them and land an auto attack to do damage and apply Catalyst's effect to do an additional 20% of their health in damage.

When To Use It
This combo should only be used when you have determined that doing so will have a high probability of leading to a kill. Ideally, it is best to bait enemies into a jungle before throwing the full combo at them. The reason for this has to do with the function of your ultimate. Using Last Breath can be very helpful in securing a kill, however, if done wrong it can work against you because after applying to poison Serqet throws the enemy 30 units away from you. That is a lot of space for them to maneuver and possibly get away from you before you can land your kill strike. Therefore, to ensure that you can land that auto attack it is best if you can throw them into a nearby wall effectively shortening the distance between you and them after using the ability. Jungles are tighter spaces and therefore make it easier for you to do this and stay on top of them.

The Dual Target Combo

Ability Order
Cobra's Kiss



How To Use It
Initiate by position yourself so that there is one enemy just to your right and one just to your left within 40 units. Initiate using Cobra's Kiss landing one of the two projectiles on each of the two targets to apply the poison and force them to walk closer togeather.

Get up close to them and use your first ability, Deathbane, at minimum range to do heavy damage to both targets and apply the second poison. Try and land as many of the three hits as you can on both targets. However, if they are too far away from each other you may have to prioritize targets and line your ability up so that it hits them all three times and the other target only once or twice.

Finally, auto attack each target. Ideally one will be close enough to being dead (if Deathbane didn't finish them) to kill with just one. Then you can focus on fighting the remaining target. If you need to catch up to them you can use Ambush. Note: Always try and land Ambush when using it aggressively. Many new Serqet players undervalue the damage that it does. However, it can do over 400 damage before mitigation at the upper levels which is could be enough to secure the kill.

When To Use It
This is the most difficult of Serqet's combos to land successfully as there are many places to go wrong. I do not recommend trying to use this combo at all until you feel comfortable using Serqet. This combo excels at allowing you to fight multiple opponents as it crowd controls both of them forcing them to a place where you can focus on both of them at once. Also, it applies the poisons from your second and first abilities to both of them marking both of them to take the extra damage from Catalyst. Be conscious of what two targets you are choosing to pull togeather. At least one of them should be a squishier target that will likely die to the combo allowing you to then focus your energy on the other one. What this does it allows Serqet to quickly change a situation from a two-v-one to a one-v-one. It is also worth noting that this requires you to be strong enough to kill quickly. Therefore, this combo should not be used hardly ever be used in the early game or if you have fallen behind too far to secure kills. Ideally, this combo should not be used until you have crits and, if possible, you are using the full Aggressive build. This particular build includes Mail of Renewal, which will heal you if you kill one of your targets so that you can fight the other, and Wing Demon which will help you catch up to the second enemy or get away from the fight if it does not go your way. As always if you miss EITHER one of your two shots from Cobra's Kiss, or one of the targets uses Purification to escape the madness, you must re-evaluate the situation to see if you can still fight. Serqet IS NOT good at doing two-v-one unless this combo works.

Aggressive Build and Fighting Style

Build Cost: 14,190

The first and primary play style used on Serqet is the Aggressive style. In my opinion, this is the best way to play her. Now while it is called the Aggressive build I should warn that this doesn't mean brute force or up front fighting. What I mean by this is "playing to kill." Patience followed by commitment is key in playing Serqet well. Once you are strong enough to kill quickly you should be actively searching for openings to make decisive kills. You can do this in a variety of ways. When in lane your best way to attack is to wait for your teammates to clear the wave and then instantly blink in on a squishy target and start a combo. More often than not this will not happen. You have to make your own opportunities. Use jungles to get around behind enemies when they are alone in a lane or catch an unsuspecting enemy god rotating to another lane in the jungle and unleash your combo. Also, I should mention that you can use your invisibility on ambush to wait in a jungle camp or high traffic rotation lane to get the jump on an enemy. The final tip in playing this way is that surprise is your ally. Change directions suddenly. Act like you are about to attack one target and then turn to chase another. Act when players rarely. The mentality of this style is to wait for the opportunity in which you believe you can make a clean kill and then give it all you've got.

The items on this style are mostly focused on ability penetration, crit, and cooldown. If you plan to switch out items on this build make sure that you do not lose this focus. There are two main points that need to be made in relation to items on this build. First, is the third item Mail of Renewal. In each build, there is an item that once purchased allow you to start playing aggressively. This is that item. It gives you more cooldown to allow you to use your ult, and by extension kill combo, more often. It gives you health allowing you to take a bit more of a beating. However, the best feature of this item is its passive. If you secure a kill or assist you will regain 15% of your health and mana over the next 5 seconds effectively allowing you to keep fighting longer and harder. I can not stress how powerful this is on Serqet. The second key item in this build that effect your play style is the sixty item Wing Demon. The passive on this item gives you additional movement and attack speed when your attack crit. This will make landing the auto attack at the end of your combos much easier.

Hit and Run Build and Fighting Style

Build Cost: 14,540

The second play style for Serqet is Hit and Run. This build turns Serqet's speed into a weapon to do unfocused damage to many targets and then clear out before enemies have a chance to react. This build and style are recommended in two situations, the first being when the enemy team is too far ahead of you for you to fight them and the second being if you are paired against an enemy god or team that counters you in a way that makes aggression unwise (See God Pairing for more). The way to use this build is to do the opposite of what you need to do in the Aggressive style. If you're using this build it probably means that the for one of the two reasons above you are unable to commit to fighting the enemy team. Instead, you need to be able to fight without having to wait for that perfect moment to commit to a kill. If this is the case you should be using Deathbane to dash through opponents relying on crits and the applications of Malice's passive to do extra damage over time. Because this drastically reduces your potential to be an effective team member as you won't be killing half as often you should look for times where you can dash through multiple enemies to do the most damage possible. Now the important thing here is that if you do manage to find an opportunity to secure an easy kill by taking advantage of an enemy's poor positioning try and take it using the kill combo but don't take risks. If your team is already behind the last thing you want to do is feed them more kills. You should be focusing on farming, poking, and being as much of a nuisance to the enemy teams as you can.

In terms of items, this build differs from the aggressive build after the second item. Because you are not focusing on being aggressive and securing kills, building into Mail of Renewal would be almost pointless. Also, because you are not committing to kills and sustained combat you can build a third damage item rather than defense. Building Malice gives you both crit chance and a passive that does extra damage over time when you crit. This added effect and its lower cost in comparison to Deathbringer give you the ability to dash through enemies applying a bleed and running for your life. Many people debate if Deathbringer or Malice is better. In this case, you will do more damage that you will with Deathbringer. This is because you will only be landing one of the three possible hits from Deathbane. If you were landing all three, there would be a greater chance that you would crit multiple times in which case the bonus damage from Deathbringer would be much better. The next item is a defensive item that helps prevent you from being tied down. Magi's Blessing give an enormous health boost, some minor protections, and a passive that can absorb a cc effect. If the enemy team doesn't have much cc but have a lot of slows you could build Winged Blade instead. After that, your last items are just to get as large of a crit chance as you can with the added effects of the slow on Poison Star and the bonus damage on Deathbringer. You can build these items in either order. If you are really far behind build Poison Star first because it is cheaper and while help you get away from enemies faster.

Kill Chaser Build and Fighting Style

Build Cost: 13,990

The third play style for Serqet is Kill Chaser. This build and style is geared toward all killing as fast and efficiently as possible. It builds absolutely no defense making it the squishiest build I have discussed. This play style requires even more patience, foresight, and awareness than the aggressive build. When playing this style you must select your targets very carefully. They should be easy to kill without having to contend with other enemy gods or minions. If you are using this build you should also have a good idea about the locations of all members of the enemy team. This means YOU NEED WARDS. When attacking you should almost always be intending to get the kill. Doing poke with this build may be a bad idea because if you have to retreat there is a good chance you will take heavy damage. This style of play is best if you are far enough ahead that you can kill most of the enemy gods with relative ease.

The items on this build are quite straight forward. They are all geared to doing the maximum damage. The only new item in this build that haven't been discussed is Hydra's Lament. This item gives you additional power, cooldown reduction, and a passive that give you next auto attack after using an ability extra damage. This just gives Serqet even more burst when landing the Catalyst auto attack at the end of her combos.


For this section, I will be discussing how Serqet does aginst various match-ups specifically in the conquest jungle role. I will be ranking each of these match-ups on a scale of difficulty from 1 to 5. Please note that these are all hypothetical based on personal experience, kit evaluation, and the play styles that I favor. If you disagree with any of these, please tell me which one and give your reason.
1- strongly in your favor
2- in your favor
3- tie
4- in their favor
5- strongly in their favor

Rank 4
I hate fighting Arachne with Serqet. Early game you will lose most battles with her. Wait until mid or late game before fighting her. What makes this challenging is that if you are running from her in the early game all she has to do is place her web in front of you and be able to catch up to you instantly. If you dash through it the web will still follow you. Your best bet is to use Ambush to get away from her as Arachne has no way to get over walls in her kit.

Rank 3
This is a tie. If you play well Awilix may not be a big problem. However, playing well means that you get the drop on her and kill her before she sees you coming. Awilix has a long wind up before her leap can be activated. Therefore you can stay on her easily. However, Awilix's Feather step will do a lot of damage to you so if she gets the drop on you, she could easily do the same to you. Also, her ult can pull you out of your leap so it is important to be very careful of using it while around her.

Rank 5
This is a nightmare match-up. You can kill him if you catch him off guard but his ult has a large area cripple nullifying your primary source of damage and your escapes. This makes it that you can't fight him or even clear his minions spawned by the ult. A good Bakasura player will ult the moment you attack him and turn on you forcing you to use Kobra's Kiss to prevent him from damaging you rather than set up the kill.

Rank 2
The bleeds are definitely difficult because Serqet relies on avoiding damage with her speed. You can't run from bleeds once they are applied meaning you will have to take the full value of their damage. However, if you are ready for it, you can apply madness to her the moment she jumps into combat preventing her from jumping back or applying the bleeds. Late game the madness will last long enough for you to unload your full kit easily killing her. Also, her cats really don't help her much fighting you as you can easily dash or leap away from them.

Rank 1
First of all, I should say that I have never had to fight Camazotz with Serqet. This is fully based on my evaluation of his kit and playstyle. Camazotz is a sustain killer. With no real initiation. These two things give Serqet a big advantage over him. Because he only has a short leap he will have to move into a closer range giving you time to hit him with Kobra's Kiss. Also, Last Breath prevents healing nullifying his greatest advantage.

Rank 4
Not fun. Fenrir is strong against Serqet because his Brutalize ability can follow you even when you dash. Like I said in the Bastet section Serqet is weak to damage that she can't run from. It also lets him stay on you giving him time to land his really painful auto attacks. On the up-side, his ult is easy to escape using Deathbane or Ambush unless he activates it right next to you or while you are stunned from his leap.

Hun Batz
Rank 2
Hun Batz can hurt but as long as you land Kobra's Kiss he doesn't really have any way to counter you. His ult can be disruptive and get you killed if he uses it right but as long as your beads are up it is rather useless.

Rank 3
This is a hard one to call. I know some people who claim that Serqet actually counters Kali. However, I think that the battle is slightly in Kali's favor. Again she has those nasty bleeds even if they aren't as strong as Bastet's. She also has a strong AOE stun which can shut you down easily in the early to mid game. The big debate is about their ultimates. Kali's ult makes it that she can't be killed while it is active. This means she can be brought down to 1 health and not die. However, it is not a sustained healing ability, protection buff, or shield. If she times it correctly she can prevent the poison from Serqet's Last Breath from killing her. The flip side of this is that if you wait your ult until she has already activated her ult, her's will wear off before the final tick of your poison ensuring that you kill her because her healing effect won't be able to activate.

Rank 2
This is one of those match-ups that comes down to who gets the drop on who. If you initiate and land your Kobra's Kiss (or even better, pull him out of his invisibility while he is trying to engage you) you can one shot him as easily as he can you. As for his ultimate, you can beads it and dash away before he can land his follow-up hit. If he ults you without your beads chances are you will die. Loki relies on his invisibility to escape. If you have applied your Last Breath poison to him you can just follow the damage dots appearing over him even while he is invisible. Simply chase or use Ambush to close the distance.

Rank 2
I would say that Serqet has an edge on Mercury. Mercury relies on getting straight shots at his opponents. This works okay while fighting in lane but while in the jungle Serqet's unpredictable mobility gives her the edge. If you are prepared for it, you can also apply madness to him, forcing him out of his dash, using Kobra's Kiss eliminating his ability to set up his auto attacks (which hurt a lot late game).


Ne Zha


Rank 3
No surprise, there no Serqet has a better kit than another. When fighting a mirror match-up the game will be decided by who lands their Kobra's Kiss. It will be good to buy beads and possibly Magi's Blessing so that you can fight her better.

Rank 3
Susano is considered one of the only gods that can keep pace with Serqet. He has two movement abilities and a passive that give him extra movement speed. Both have a form of pull cc. Serqet gets a leg up because she has a leap to get her over walls and Susano gets a leg up because of his superior clear potential. Really, this is a hard one to call.

Rank 2

Rank 4
Thor is a pain because he has a long range stun and poke, good mobility, and an ult that can initiate on you from a very long distance. Overall, these things make him win most early game fights. Serqet does have one advantage on him. Kobra's Kiss can pull him out of his primary source of damage, Berserkers Barrage. If you can avoid or beads his stun after he initiates a fight, wait for him to start spinning before hitting him with it to cancel a large portion of his damage.

Kill Stealing

Often enough teammates will be far less than happy if you kill an enemy god that they did most of the damage to and were about to finish themselves. However, in Serqet's case kill stealing can be excused if done right. As I mentioned earlier Serqet has very little team fight potential. The only way Serqet can swing the results of a team fight (outside of enemies straying too far from their group) is by using her ultimate, Last Breath, on an enemy who is about to die and causing the poison to spread to other enemies. Sometimes this may mean that you have to pick a target that an ally has been focusing and is about to be killed and sting them, throw them toward other enemies, and let him die, spreading the poison. The benefits to this kind of move out weight the momentary anger that you may have caused for your teammate. Just do not go around doing this too often.

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